Record of Rights

The entire world is a stage and we are characters acting on respectable places. Somewhere during intermediate happens to read about that beautiful poem. It was almost awesome as at that time. I had to revert to daddy to know about the inherent meaning attached with it. So, we are mere puppets in the hands of God and we are, doing what he intended to do to and perform as duty on this mortal world. So, when a person performs any works which are aside from any such demeanor and general social acceptance then why that one is called as crime, as it should be controlled by God and why that person is taken into court and pushed into a dark cell. Sometimes, all the logic seems to be out of hand and unable to understand what is happening in reality as most times these unqualified acceptance of the presence of God everywhere then why there is every time crime is committed God is always stayed silent.

We know and learnt that God is present everywhere but still there are corruption and decadence in society where every time many worse things happenings but why God while seeing all these remain calm and do not stop these malicious elements and why do not God punish all of them. All these are very hard to grasp for and all these could lead to believing are God there at all. I cannot observe God in the light of people who are expected to follow Him with a blind eye. I himself wants to find the rationale behind the existence and presence of God but still to date not able to find a single incident of it and continue to feel I am not conducted in all of these schemes of things. Still there is some belief in the existence and presence of God but still I am searching Him for last three decades and unable to find him accessible at any point of time.

I am firm believer of Lord Jagannath and always trying hard to find His iota of presence during last three decades and still not able to find Him and not able find his invisible presence and why at the mercy of some people who are always finds ways to earn more and do not have any sort believe in Him but still I could not find why such people are feeling greatness even more than Lord Jagannath and unable to find any such relevance why such discredit and why Lord Jagannath with vast eyes and seeing everything still keeping surprising silence in all these subjects still not able to find any definitive answer to this. May be my pursuit of the ultimate truth is not definitive or may be I just have to live for another three decades to understand and scroll through how Lord Jagannath works! It is not the right sole most point of doubt where I always try hard to find the real reason behind silence of Lord everywhere at any point of time.

There are some blind believers who believe Lord is there but my eyes am not able to see him. He is there and at the front of Him in some so called servitors taking wrong advantage of His position and continues to offend Him. Unable to understand how he could continue to tolerate such state of behavior. I have not yet understood how could one servitor forcibly work for Lord Jagannath thought that was not his position to do and stop the legitimate person from performing it. Why all these unethical practices are still in observation under the eye of Lord Jagannath, why the so called servitor is still forcefully occupying the seva of legitimate person and why administration is still ignoring it is not able to understand and why all these are performing and why such unethical practices are there only Lord able to understand and able to answer all these.

When I see the pure person have to face a lot of difficulties why working conditions are still not able to understand. Is this world is suitable for corrupt officials and is this world is still at the cage of unethical people? Most of times at various offices one has to face extremely difficult circumstances in confronting with, different and dynamic situations why approving any papers or getting back some informations. Is this world only for corrupt officials and is this world is full of such people where every time such corrupt practices still continue. One of my always tells me believe in God and he sees everything and wherever any wrong doings are at large he would be reaching it to you and help you out and still after such days am still waiting for such happenings and still hopeful to find the presence of Lord Jagannath and wish to see and feel his presence before leaving this earth.

This year car festival has something special attached with it as most of times, we could feel that these are the complete round up of set up events but this time due to new incarnation of Lord Jagannath along with His sister and brother, received new construction and hopeful again this new form of Lord would mitigate and wipe out all forms of decadence in society, and might wipe out all forms of down side of society. I still believe in Lord Jagannath and still wish to believe still end of my life and that is why every time there are some doubts about His presence I still find many ways to reciprocate and capitulate every opportunity to find my other way around. I know Lord Jagannath has many works to do and for this there is some delay in removing and moving out of all forms of corrupt people be it at the side of administration or servitors or from common masses the entire society need to be cleaned up and removing all forms of mess from society is single most important practice for people stay peacefully here in this earth.

I have been waiting for this justice to be done by Lord to punish the servitor who has been acquiring my rights all along and surprisingly he continues to perform seva which according to law and record of rights since all these been here with family and surprisingly Lord Jagannath is silently watching this and I would be waiting for His justice to be meted out to me and would be waiting till my life is there on this earth. Nevertheless, I would never leave Lord Jagannath all the along these waiting these years, all these are promised to Lord Jagannath and I have been keeping this and would be keeping this in future. All these are not demand from Lord but convey with kind hearts and folded palms to help me out and allow me to serve this great Lord, as I know life has no certainty and as I could not wait for long durations in the pursuit of serving Lord Jagannath for life time. Still, I might wait for this but I am sure Lord Jagannath would not tolerate all these decadences of unethical practices all in front of Him.

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