Walled garden

With increasing use of smart phone and mobile devices, Google and Apple are leading in providing unlimited storage spaces to users. Google is providing through its android image application unlimited storage options, with unlimited uploading capacity of Android to Google services of images and videos. Both Google and Apple are offering a vast ecosystem of applications and interconnectivity options which realise deeper user interaction and providing adequate storage options to save the file for a lifetime.

With Android from Google as mobile operating system, we are experiencing more and more new and sophisticated Google products for each sphere which gives access to cloud and certainly provides deeper integration of Google products into our day to day life. Google local is a brilliant tool to recognize your businesses as well as identify it on Google Maps to make it a worldwide renowned.

It is an application base product, and then after few days Google will send you an unique number and then it is to be written down on Google local and then comes the confirmation and with it comes the identification and a green tick mark on yours business name which signifies, you have been identified as your business is real.

Google local has dual improvements on the possibility of increasing business opportunities. With Google local and Google business, you will build lasting business which will create an identification of your presence and the person with android or other smart devices able to recognize potential and devise places of knew in them. All these applications run with cloud and have been interconnected and heavily dependent upon users and for this many users have been harnessing ideas of using these services.

Software giant Microsoft has been behind this race with Google and Apple. Even Microsoft wants it to be done cannot do it as due to increase the number of users from Google and Apple people are automatically connected with all these applications as they provide seamless and constantly updating application from time to time.

Due to lesser use of Windows phone from Microsoft, naturally many people are devoid of using its applications. Microsoft has good depository of applications in its Windows store but owing to lesser user, more and more people are not able to connect their applications with cloud and server environment from Microsoft.

In view of this Microsoft introduced Windows 8 and Windows Mobile 8 with the most sophisticated operating system so far but sadly all, these have been gone to almost third rank within mobile operating system environment. People have seen a better integrated operating system and have been devising various plans to introduce and increase capacity to mentor all these operating system to its impeccable posture.

More and more people are utilizing android because of its hardware independent platform and more and more hardware companies are using this operating system and they have freedom to modify this operating system to its best possible way. Due to the vast number of companies opting for this mobile operating system, the vast ecosystem of walled garden where people stay and create a cloud of application becomes one of the most brilliant amalgamation of application repository ever experienced. Google Chrome is now supporting remote desktop with additional operating system platforms.

The only backside hardware independent platform is that it is now slowly becoming a difficult platform to update this operating system as it depends upon mostly with hardware vendors and even if Google wants to update it, it cannot do anything on their own. All these parameters have created a sense of inertial inside deep sentiments of Microsoft operating system and Windows Mobile platforms as it creates a sense of inertial among enthusiasts.

Due to lesser users in its walled garden less and fewer people are using this operating system and for this it has become difficult for Microsoft to provide unlimited storage spaces just like Google and Apple. Google is offering unlimited storage spaces with a caveat to users for images and video and this makes this offering wonderful in creating a deep and wonderful faith among its android users.

Microsoft is also pushing slowly further application to its walled garden of ecosystem. Last time we have heard about how the office goes mobile and it becomes free for other walled gardens of ecosystem. But you can see how different applications such as Gmail. Mail and chrome are being constantly updated from time to time.

Now Chrome in Android is offering its server to users for compression of web pages in order to reduce data to usages. This is brilliant and it first appears with Opera and now it has been integrated with chrome in Android. With this, all of your browsing activities are now fully compressed to save critical bandwidth to be used later on.

If someone compares Windows store with Google Play Store and Apple one can find this store is poorly written and many applications there is not so satisfactory application and it seems to users that as if we are roaming around some private ecosystem of application there. Most of these applications are there are not of noteworthy and for this many users have not been using the application and that is why it is becoming not so popular ecosystem of applications.

Due to poorly written code of Windows 8, the application ecosystem or walled garden of Windows not so good and it takes huge time to load inside metro interface of Windows 8. For this Microsoft have to release Windows 8.1 for free to Windows 8 users in order to have a better ecosystem of application to present a vibrant walled garden for applications.
After update to Windows 8.1, new users are able to use face book and other modern application at ease and for this it is time for Windows to create a vast repository of application in which every possible application development can be easily possible.

Now some applications and games are easily compatible with Windows and now with proper integration of one drive various image can now be uploaded to it and can be visible offline in its metro user interface. In the first phase Microsoft has always been hoping for users to treat laptop as bigger touch tablet in its Windows 8 but sadly users want it as a laptop and slowly it removes its likeliness with touch screen and begins to build a stronger and better operating system.

Microsoft, Google and Apple all have built a walled garden for their products and now they are restricting access to other competitors from installing all these applications in their respective ecosystems. In the last few years, Google has built some application for Apple walled garden but Apple has not been building the same for Google’s walled garden.

In last two years, Microsoft has been building many applications for Apple and Google walled garden of ecosystem but sadly Google is not building its application for Microsoft Windows store by saying that it has not become so popular. In the future, no one will know which application ecosystem will rule the world and which the walled garden will become the most favorable application environment for users.

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