Removing thermal stress from rugged elements in branch office

What a coincidence, at the behest of the night when I was travelling through a deep and dense forest, by moving out from whole two days of long work, it feels the signs of tiredness coupled with boring proposition in to reach out to headquarter before dawn. Deputed work at designated office proves to be a tough job not only from awards staffs situated there but also from erratic public who just understands the theme of corruption and do not want to go in a gentle and perfect way. This is so startling as well as manifested proposition where everyone finds out these incidents unable to grasp but I have to fight these out irrespective of situation demands as well as drastic disastrous work conditions. The designated branch was situated nearer to the jungle as most times productions output in and around these jungle areas mostly dependable upon dam project as well as rare timber project which is available in and around these areas.

To my utter surprise and disdain when I reached out there to find out about financial irregularities out there were only two or three bigger accounts have been there and one has to correct those accounts in order to make the branch work in the correct manner. This was the job assigned to me but at first I could not understand and anticipate the correct phase of the problem and the gravity of the situation still the time I reached there. That branch was situated amidst jungle and most of the transaction comes from two bigger timber factories which mostly used those specialized timbers in order to create specialized sheets of wood which are very costly and sold to worldwide with a higher amount of money.

According to law of land those timbers which comes from forests must have to be replaced with twice timber trees inside those forests and also the amount of money transacted must have been refunded to organization considering the amount of benefit incur upon by those timber merchants but in reality it is showing as loss making which creates much needed suspicion and for that very reason I have been delegated there in order to watch and examine those transactions.

I reached out to that branch on noon and surprised to find out most of occupants in award staff seats are still remain vacant despite staunch warning and circular as well as office records from head office which provides information for attending branch at stipulated time without in ordinate delay. Then, I reached out to branch head whose chamber is situated at the first floor and he was there as I feel comfortable as I wanted to begin to work right from the word go. Branch head was quick to come and then I showed the letter and then he provides me the seat and I discussed him about the affairs for long and during those discussion times it is apparent that the fear psychosis in those places not only crippling into day to day workings of branch but also external interventions from these two industries is leading to a stage of no where due to complete restrictions of communication from that place.

I was extremely surprised to know even during these modern times, such and such state of road conditions and communications mediums are in the state of no where, such a pathetic and difficult situation where no one could even think of understanding the state of environment without actually reaching out to there. There are some places in those localities where one could only hear sounds of birds and nothing else. All these are tremendous form of difficulties which mostly executives in that mentioned branch has to face and for this one has to see how such state of affairs have to be controlled and managed with. It seems there are vast irregularities from award staffs who are mostly from local areas and do not have to face the brunt of transfers as executives have undergoes from time to time. Fear psychosis and adamant attitudes of award staffs go on to prove a difficult time for executives out there. Those who supports their corrupt activities and practices, then does not feel the brunt of heat out there but those who oppose them vehemently used to face those stiff resistances and most of times fear of life and also tension situation arising out from there creates one of most difficult path for executive in those working conditions.

Surprisingly, on that day, most of award staffs reached branch after lunch break, and I asked them why they are so late, instead of talking to me and explaining their gross misconduct of office etiquette, they resort to say to me to ask their branch secretary instead and that was utterly surprisingly for me at that juncture. It was against office rules but who cares they are not just listening and the way they speak and behave while talking to me for the last ten minutes seems to suggest it was one of the most disturbing tales of my life therein. Within two hours, I have enough experience on that branch now about the state of affairs there and I was determined to take staunch action against rugged elements who are hindering work ethics and conditions of that branch openly.

Within half an hour secretary of award staff reached to my designated room and then sat at the front of the chair of mine while putting his leg on the top of the table in front of me. That was gross misconduct and defining stature of executive who is being deputed here to rectify these miscreants. I asked him to seat properly but without hiding in my words. He continues to speak a lot about exaggerated matters and directly and indirectly keeps on threatening me. I smiled back and asked him to go and stay in the branch still, I call him again. He went out of my appointed chamber as if there is no force on my words.

The next day, I send notices to all award staffs who absented during office working hours. Within hours of receiving the notice, most of them stormed into my designated chamber and make an chaotic situation and trying to intimidate me with some angry words thrown towards me and this creates the situation mostly difficult to sustain but still I continue listening to their voice fearlessly without any need to provide response.

The next day, I send entire reports to head office with fax and waiting for their response. In the mean time, I roamed around smaller markets there and try to see what are the different purchasing elements happening out there. In the mean times, some public who reached to me and know that I have reached there especially to investigate about such rogue elements inside branch office and told their sad experience while working with front office awards staffs and how people have to face such continuing presentation of corrupt staffs and that makes their life difficult with their hard earned money. Most of these staffs threatened them and mostly have other businesses in their locals and for this most of them reach to the office just after lunch breaks.

All these lead to some difficult task ahead, but with due justice, head office sent two more executives as well as provide me direct power of actions on those rugged elements immediately so that entire cleanup process on that branch would be done without any further in ordinance delay.

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