It’s Not Rude to Point

It is not the same any way, where the same set up all these functional elements of environments comes to the forefront with equal bit of simultaneous movements of stars where most of stars seems to be gazing towards the flow of thoughts with non countable measures that has been forbidden for years. The flashback to life always been the same as usual but most of times all these measures seem to be lost on the ground of busy schedule where every bit of ideas and the moments which seems to have stayed for longer hours has been stayed as it is with the pages of life where it seems some of its days are still not been properly printed out with due course of time.

Oh looking at the sky on the tiring weekends times it seems as if the entire atmosphere is filled with tremors of forecast of rain as flow of winds coupled with continuous clouds is on the rise. That is really a stranger to happen in such times but exceptions do happen and with due course of time all such incidents seem to gather more towards a perfect cluster of ideas where every moment seems to be reaching back to us time and again. Cool breeze moving here and there and reaching towards the courtyard provides the deeper thinking parameters were as continuous flow of ideas seems to be getting well supported from a nicer environment.

Yesterday, it was the day when both planet Earth and Mars are closely towards each other that no other has ever thought of it. It was one such afternoon during one such school time where every clouds of world seems to have touched upon the earth in that hill station and moving towards each other pointing towards each other creating one such brilliant panoramic environment which no one would ever think of forgetting. That was golden times of school days where every moment seems like to be at one such dream land and every second seems to be nothing there at all. There is no summer on that place as the weather is so cool and vivid that one could read for hours without feeling any tiring of mind and heart.

It was already six and the starting player of school would be soon to be started within a few minutes and he has to put forward his steps at greater speed in order to reach to school which is half a kilometer from his home. Clouds are hovering and even distances from meters are not visible. There is strict instruction not to go with pathways as at times, some steps of pathways have been taken over by some rugged elements which creates artificial drive man hole at some point of time and it creates danger of falling into deeper drainage system of that hill town. Still, he has to reach for school which is located at an upward slope of the hill town and reaching there provides strain to reach out as most times one has to go towards top of the slope in order to reach there. He wants to move quickly, to attend prayer section which is mandatory for all students at school and he walked fast but the slow and tripling rainfall is breaking his speed and there is heavy chance of slipping on the road.

Entire road is constructed out of metal elements and are very stronger and most of times due to heavier rain fall it becomes slippery and for this he is moving carefully and finally reached at the entrance of school but still he has to cross the big play ground and move towards its gallery and reach out there. Entire field is now covered with rain water and it must be slippery like never before and he decides not to play during recess hours otherwise his dresses would be dirtier and he has to reach out to home to change it which is also very much tiring on his part to do this. He reached nearer to the entrance of school and thanks Lord prayer section is yet to begin with.

He stood at his class’s row and he slowly walked there, and in the mean time the class teacher raised her eye brow and opened her glasses which signifies that she was silently asking her why he is so late and he drops down his eye lids down to earth in order to stay calm and then he watched again and this time his class teacher moved forward to see whether entire row of his class his on a straight line or not. Suddenly, he finds that some students are deviating from straight lines and she corrected them and then she returns to him again and looking at him questionably. This time he feels the heat and becomes nervous from such glance of his class teacher but still he held onto his feet to remain calm.

In the mean time a newcomer reaches and she stays nearer to the class teacher. Class teacher told him to move slightly backward so that the newcomer would be standing in the row. He moved backward and then prayer session begins and as usual some nice songs being sang by some good singers intelligently picked upon by teachers to sing these songs. Then, prayer section ends and now the class teacher again provides the same look to him and this time she said that the additional students would be seating with you.

In school, there is two benched system and being a co-education system most times girls sat on one side and the boys on the other side. He was surprised by this statement from a class teacher at the newcomer is a girl student and she is asking to sit with him. Class teacher was looking him all these times when all these sorts of questions come upon the minds of him and perhaps she guessed right and she answered that from this section of standard eight from now on these types of seat arrangements would be there all over into different segment of class. Now, the boy relaxes otherwise his class fellows would be intimidating him over these issues and then he looked at class teacher expecting some penalties for reaching on the eve of prayer class but still there is no word from her and he stood there with numb on his mouth.

