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Android from Google is one of the best mobile operating system of times, which has now captured over 80 percentages of market shares and continues to strive towards its growth for complete excellence in years to come. This platform is nicely marketed with a strong marketing strategy which orients major chunk of profits to original equipment manufacturers which enable many different manufacturers to use and employ android as mobile operating system on their devices. Android provides almost free to hardware manufacturers to utilize and even allow them to custom made according to their device. It provides virtually free mobile operating system time to time update provides them for free to Google as well as equip them with the advantage of rewriting and editing entire code in order to provide different looks to mobile operating system.

Before android ventures into mobile operating system, there have some rogue mobile operating systems which are mostly proprietary and most of these are not well equipped with the advent of capacitive touch screen mobile functions. For example, the story of dreaming end of Nokia from the competitive world of mobile market due to its most revered and preferred operating system of one time which is Symbian slowly elapsed from market arena scheduled to complete inadequacies in dealing with touch screen smart phones. Symbian was once have complete dominance over mobile market slowly moves to the stage of anonymity due to the advent of touch screen smart phones where this operating system could not function with clear cut easiness while dealing and tackling with unique touch screen functionalities.

One of most popular Symbian phone known as C6 which has many new and innovative features and mostly are ahead of time which needs to be well capitulated in order to capture entire mobile market but sadly during those times a decision and correct market segmentation started from Google with introduction of android mobile system which since beginning is very much adequate with functionalities of touch screen in slowly touch screen enabled phone became world famous and people want it over other forms of smart phone which are mostly switch based ones and for this Nokia instead of creating and investing heavily on research and development of touch screen optimized smart phones, instead suo motto changes some aspects of coding of Symbian mobile operating system and then introduce its smart phones which are mostly touch sensitive to markets without further testing and completing definitive product examination.

This provides negative impacts on sales of mobile phones from Nokia. It seems it has been knee jerk reaction from Nokia in response to well planned innovative implantation of mobile operating system from Google. Google does not reach to market with its own smart phone yet it continues to reach to market through different original equipment manufacturers in order to create an excellent marketing environment where it uses experience of well established hardware players such as Samsung to employ and utilize existing market environment. It is a well thought out strategy which paid rich dividends and it continues to do so though of late due advent of some indigenous market players from China, which not only modifies and create entirely different version of android which is from custom mod as well as it continues to implement and remove all Google enabled services and that creates some difficulties for Google in complete revenue generations.

Some Chinese manufacturers have used the entire code of Android and completely change the appearance of android at most times these phones and its operating system looks as similar to what one could say as apple smart phones. In this way, by using android they use something similar to apple phone and that creates some advantages for these manufactures to install their own version of inbuilt applications similar to that of Gmail, search engines and other revenue generative applications which most of times Google intended to user it when it face with different versions and from these they generate maximized income. These trends seem to be an entire copy of marketing strategy employed by Google and slowly eat into eats Google revenue generation market. Let us discuss it in detail to understand why Google is earning aplenty even providing android mobile operating system for free to original equipment manufacturers.

In exchange of free mobile operating system to hardware manufacturers and even they are free to modify and add newer features, their own set up applications and application environment they should not be removing the set up of default applications from Google and most of Google applications which are solely meant for android devices should not be removed from android devices. In this way, through Google Play Store which is the securest form of android application repository provides additional advertising revenues to Google with the help of different installation applications. Some Chinese manufacturers have learnt this trick from Google and begin to create custom made android mod and start to remove all such Google apps from its repository and from these Google update its terms and conditions beginning with Google Kitkat release of android mobile operating system. Android KitKat is a new update to android jelly bean and from these versions. Google start to make hardware manufacturer compliance to provide Google services as absolutely necessary and compels them to use the logo of Google while booting of android with logo of hardware manufacturers.

With this move many proponents of the open source movement begin to raise their voice against this move by Google. But Google justifies this. Android is based upon Linux open source code but how could Google make it for commercial earning they propelled but Google view everything for usages patterns and understands the real utilization of operating system and continuance of its support is to provide and install its applications so that it can be supported free for longer durations. Similarly, at one point of time Google supports Mozilla browser to make it one of most outstanding one still it creates and build its own web browser known as Google Chrome, all these happens and if the open source movement stays as it is open and free then it would not have continues successfully. Numerous successful players have seen and employ many successful tricks of developing a business model out of such open source environments.

