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Microsoft begins preparing a technical preview of its latest operating system build known as Windows 10 operating system. So far, latest released operating system is known as Windows 8 operating system. Surprisingly, Microsoft has chosen to name its latest version as Windows 10. There are many speculations on this but as usual Microsoft has not revealed why it has done so. There are many articles which elaborate why Microsoft not naming its operating system as Windows 9.

Every person has theory and they try to build upon on those theories in order to find out what might have happened or what should be the reason for not naming its latest operating system as Windows 9.

Some experts feel that it might be possibly due to code strength which relies heavily of Windows 9 as previous name of the operating system and which might have significantly increased conflicts among two operating system. One article on reddit tells this but it is neither conforms by Microsoft nor denies it. So we should consider it is not right as it is not authenticated by Microsoft.

Some other experts feel that update of Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 might have been the name of Windows 9 embedded code in it and Microsoft might have for this very reason has not implemented this on its next versions of Windows. On the reddit remark one thing is that if that is true.

Microsoft could have solved the pattern of a string as its developers are very much expert to do it so the significance of the first theory does not stand here. Significance of second theory might have some standing as one could see that Windows 8.1 operating systems are completely different from Windows 8. So it might have the code name of Windows 9 operating systems.

We have been pretty much a distance to reach Windows 10 operating systems. As most of its users are using its technical preview versions, but as per their opinions and user’s experience, we could find that most of these developments are brilliant and up to the standards which users basically wished to know about it. On October first of 2014, Microsoft released its technical preview of Windows 10 operating systems at various events worldwide.

For the first time, Microsoft releases capacity of technical preview with respect to the alpha version of its operating system. It works just like the original operating system and it continues to perform excellent and shows some positive signs of a better operating system which could have major possibilities of being futuristic and attempt to reach wish and ambitions of the common masses.

One should install this operating system inside a dual-boot system or in virtual machines. Most of modern windows 8 operating systems does constitute of parameters to run virtual machines as this could be of great help for users to install such system. Most of times one should always understand that these operating systems should be put in the place which is not so productivity system so as not to halt your productivity works.

Most times, technical preview of such operating system, has some of not so fine graphics and other aspects which might have posed serious hinges on work productivity. Windows 10 configurations does not want stronger spare personal computer. As it could run with minimum hardware requirements on an old desktop personal computer.

It is way ahead from high end configurations of Windows 8 operating systems. One could easily configure Windows 10 technical previews with ISO files can easily be invaluable with an older system to completely checking it out how it would run and what are new additions to it.

First you need to sign up with Windows Insider Program. Make a web search on Windows Insider Program and then sink into it with credentials. It is natural for all technical build an operating system to work in such a way. Microsoft wants comments from you and wants what sort of technical advancements and addition of features that should be added in order to provide a better operating system.

For the first time, it is allowing users to send responses so that they could build a better operating system. Most times, these responses of older operating systems are allowed after locking down of design responses but, for the first time, Microsoft has allowed people to opine about design responses.

Windows development of Windows 10 is now under completely new management and perhaps that is creating new avenues and new way of implementation of Windows technical preview. Start menu of Windows 7 is back with a combination of listing of metro and modern applications. Applications for Windows 8 are called Metro and then it is changed to modern and now it is called as universal in Windows 10 technical previews.

On Start Menu from the days of Windows XP, the text based menu comes on left and universal applications come on right. There is an option to delete these files from start menu through right click option of mouse. There is no direct link to system menus inside start menus such as settings, control panel and so on. However, one could right click on the Start menu to find links to such menus.

Flip over option to reach to metro menu of Windows 8 is now abolished. As most of these universal applications can be passed and used on the desktop itself. Slowly, it removes the option of going into Metro user interface. Desktop interface is slowly turning into Metro user interface. Now, we have hybrid start menu with wider look and it is still under it development and let us see how it performs in the long run.

File explorer of Windows 10 is almost similar to that of Windows 8.1 operating systems. Only Home button is added to reach to some of the file explorer easily. Library features of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are brilliant to reach different categorized segments, but the Home button of Windows 10 reduces those possibilities considerably.

Search functionalities of Windows 8.1 which is embedded with searching for physical drive with that of to search for web, is not completely integrated with Windows 10. It is almost similar to Google Search on Android phones, which Google serves advertisements in order to generate revenues. This might have been similar way of earning extra revenues for Microsoft by serving relevant advertisements to users.

Method of updating of windows 10 operating systems is completely overhauled. One could choose between three options of updates such as rapid, leisurely and glacial updates. It is entirely contrary to the system of update which Windows 8.1 follows. It is completely hidden whereas with Windows 10 users now have complete control of what updates they get and in which format they would be receiving updates.

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