Universe of discourse: Pie and infinity

In the vivid world of antagonisms and respective competitive atmosphere where within each point of time and duration we would be finding out every other bit of adventurism as well as fairly tales of invalid documented ideas which comes close to different divine set of ideas and protects but still most stay within different iota of limits and derivatives. We are living in the world of desperate immaculate activism where every other action is being constantly scrutinized to different point of action, were most possible generation of ideas comes with valid and vividly bit of fanaticism which stays within different surface limits of protective ideas.

Mostly all sorts of generation of new and innovative ideas are limited within surface of singular limits where every bit of initiation of action is equally followed by a suitable reaction. Most famous scientists have experienced their proper limitations and have been able to generate a distinctive bit of passive occurrence where most of these fundamentalism aspect of running different action could not be concluded within a proper set of longitudes.

Human tends to forget that someone and some where they have been created and the creator always have the better possession and limits that the initiator and for this all sorts of proud and boastfulness sometimes comes to a halt with the introduction of different clearly demarcated linings where every one finds it a bit of confusion and promulgation of different set of ideas where every point of action is slowly converted into equal set of differentiated reactions.

The act of possessiveness and coherence to do it more many a times prove to be must diminished costly affairs where every bit of ideas generated here within proves to be some other aspects of different routes where each facets of conclusion proves to be an inner links to another facet of conclusive ideas. The generation of ideas of to reach nearer to Lord and be the status of demigod many a times prove to be mostly the costly affairs where every people of the same organization seems to have the same set of prudence and positive materialism to deduct and drive out ingeniously and proper emancipation of divinity presence at the cost of believes.
What is the ultimate goal and how it is reached are some of the most generous and difficult thing to provide an answer.

Some say they have seen it and it is the perfect presence of real life string and that creates the power of the Lord the Almighty. Is it true, when someone says they have seen it and experience it do not believe to this as famous Odia poet wrote one beautiful line about presence of Lord, when he says, one should not reach to temples to see and experience Lord, one should look deep into self to find the presence of Lord and sub-element of Lord. This is then prove and define how Lord is present everywhere. This trait of omnipresence goes on to show Lord is everywhere so how come one should say that the drama is one place, is it not delimiting the concept of presence of the Lord to the ultimate limitation. Think about it and remember Lord is there otherwise no one would be worshiped from generations to generations without a proper realization of inner strength provided by Lord to people from time to time.

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Lord will tolerate everything but except boastfulness and corrupt practices. Do not determine Lord’s position and do not attempt to override his existence otherwise everything would be going to the stage dust and everything would be disappeared in no such time without any slightest form of hesitation. In primeval times, demon Hiranyakasipu with the strength of blessings due to continuous meditation able to demonstrate his power and he realized that due to blessings of not being killed in earth and sky he would not be killed even by Lord. What happened next, Lord took him into his thighs and killed him to save devotees from extreme clutches of oppression and suppression meted by him to devotees.


There are many such instances to describe few and all sorts of instances goes on to show the utter wonderful existence and presentation of brilliant Lord at the sight of others where every possible presentation of pointed actions and accredited give back to different offenders are being constantly meted out to different people who try to overtake the existence of Lord.

Human beings are prone to errors and they could do errors but that does not show that one should go above board and keep continuing to do this despite some vivid warnings from Lord at different times. Everyone knows the fear of invisible greatness where every person has a different story to tell and different vivid description to provide unique ideas where the concept of the Lord can be constituted.

More and more people are sooner or later try hard to get back some power from Lord in order to strengthen their power to fight against all such odds meted out from diverse evils of societies. Life is full of accidental opportunities and one could find every bit of action and reaction on the same page. Once in a while the third law of motion was in every action has equal and opposite reaction. Why, as we know, in the entire world energy has one shape it neither grows nor subsidized and it converts from one medium to others. But the question which no one ever answered why and in which rules energies are converted from one particular segment to the other and who is doing and controlling this phenomena of complete conversion.
It is true. Energies can neither be created nor destroyed but.

It can be transformed into one form of energy to the other. Which is the source of all energies and how energies are maintained and demonstrated and from where all such energies come and go and converted into one form to the other. These questions are never ever answered and even some try to find out answer to this but still could not get into all sort of questions as most of times all these forms never ever accepted or can be seen as most of these forms comes from different zones of . To the true sense we do not know how big this is and is there anything beyond this but still to date we are calculating exact radius of it but whether all these calculation are to the point or true no one would ever understand about this. Life is not about single possessive ideas but it is all about understanding running and moving of the entire to the core and extent of imagination and beyond it.

