Impressive aphasia

It is already five pm in the evening and still the class continues. The mad teacher always loves to continue his class beyond stipulated timings. That is so boring and outlandish that it is difficult to outline in detail. It is already evening and the entire sky is flooded with vast morons of clouds coupled with purple sun slowly moving towards the hide outs within the horizon to make the entire atmosphere less bright. Oh what a boring class, the mad teacher is still continuing with his lecture unabatedly without noticing time as it is already feeling hungry and he became impatient with class so as most of the other students but still the class continues.

In the mean time, one student who is always beloved of mad teacher asked one question backed by down sounds from the back as well as front benchers but still he continues with his question. What a bad fellow students he thought of it as slowly the mad teacher is reaching to end to arithmetic class but another question from his so called beloved students does goes on to show that more than 15 minutes would be now gone to astray as a result of this.

The question was related with the easier sum and how that student could does not know about this and this means that he is trying hard to show the impressive aphasia that he is one of studious and brilliant student in mathematics than all the other students out there. It is all meaningless and the question belongs to previous chapter which is well understood by most of students but why such question at the end of this period and that too the timing has surpassed and the sun is slowly hiding behind clouds and reaching out to different zones.

He was immersed in these thoughts without noticing that she is looking at him all the time and could not understand he is intended to think at this point of time. Suddenly the newcomer asked him do you not understand the question being asked by those students. After hearing this thought processes faces sudden break and that creates imminent abandonment of all such thoughts and brought all these into severe stand still. For the first few seconds he neither could nor understand the question of her but slowly begin to realize and understand what she intends to speak about and what she wants to ask about.

Then, he said that the problem is a common one and that two of the previous chapter and why that student always wants to bring focus on to himself up above in the front of mad teacher no one ever understands. He could not understand why he has provided such universalistic explanation and this explanation comes automatically without thinking anything about it as he could not understand why this happens suddenly but this does happen and he could not possibly know the sequence of events brought upon this.

She listens to this and said that perhaps that student could not understand that equation and for this he has asked it again, and he must have some doubts about that equation and for this he has asked again. He said it is already getting late and in this hill town even during times of summer it is already close to night and when after class there would be night and that could be fearful considering the loneliness towards reaching out A zone as one need to cross the square which is mostly fearful as many would say affected by haunting.

In the reply of this she smiled back and said she knew about it and heard about it and some people have said they have felt these haunted feelings and that is quite threatening to see.
While talking she looked at the side of window to know that it is already going to be close to night and that is quite frightening for both of them and in the mean time the mad teacher glanced both of them and in rage considering that they might not have listened to all these discussions so far and being engaged in talking with each other, he asked him what is subject of study now, and he knows the question put forward by fellow student and provide answer and after hearing this mad teacher again back to his slow analysis of solving of equations.

After five minutes, she raised her one of her hand to signify to mad teacher about some doubts she had with and this surprises him as both of group members are talking about how to reach home and it is already getting darker and that is creating fear within minds of their as he has to reach nearer to one side of small hill town and that has to cross the square which is fearful and frightening. Mad teacher as usual responds after few seconds and he asked her what she is asking about and she stood there and asked sir it is already getting late and night and darkness is reaching out and that could be fearful to returning home sire please conclude within few seconds so that she could reach home without fear.

This makes entire class dumb founded with hidden appreciation of newcomer audacity to fight against all odds to succeed and go forward in bringing about newer attachments of courage where no one had ever thought of it and wished to cross about it. Everyone is looking at her with a stronger sense of appreciation and prouder and wider apprehension that could provide punishment to her as the mad teacher always got angry with these sorts of interruptions and stoppages.

Mad teacher paused for some moments and then okay let us rest this for tomorrow and he has provided some tasks to all of us and then announces the end of class at that point of time. He looked at her in appreciation and for the first time he looks directly at her though all these times she would be looking at him but he make staring look to her but now with her brave and unique work now all students are free to reach home. She asked where is your home. He replied that it is at A zone, and, she smiled back hers is also there. This surprise him as in A zone there are only a handful of quarters in this mining area and only ten quarters and still he could not know that she was living there.

She was looking at him and again asked him why at many times you are deeply immersed in thinking and you could have asked questions about it so that she could have cleared all these doubts without any wildest form of imagination that he is continuing to do it. With this straight forward talk he stood dumbfounded and try to minimize his nervousness to look at the wide sky which is filled with purple colored plate to signify that the sun is retiring for today.

She said, she was here four years back and then her father got transferred to head office of mining town and now again he is shifting back to this town, and for this he could not know as perhaps his family reaches here three years back and during those time his father was already transferred. They are staying at the sixth quarter of A zone which has been there with his name of father for the last four years. He realized that the sixth house which was always been closed and that is why he has not been able to put importance what is happening there and for the last few days that house is now open but he has hardly any time after school to watch what is happening there. He feels ashamed of asking this question as his home is Azone 4 which is hardly two houses away from her but still he could not know what is happening about his zone.

Now, she asked him would he let her go with him as it is already getting darker and he while looking at the ground nodded slightly this means that this is in agreeable with what she is asking about. They both slowly walked out from the class and as usual they try to enter into gallery of school field to cross to reach other side of school gate, but she asked him to go into main gate of school as due to advent of night part of gallery is already in the midst of darkness and both went ahead towards main gate where most of other class fellows are also slowly walking out of school.

Most of them are now walking with their group member as it is obvious all these distributions are based upon, the prime consideration of locations of students so that in the event as such they could go towards their home without fear and reach home safely. Slowly, they walked into the downward slopes which is leading straight to their zones and it is already night with sun is completely behind horizon but both are talking with each other while walking past through metal roads to reach nearer to home and this makes them fell fearless and they are talking about assigned subject of project of calculating literacy percentages of people at different zones of that hill town.

They moved nearer to square of hill town which is famous haunting place and at the left side downward slope there is the haunting place as she said to him and he does not look that place and in fear move slowly towards their home.

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