Digital India is all set to wipe out digital divide

On the gloomy after noon, when there are all chances of extreme rain in the vicinity, suddenly I switched on television set to watch some news snippets. Most times, many private news channels busy with reporting of unscheduled and unproven news broadcast all over without realizing exact potential and understanding of relevance of news items. They continue to show the same news snippets for long hours as it they are thinking us as a child and they try to make repetitive broadcast of the same set of events without verifying genuine news items. So, I resort to all the time DD news and Rajya Sabha TV and Lok Sabha TV all the time in order to understand real news and want to hear about exact trends of series of events that have been happening in and around India.

Then comes the most awaited and happening events known as “Digital India” week, which the government of India aims to make India participant to information highways in order to create the most satisfying information management. Many top industrialists as well as enthusiasts’ younger people in addition to ambassadors of different nations as well as the council of ministers attend that brilliantly organized event. I have seen this event slightly late but I happened to listen to speech of chief of Lava mobiles who described about his experience in great detail as well as his potential; to make this country a great potential to fight out against all odds to succeed in competitive-market.

He described he created many entrepreneurs within his organization levels and makes them free to innovate and create new dimensions in mobile banking all together. His speech was listened to by all eminent guests there and he also speaks about due to this great work and freedom in creating innovations in research and development, the quality and speed of manufacturing succeeded against all odds to remove China as mobile number one manufacturer.

It was great to hear his achievements as he has performed excellently and especially in the manufacturing sector where India seems to be fallen back due to previous decades lack luster financial policies. Due to these trends many intellectuals and minds go out of India without any proper need for suitable opportunities. Then, at the end of event Prime Minister Modi, speaks nicely and in simple words help us to understand what ‘Digital India’ meant to us. How it will go to change the way we live and our life beyond any such imagination.

He spoke about how in the future world will be nearer and passionate about ‘i way’ which means information highways where people want to reach to different information gateways from smart phones by using different applications all together to reach out to every facets of works within few seconds. Information highways provide excellent opportunities and widespread possibilities for people to watch real time events as well as it have potential for wider information management. It aims to reach speedier internet to villages and broad band internet to towns and cities.

So far many people are using the internet all by themselves as they are equipped with information and knowledge in great detail in order to use it for optimal resources. For example when internet reaches to villages, and the concerned farmer with smart phone connected with data connection would be easily with the application can look into real time weather information and he could decide and know in advance if at all any possibilities of rain during the short period. Then he could decide when to plant trees by looking for suitable timings.

All these could lead to identifiable and dynamic distribution of information to concerned people who need it more than usual users who live in cities and want to know only about temperature and other information related to weather conditions.

Similarly, fishermen ventured out to sea while watching the sky under earth. Most times, in sea areas, weather could not be understood just by watching the sky from the ground. It needs to be understood from satellite mapping located at geo-stationary orbits. When internet reaches in those remotest parts due to advent of “Digital India” with smart phone fishermen could directly get real time information about weather and all such relevant informations in order to find out suitable information of when to venture out into sea in order to go safely to and from sea. Even during times of extreme events such as the tsunami fisherman and people residing nearby areas of sea beaches could be broadcast real time news and warning messages through smart phone connected with data connectivity.

With digitization of India, information spreads far and wide into different domains and provide adequate and fantastic solution for people in general to find out exact and detailed warning messages about every bit of events occurred there on. PM Modi was also eloquently with his flamboyant style told how toddlers are now mostly prepared to compete with modern times. He has described one nice example where during pre mobile times, when toddler used to take away glasses of his grandparents on the other hand, now toddlers want to take away smart phones from their grandparents, signifying the changing of times when there is absolute necessity for smart phones all over in every arena.

This goes on to signify and tells about this how smart phone is going to show great improvement and qualitative life styles of people in future and how it goes on to provide a stream of real time information to people. PM Modi also cautiously told that in the future there would be a war where there would be no shedding of blood as well as no visible light. All these would be related to obstruct information gateways of nations where every nation would try to overcome each other in order to gain importance in the light of information management.

The government is also proposing providing digital locker to each genuine citizens of India so that each document would be done in electronic formats and any other applications such as college application and other registration does not need to submit paper directly. In the past due to subsidence of paper students have to go to different offices in order to attest those papers in detail so that these could be proved authentic but now these options are completely negated.

Now with the introduction of digital locker, similar to the concept of physical locker where every document need not be sent to concerned with organization as only the relevant public link of concerned person need to be sent and then all these would be automatically authenticated. All these are brilliant advance where Indian society would slowly move towards the stage of paper less arena where every possible transaction could be done easily without need for any papers.

Currently most works are being done considering the aspects of concerned organization who deals with these and these take times due to the entire process of invigilation and authentication. With the advent of the concept of digital locker, there is no need to move towards a different organization as only slowly one could reach forward public link to the profile and then entire application could be authenticated within no time.

All these will also remove the possibilities of any such corruption within frames of organization. As recently entire dealings related to coal block after PM Modi comes to power are e-auctioned and everything is now transparent. People can see all these by reaching too concerned website. So, it completely removes all possibilities of corruption entirely.

In this way, the entire country would be free of corruption and all works could be done within the slightest possibility of time. As Prime Minister Modi suggests, most users till now are able to use internet and smart phone while they detect the exact amount of its usages. Now, it is duty of well fare government as well as of corporate social responsibility of industries to build high speed information gateways in order to create suitable opportunities for people who are still not able to access internet and have not seen its usages at any point of time.

It is the duty of government to remove a greater digital divide among different segment of the population and bring forward to them to participate in the digital revolution to wipe out the digital divide. Currently government under capable leadership of PM Modi has initiated this and Ittech is wishing tons of successes for his endeavor to make Digital India.

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