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Surprisingly, scientific communities always ignore and do not take to the extreme importance to separate imagination which mostly provides a vivid description and ideas about the presence of a complex universe. We see and imagine the presence of the entire universe as everything that is available everywhere and this should not be a straightforward description of the universe. In its real meaning it should have been presence of knowingly boundaries and it should be noted that universe should not be in the state of circle so that we could be calculating every bit and part of it in definite directions but it should also be noted that entire universe when it provides with all possible movement of stars and galaxies on should think that all have their own orbit in relation with moving of earth and one should not calculated and see the real distance of universe in real terms.

In earlier occasions, I have written in detail about how sometimes the entire distance of the universe could have properly and wrongly calculated owing to movement in two different directions by two calculative objects in relation to a different solar system. Just think of someone is circling in single direction and then he or she stops it he could have fall or surely of balance and during the times of circle try to see the distant mountain from there and calculate exact direction and distance from there and surprisingly you would find the distance of mountain is far and what it looks like in yours standing position is completely different from earlier sources.

This has proven to be interesting and one should always think about it and should always flow this as an example to see and observe how we have wrongly calculated the entire distance of the universe! In this example even we have seen that one object that is mountain in the vicinity is still but in the case of universe when we calculate distance between earth and some specific stars we find that most of these are correlated with multiple level of objects which provides different dynamic calculations to the core of advantages and disadvantages.

Stipulated anticipations and positive reactions coupled with brilliant and dynamic thinking processes which should be properly and undiluted number of dynamic presentations of humans could lead to a different dynamic and differentiated out of the world thinking could provide sufficient and derived satisfactions to the core of multiple inventions. Most of discoveries related with, research are mostly in the line of preconceived ideas and the same set of generation of ideas where we could find that most of these are not suitable to understand the basics of presentation of universe which could perhaps be known better if we could have followed the inverted form of scientific inventions and conventions without reaching into same sort of ideas and different forms of permutations and combinations.

One should always think of how the brain evolves for mortal beings, it is easy, no one yet to summarize it and finds out the clue about it. Similarly, one should want to know that all these traits of brilliant summation could be completely dissolved and find the solutions of it through the process of competitive imagination and properly devised class of generation of systematizing imaginative ideas from all sort of definitive reasons.

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The formation of mental image which brought out to the limits of perception to touch nearer to ultimate reality could provide added and additional fillip to understand the definitive guide and underestimation of all competitive advantages where every possible calculation could pave the way for formal and authentic alternative form of generative derivations. Why we should calculate distance among different space objects with systematic mathematics which we are currently following. Why one should not devolve and evolve other forms of mathematics where one should not have answer limitations to derive and define infinity.

Current mathematics only tells about the concept of infinity as the time without end. Should we devolve and devise another form of mathematics where we could overcome the ideas of infinity and where this constant or surprise element of mathematics could easily be calculated and derived upon? We know the limitations of the current set of mathematics where it shows an inability to calculate infinity and pie and many other intricate calculations. That is for this reason that we unable to calculate distance and substance of the universe which mostly is dealing with different levels of calculation of solving of the universe and pie.

All these tend to mystify and provide different ideas and systematic calculative road to create and devise newer forms of mathematics which could easily bring upon all such up unending and passive calculations. So for this we have to devise and find out different levels and standards to devise and estimate separate classes of infinity through different newer and innovative calculations. We know, contemporary set of mathematics has limitations and it is definitely providing and producing halt determination and development of ideas to solve the matter of the entire universe. Life is filled with surprises and we know the meaning of universal lies with solvent and conclude ideas of dealing with pie and infinity.

It would give additional aspects of defilement and provision of solving and determining the exact distance of the universe to its fullest in the core. Only one needs to find the way and to calculate differently that the current trends. It is the approach where one should be easily able to calculate the entire aspect of infinity with different divisible constants. While calculating all with universal one should always be dealing with the matter of constants as there are milestones to reach the conclusion. Try with other methods and try to go unconventional way, as it is matter of time, whether you are going to be succeeded or not that is a different matter but most of times, all these would be one of most revered and passive occurrence to go step closer to show the last boundary of universe. Consider, it is possible and goes ahead and finds it out.

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