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The land of world’s finest cuppa where the queen still rules with epitomized climatic atmosphere coupled with swash buckling winds where from a distance one would find the presence of bending of mountain due to severe flow of wind breaking visions in between to create one of most tantalizing aspect of, living into great hegemony of tourist attraction known as Darjeeling. While you are in there you would feel as if you are in side of semi heaven where most of thinking and reasoning presence of yours become most of undeterred and passive significance to clear out the fascinating aspect of living into the world.

On the mountainsides, there are almost impenetrable jungles where one would find nothing out here and there and every aspect of living comes into severe hazardous moments long ago when this city probably was discovered by British agents to stay at some desirable cooler places. The anesthetic beauty of Kanchenjunga Range with finest presentation of trees such as of that of oak, fine and orchids, must have some adore aspect of living into such an arena of wonderful presentations where one could find each and every aspect of living and the life is still at its optimum best.


Today’s Darjeeling is far worse than what it was decades back. It is situated in the state of West Bengal in India. It is on the northern side of this state and it is over 7,004 feet above sea-level and well tested at eastern side of the Great Himalayan range and it has proximity towards Nepal and Bhutan. Today, there are pollutions and garbage dumps everywhere inside of Darjeeling city which prowls upon the past and criticizes the title given to it as queen, but still one could find sufficient admiration and eagerness to reach there at any cost to enjoy some moments of vacations times.



There are clusters of crowds everywhere and you would find in great difficulty to breathe in at some point of time. There are chronic water shortages which make this city lesser prone to tourists and during monsoon there are many instances of landslides due to inadvertent construction all over in these places. Surprising as a tourist you would love to see brilliant waterfalls all around, but sadly garbage is dumped inside those hearts of waterfalls. What a pity scene to describe and just surprise the author to see the state of preparedness of local bodies which just makes free to everything and even disturbing the ecological balances of places and there is nothing to worry about it.

Still, many people come here during holidays without worrying about all these aspects. Locally the word Darjeeling means land of thunderbolts, and when the monsoon is peal one could find severe thunderbolts with frightening sounds all over coming here and there and one would be extremely frightened to observe and experience all these.

This hill town is famous for many aspects such as it is famous base stations for mountaineering towards Everest, brilliant destination for tourists and a great reservoir for family times and holidaying, famous of great tea estates for finest cuppa and there are big monasteries which augments the beauty and scenic importance of this place to a great extent.

When you are at Darjeeling you should see the downtown Darj which is famous for numerous shops, restaurants and great family outings with some nice shopping environments. View of Kanchenjunga from this downtown is soaking and absorbing and when you reach there with a good camera or mobile phone do not forget to take the snaps of this beautiful hill which looks fantastic with the advent of monsoon.

Presence of Kanchenjunga is everywhere wherever you live and stay in the city of Darjeeling. Elusive sunset is brilliant there and one could find some magician view of mountain during dusk time and one should clearly see how the sun look like from these locations. If time permits then ride on the famous toy train of Darjeeling, which is recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Railway, and before it reaches out to the small museum out there to know about its long drawn history.

In the downtown of Darjeeling do not forget to buy our fantastic faces which are for sale out there, and also reach out to a famous Buddhist temple and nearby Kali temple. There are plenty of scripts inside this Buddhist temple and if you have better knowledge about scripting Pali then one could reach out and read in detail about it and find out different evolution of Buddhist philosophy. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute was founded in 1954, and was since then beloved for many trekkers and mountain seekers.

It was headed for long by Sherpa Tenzing who along with Edmond Hillary conquered for the first time the peak of Everest. At the side of it you could find mountaineering museum a definitely worth look as it provides detail life and living about people of Himalayan and how they live and survive and what are their attires and how they fight with strong natural hazards one could find in detail about all these there. Another museum is known as the Everest museum where one could find in detail about all sorts of photographs related to climbers of Everest and other rare photographs.

You could experience the brilliant ropeway ride about three kilometers from this downtown of Darjeeling to enjoy complete ropeway ride, though sadly during my reach out it was out of order so I am unable to describe about its experience out there. Ropeway is just over little Ranjeet River flowing just below downtown of Darjeeling. You should reach there to enjoy ropeway ride in between eight am to 3.20 pm, so be conscious of timing before reaching there out.

Darjeeling is famous for all of its tea estates where one could find large estates with a prince like living standards and some old signs of colonialism where one could find some old and ancient presence while walking through these estates. Just pick out about which of tea gardens are opened for visitors and then reach there to know about different processes and way of creating such costliest teas. While walking across in tea estates you would virtually find the smells of teas which would time and again refresh you to provide some refreshing and everlasting moments.

Inside Darjeeling you would find in detail about some of brilliant aspects of botanical gardens such as Lloyd Botanical Garden, with plenty of flowers, plants and varieties of species all across that would stimulates you to reach out nearer to nature to observe vivid example of presentation of nature at its best and the most supposable element is that entry fees is not there and it is open from six am to five pm.

Another worthy and lovable museum to see is Bengal Natural Museum, set up in 1903, during undivided Bengal, provides extreme and praise worthy collections of over four thousand Himalayan fauna and many more informations about wild animals of Bengals. It is a treat to reach there to know about different natural species and with deep reading and observation under each element one could find enough information about all these natural aspects.

While crossing with ropeway over roaring Rangeet River, never forget to record the roaring sound of it as make it as ringtone as the beauty of natural sounds with flowing rivers just like high tide situations in any of ocean one could find about detail exhibition of great natural environment at its best. Nearside to this river, the famous zoological park is being inhibited by many tourists ad that seems crowded with many people but one should instead go for nearby forest pathway to snow leopard breeding centre, where one could find some rare breed of creatures out there without interruption open up yours camera and took snaps from there and can share with different social networking website all at one go.

Here, you could find beautiful and adorable snow leopard cubs and enjoy their playing times all at some distance. There one small museum there where the owner has sketched out some of the finest paintings of cubs which are there. You could reach that spot from ten am to four thirty pm and in between there one hour break for lunch time. When you are in Darjeeling do not forget to shop for teas. If one wants to spend money, then it is a good idea to reach out to real tea estates instead of shopping with wooden chest tea packets. Nathmull tea merchant is one of superior tea merchant and one could spend lavishly and buy out superior quality tea from there.

Supersoft Ice cream parlor at Darjeeling, provides rich in cream of ice creams where one could find the presence of indigenous deserts and if one wants to one could reach there and enjoy some rare treats. Around Darjeeling, there is some absolute exciting tour presence such as Sandakphu which is about 60 kilometers, with popular trekking trails, and one could see peaks of some popular mountains out there with a clearly legible display.

Another nice location nearer to Darjeeling is Karmi Farm, a tea estate which is full of natural environment and everywhere you could find the presence of green environment with lush green trees with plenty of clean air and from its western side beginning of Sikkim one could see it from there. From there easily one could reach out to Sandakphu trekking trail, here you could explore many exciting adventures like trekking, biking, swimming, adventurous boating and so on. Darjeeling is best accessible for tourists from October to May. Avoid going there during the month of October due to extreme crowded situation arising out of festive celebration of Durga Puja.

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