A Green Environment for Now and the Future

What a marvelous evening. Sky is bereft of stronger sun heat. Entire atmosphere is filled with numerous clouds. Clouds roaming here and there. Just like a bunch of street dogs reached at your feet during morning walks. Brilliant presentation of sunshine is now gone wild. Entire atmosphere is full of coolness. It was Saturday evening. School always closed for two successive days of weekends. Signs of pouring of few drops of rain.

He was seating beside open verandah. Watching the weather and the wind. He made an effort to see winds but failed again. He could listen to the sounds of blowing winds. No matter how and when it is to be perceived the devastation of rain could be seen from the distant mountain.
Entire mountain was the subject with strings of rain. It was a few kilometers away from his place. It was a delightful valley. Every time of year feels of coolness there. Sun plays hide and seek game. There is not any summer here.

Absolutely, the measurement of seasons comes to singular propositions. The big playground is now covered with rain water. It is half a kilometre away. From his home, it looks like a big mirror. From it comes the reflection of a big building nearby. It was a real evening of a lazy weekend. It has been mostly convenient time as the examination is over. Education pressure is a party for some time. Already set to go for some party at clubs. Parents are preparing for.
He looks at front. There is another quarter out there. He looked there and saw his superior was there. In his school, there is very much respect for seniors.

He stood up and smiled at her and she waved her hands. Then, he looked at the other side. He looked someone was looking at the outset. It was his classmate, the tallest persons of his class. He waved his hands from distant and he did the same. Probably. He was going back home for some days. School was on holiday for 15 days. Probably, he would come back when the school reopens. He was wearing school dress, signifies he was not so affluent. All these are part and parcels of memories. It creates a splash of life and turns the entire life into another sub domain.
He was looking at the bypass lane. It was pretty clearly visible.

Now, slowly entire route is becoming clouded with strings of trees. Due to heavy to very heavy precipitation out there, most of uncured trees come back to life. Now, those become so tall that these stop visibilities of roads from that distance. Rain comes with strange insect. In this mountainous valley, a strange insect there. Which makes a mark when it runs in the field. When it struck with skin of humans, it can be chunks and remove some blood from veins. These creatures are not safe for children. Even it can cause some skin irritations for normal human beings.

Those small creatures come out open. They normally stay inside crust of soil on earth. Now, they have returned. Rain water enters into their holes. They now move on open space. It was almost irritable and disturbing to see such large number of creatures returning, to Earth. The earth is full of wonderful existences. These are some of the new additions which always create surprise and fear. In the mean time, thought process of his comes to a sudden halt. It was like a sudden break to stop an imminent accident. He sees his gate, where she was standing. His group mate and her smile and asked him to open the gate.

Suddenly, he remembers that within these fortnight ghost projects to be completed. It carries significant marks. Both are group members and her as leader of the group assigned him some project. Sadly, he forgot due to extreme climatic conditions. He loves rain and clouds. He just lost within these natural spaces. She came and asked about exactly the same. He was dumbfounded and could not answer for it. She was a great leader smiled back, and assured him nothing to worry about as she decided that they should from now on completing this project together. He was amazed at her reaction and his tensed moments slowly faded out from that imminent perspective situation.

It was the ninth grade annual project at the beginning of year. It was filled within 15 days. This means the leave time of 15 days is now gone. They just have to create complete research on some ghost entities. They detected some places and need to finalize one in order to create a project there. It was a difficult project. They both are hopeful for finding glimpses of ghosts in some of abandoned places. They detected one such which was virtually stayed vacant for more than one hundred years. It should be just an exciting project of haunting ghosts in haunted places. They both have to write their experiences about it and then make the project.

She said what he was just thinking about? No more just thinking about how to complete the project and how to go about it. She said nothing to be concerned about. They have to write about how to deal with fear of the unknown. It is hard but nothing is impossible. She prepared some of fear charts which school had given earlier. They just have to measure their fear psychosis on these prescribed chart formats. In the mean times, rain pours heavily out there. Presence of thunderous black clouds created entire atmosphere heavier and darker at the outset. Watching the change of climatic conditions they stopped their discussion and happily looked at the alteration of changing climatic environment.

The distant mountain looked almost dizzy out there. It was so full of marvelous silver like rains. Heavier rainfall is continuously beating the ground with stiff force. There have been many sides of creating much smaller river sides on mud ridden roads. Now, everywhere is concrete. There are no signs of presence of geographical environment. In those times, mud roads used to be sub divided into many different divergent streams here and there. Streams of rains used to flow between these, creating a false impression of small canals here and there. It was completely absorbing existences of presence on earth with due credit to heavier signs of rainy seasons.
Comparing with all these incidents in present times, where the same road is turned into concrete or cement structures.

It is now absorbingly no signs of excitement when rain comes. Now, rain water moves to another direction towards side canals made of cements. There are no signs of artificial drain and creation of streams. Can those lives be returned back again, can those lives be still be there but sadly that does not want to happen. Every where there is presence of cement structures here and there. No signs of breathing space for earth. Its own heart is now covered with cement structures. What a pity of circumstances, what a sadistic presence of moving out from divine existence.

Should not we start to move towards the past? Remove all cement structures and go towards making this world again. As eminent scientist and missile man Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam used to say, we have to preserve this world otherwise it would be not the space to live after thirty years. Should all these not be warning signs, should we not move towards removing all these cement structures and go towards total green environment?

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