State of extreme lawlessness

What a pity to observe the state in cohesiveness among citizens when the government is trying hard to make the entire town clean. Due to smarter engagements of center and the states, more and more funds begins to flow from center and as a result of this now most of roads inside Puri town are fast becoming standards of cleanliness with wider access all over to make entire region a more comfortable to walk with. Government is continuously trying hard to forefront the view to prepare citizens for a Clean India and that starts from the smaller towns like Puri, the coastal town of Odisha.

Puri being the tourist place there has been the most times sudden increase of the floating population in this area and it is duty of citizens to make this town cleaner and safer. If you happen to be at Puri, just reach near to VIP road in front of hospital nearer to statue of Biju Pattnaik the former chief minister of Odisha as more and more people when they reach there, they would find the right side land is completely void and deserted with plenty of unnecessary trees grown out there.

That place was in mitigation and perhaps now it is cleared of this and for this now that place is being cleared of unnecessary trees and other dirty muds which used to create plenty of mosquitoes and home for many snakes out there. When the owner of that place decides to clean up that place which is on the right side of road, so as to create one of the business arena, there is lack of laborers who vehemently refused to cleanup that place.

Local laborers did not accept to clean that place at that place was crowded with too much of jungle type localities as for many years that the place remains inhibited and due to mitigation it becomes one of the most dangerous places to live there. Now, that mitigation is over, and the owner has not removed the family which was established there on the side of it as they used to guard that place for those owners. Now, that Guard family is moved to owner’s back yard where they have quarters for maids.

That person was short in height and used to take from his neck so he used to shout in a peculiar manner and the people who were standing there used to see and feel something uniqueness in his tone. That guard used to rise early in the morning and at the end of the street there was municipal tap which used to provide so called drinking water. That water-tap was now running in very slower manner as an adjacent the doctor who opened the ultra sound shop on that street has diverted public tap in to his home. This results in much of dissatisfaction among those people who used to depend on their pure drinking water from that lonely tap. Now, guard’s family moved to his owner’s backyard and now they would be leaving that place, which perhaps their favorite place even was staying inside that artificial jungle arena.

Guard’s wife used to cook food for the owner of that family and his son secure first class in his career as well as his daughter also secured first class in recently concluded matriculation examination. This goes on to show the talent of reading and excellence in education does not depend upon the environment but the wit and the zeal to study hard enough so that at some point of time one would realize the greatest potential for education. On the other hand, what a pity, after long time slowly, VIP road with good roads and partial removal of encroachments begins to look nice but last night, owner of that place brought out all muds from that place and put those on those roads and that prolonged nearer upto police lane to make entire new road looks messy and due to presence of large numbers of muds entire road is now in jeopardy conditions.

There is no reaction from local residents as well as from government authorities who should have imposed a heavier fine and should have to enforce these in order to show case a stronger ambition to stop these people in making dirtier the public properties. Is anyone listening to this? VIP road of Puri is the sole connecting road from entrance of Puri toward sea beach and that is why most of vehicles reached here used to go through these routes but sadly all these are now becoming thing of past due to such decadence of road created by these people who in the name of cleaning the pond has been making whole lot of disturbances and causing great difficulties in walking through these roads.

Half of the road in front of that place are now covered with dumpers and other heavy vehicles to remove muds from that place and now the entire road is squeezed and whatever the place remains now covered with extracted muds from that place. Just imagine how could one walk with these sorts of extreme alienable conditions and then comes out happy. Now, that place was at a corner spot and at the right side of that place one street is there and it is very narrow and most of these places are covered with temporary shops here and there and that makes entire route is narrower but not difficult as that place was not at main road but at hinter land arena.

Now, there would be work in that place and probably the owner wants to make a big shopping mall or hotel and for this plenty of materials needed and those materials are now dumped in that narrower street and that creates extreme difficult for people to walk here and there. Though, many people are happy with these developments as due to presence of ultra sound shop at one side of that street, it becomes extremely difficult for good people to walk as most of times plenty of auto and many people all around those arena used to flock there and slowly these business of ultra sound has becomes one of contact business where many people used to come through agents.

With the presence of these materials, the road leading to that narrow street, known as Salbeag Lane has been becoming the narrowest road and for this advent of auto rickshaws is fast becoming impossible. Few days back, local government has announced that it is not legal to dump materials on roads and the concerned party would be fined heavily but sadly even after three days of dumping such materials there is no trace of presence of law enforcing authorizes and citizens continue in destroying and decaying environment without any sign of guilt consciousness.

We are living in a democracy where there are many rights for all in all rights come duties and responsibilities which most times, concerned citizens failed to follow and all these are matters of such instances. There are some additional reasons for all these carelessness attitudes such as money matters and with the money even everything can be done is the sole motto of some people which we fail to realize and found any substance even in the state of rule of law.

We are not living in a state of lawlessness and extreme apathy where one could see how the laws are openly violated by some yet no one is there to oppose it and you would not find any trace of presence of the law enforcing authorities in such instances. What a pity of state of things and how such a situation is going overboard, as I feel extremely hurt to see the state of extreme unwanted preposition by owner of that place to make entire environment a worst place to live for at least for some days.

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