Class teacher again reads his mind and told him to enter into the class and prepare for mathematics segment, and also told him to announce inside class to be prepared for the weekly examination. He begins to move slowly, and this time he halts after hearing some words from behind and she was the new comer of the class and she called him with his name and this surprised again to him and how could she know his name, and all these seems to be one of most rearrangement of thoughts which he feels to be not understood at any point of time. That was strange for him and an unexpected encounter how did she for the first time attending his school could know in detail about him as her sure, she is not there at the earlier time.

He thinks while slowly walking past towards his classroom and from the insect he could see the newcomer also quietly following him to his class. Then, suddenly one thought come to his mind perhaps the class teacher would have told her at the earliest and perhaps she could be one of a relative of the class teacher. Many thought comes to his mind which puts entire aimless thoughts on these subjects and prove to be a real mind teaser for him but still this time he now concentrated on reaching to class. In the mean time, all his thoughts come into awful halt with teasing voice from behind when the newcomer told him common you are walking very slowly and even slower than girl! He felt as if he rose inside jungle all at once and then he looked backward with a meaningless smile to walk steady fast to reach into class.

Both are reached at the entrance of a class only to find the class teacher is already in and beginning her preparation for the roll call of students. We both stand at the entrance of the classroom and all the fellow students glared as though not for him but for sure the newcomer and they are surprised that she is with me or it is all as a coincidence. He thought he is thinking about this but the fellow students could think otherwise and to the eager but patience the class teacher is deliberating not looking at both of them as the precarious waiting continues for a few more seconds.

Then with her re-customised and fearful creation look class teacher looked at the gate and asked both of them where have you been for the last three minutes why both of them are late. He stood numb as he could not describe what his mind was rolling out just after prayer class but suddenly, the newcomer told, she lost pen at the prayer class and he asked him to aid in searching for this. After pausing for few seconds the class teacher said now for the next time come with two or three pens and she also announced inside the class the all the students should come with more than two pens so that if at all at any point of time it loses then one substitute pen should be with you.

He entered into class along with new comer and entire class was rearranged and reorganized and both of them seat at the designated seat and he looked all around and it is the same people all around and the seating arrangements are same as with his and this is not going to be feeling ashamed of this and now he concentrates on class. Within ten minutes of intense class room deliberations class teacher suddenly stops for few seconds as it is usual for her own self style of teaching as she stops for some time within some minutes interval and then she starts again and in this way, she provides added time for students to recall back what she had studied about the subject and in this way this creates brilliant style of teaching which all of these students always appreciate of this.

Then she stood up from her bench and called for a new comer to the dashboard of the class so that every person even at the last person on the bench could see her and she then said, that she has again joined in this public school. After hearing this he thought she was not new here, as he joined this public school from standard six and perhaps she was earlier here and most of native students seems to know her and this creates another surprise to him which is perhaps continuous putting out surprises which makes entire thought process of his something unable to gasp and sustain. He stared at the newcomer with an inconclusive look with not understanding the state of happenings and the newcomer from the beginning starting him with smiling at the disposal. Questions continue to grasp him but there is no immediate solution but still the haunt for answer continues unabated.

Then, the class teacher told the class about the new course format which the public school initiated about and how could this be going to help all the others in developing group study environment all over. He said all these have been assigned considering the aspect of academic standards and proximity of living so that both the group members would feel at ease while dealing with each other so that both could sufficiently gain the upper hand and extreme success in the years to come.

In reality all these seems to be high sounding words for him and his immediate assignment is to how to work with such a stranger for him as the class teacher could have chosen other known members for him but yet she choose the new comer for him at least and this creates some of the most difficult times ahead for him at least he thought this in the forefront. He becomes confused, but he decides not to let this show to his new group member as this could have spent some of the most undermined and deterrence in the beginning of group study.

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