Beautiful bucket: a short story

It was summer time, and during noon time, usually, spread of sweltering summer waves all around everywhere. One saint who was travelling far and wide to accept foods from people and advise them of the existence of the Lord began his journey far and wide to reach a larger number of people. Due to presence of extreme summer, he was feeling tired and exhausted. He looked out of shades of trees so that he could sit there and take proper rest in order to escape from these scorching heat waves. He looked everywhere and found big trees nearer to a well. That well was nearer to that tree. He smiled happily at finding out such a nice place and walked briskly to reach nearer to that big tree. After watching location of that tree he was happy to find that and now feel the extra power to move thereon.

The isolated tree:

He reached nearer to that tree. The well which was nearer to that tree looks like a cleaner place. There, he finds everything cleaner and beautiful. He was amazed to find such a suitable place there. Surprisingly, there was an iron rope attached with a clean bucket there. He heaves a sigh of relief on seeing this and wanted to bring out water from there so that he could mitigate his thirst completely. Then, by using that bucket he drives out water from that well and drank water and remove quench of his thirst completely from there. Water of that well is cool and sweet. It refreshes the mind of the saint. He felt like the heat of summer slowly moving out from him. He felt relaxed.

Beautiful bucket:

After drinking water from that well, he took rest nearer to the bed of tree. He closed his eyes and in between mild winds emanating from shades of trees make him feel relaxed. Suddenly, during all these thoughts in one critical idea emanating from his mind. Who has placed a chained bucket in such an isolated place? No where, signs of civilization and movement of people out there. Who has done this and why he has done this. That concerned person must be one of highly philanthropic personality of eminent excellence. On the next moment, Saint thought otherwise, why he would leave that beautiful bucket here, at this secluded place, and he wanted to take away that bucket with him so that he could use it for his own benefit.

He wanted to take away beautiful bucket with him:

He thought, in this isolated place, this bucket would not be of any use to anyone, and he should take away this so that he could use this beautiful bucket for his own benefit. Then, he got up to bring out that bucket from chain connection but in the meant time a dried wood from the branches of a tree fell in front of him. The saint surprised and astonished with this incident. On the next moment, he heard someone’s walk on that dried leaves. Saint got conscious of the situation and thought someone is reaching there and this he sat in that position where he was sleeping a while back. He waited for longer hours, but no one seemed to be reaching there. He heard walking of footsteps a while back but even after such longer hours there is not anyone in the vicinity. After there waiting for some time, he got up again to bring that bucket.

He heard sounds of walking but no one was there:

This time, he heard some noises from the nearby agricultural lands. He glanced there and he saw one cruel and wild animal walking in between those farm lands. The saint felt this place was not safe and he should move on from that place so he got up from there and started to leave that place. Surprisingly, the number of spaces he was walking into the same number of spaces he was reaching behind due to direct attraction of beautiful bucket out there inside well. In this way, he neither moves forward or back ward nor struck at some point for a longer time.

Then, he could not resist his control to take away that bucket and tried hard to remove the chain from that bucket but surprisingly it could be done and could not be completed and every effort of his goes in vain. He failed in his endeavor to free bucket from the clutches of the chain and then he decided to leave that place and move ahead. Now, the realization comes upon in his mind. While moving forward from well he thought, that he is a saint and leaves all social attachment to reach nearer to Lord and how comes he wished to take away this beautiful bucket which was meant for thirsty travelers. How could he think of such act? While reflecting on this line, he was walking forward within the pathways.

Suddenly a local farmer appeared:

In the mean time, he saw a farmer was moving towards his cultivated field. He stopped there and asked about chained beautiful bucket lying on the surface well. He asked which saint had done this philanthropic work that enables people to utilize it and drink water when they are in need. Farmer said, his own house was nearer to that well. A person of his village, dug this well and attaches this beautiful bucket inside chain and kept upon well for visitors. He was surprised that why the saint was asking such question? Saint in reply told him he wanted to meet such large-hearted person personally and thanked him for such wonderful work he had committed. After hearing about this, the farmer gave a long sigh and said you could not meet him, as after committing a series of cheating cases he was not under bars.

Realization and analogy:

Saint thought that the work is of high quality but the money invested in that work is not being earned genuinely and that was why the said person had to suffer consequently. That is why after drinking water from that well. He felt to take away that beautiful bucket was supposedly that well and the bucket was made from in genuine earned money. That was why; he came under greed to take away that bucket and just wanted to perform cheating. He touched existence created from cheating funds which broke fundamental thinking process with him into a thousand divisions. After realizing and analyzing all these, the saint comes to the normal mind and knew his mistake and the preconceived idea to steal that bucket from that well.

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