In these arena of cut throat competition among different hardware vendors, Google tries hard to develop some very good applications on different front in order to present users some of most enigmatic and outstanding presentation of applications where they simply can use such application for betterment of presentations of user interface of android and users have choices to choose from different variants and it is they who can choose these settings and find out whether all these could lead to betterment of android user interface. Google always love to come up with one set up competitions among its own set up applications and it loves to stay within set up a competitive environment from within different browsers in order to create a series of evolutionary measure in developing a complete operating system.

Samsung Galaxy series of smart phone is made with android and very much became famous not only due to android but also due to the presentation of some indigenous applications from Samsung which not only makes it one of the most revered smart phone of all times to use. It has some of brilliant bit of software such as Samsung Link which connects and create a virtual private network within same Wi Fi system to enable complete wireless automation of sending and receiving of large files from within stipulated private environment where most of sending and receiving of files are done with complete automation and without utilizing of internet usages. Android is not only a mobile operating system but it is also a complete computer at your disposal. It updates from time to time and based upon hardware vendors choices it provides these updates to android users so that they could use the latest operating system and the latest features without worrying about any sort of hardware compatibility issues.

Android provides various tethering options and through which users should be able to share the internet connection to a personal computer, mobile devices and many other devices. It provides ways to create tethering hotspots a sort of open virtual private network system for users to move forward and employ integrated networking environment for users. With Bluetooth tethering internet sharing can be easily done with as well as other forms of internet connectivity can be extended. Android can be very much optimized with internet with constant updates of its applications lead to speedier operating system and much improved form of internet management as well as other power saving options is there to continue to use the internet for longer hours without any sort of stoppages.

Android moves forward the concept of synchronizations to completely newer levels where much more improvisation and adding of different constant synchronization lead to proper management and distribution of efficient content all across devices with simple bit of same internet address where one can find presence of all data at single location which makes complete headway for stronger and mightier web presence and secure of data for longer hauls. Most of its default applications such as Chrome browser, phone and other applications are always synchronized so that whenever at any other instances user use such applications all are being constantly synchronized and all passwords, applications and add ins are automatically installed on yours device so that you would not face any difficulties in always updating devices. What android has done so far is to simply to create an awesome bit of operating system where most of times, we have seen the features which are mostly been some of normal ones slowly has becomes prominent with some newer development and addition of ideas within such framer work of mobile operating system.

Most of its applications such as Facebook, Google, Samsung and so come installed with the concept of installation user accounts which provides plenty more ways for complete synchronization of account and mostly it relates with synchronization of multimedia contents in order to provide easier access through personal computers. What android does and provides a platform for users to have seamless integration of computer with mobile devices so much so that ultimately all such data remain connected and well synchronized with each other without any further need for additional download time? It not only speeds up access internet faster but also saves a plenty of time for users while using the exact same version on computers. It works in two ways. On one side, it creates ample opportunities for heavier sites such as Facebook to have complete speed control and sharing of cloud storages with operating system environment with users thus makes entire integrated cloud storages which not only creates adequate coupled with speed and faster performances. It is the speed that matters the most and for this most of big enterprises which works mostly with internet enabled applications thrive hard to define and create performance oriented approach which not only shares equal space and adequate advantage for user to march forward and create smarter operating system environment for android.

Android mobile operating system is an open operating system with various security optimization options which most users should understand and start implementing. Most of hardware vendors customized android versions which not only works automatically but performs some of brilliant automated functions which works with considerable artificial intelligence system which provides additional levels of protection and works order to intimate users about imminent arrival of different notices such as new email or newer notifications which might have been very much important for users to work and respond with. All these lead to what should be the future of this versatile operating system which not only progressing and developing and becoming popular day by day without the slightest hesitation.

In the latest android updates which are Android Lollypop provides avenues for nicer material designing of application and seamless presentation of the mobile operating system which not only makes it one of the most seamless presentation of operating system environment of all times. Still there are some glitches about the use of battery and connectivity of battery life but many hardware vendors are still going for some of in built battery saving applications which not only prevents battery from draining out but also presents users with many different ways to save battery power from being going to waste. There have been many such possibilities with android mobile operating system it only needs matters of time for developers and people at large to learn about different other possibilities of hidden innovation that could lead to an android secure system for users.

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