Puri Travellogue: VIP road

Puri is now abuzz with anticipated nabakallebar (grand incarnation) of Lord Trinity which reaches after many years. We are most of many happiest people to experience and witness such grand ceremony where new darus (Sacred woods in colloquial language of Lord Jagannath community) were identified and brought back to the temple for the creation of the Lord. In the recently concluded holy bathing festival of Lord of Trinity (Lord Jagannath, Ballabhadra and Goddess Subhadra) over five lakh devotees from around world flocked to temple to witness such humongous bathing festival (live abakash in colloquial Lord Jagannath language) as they saw how Lord of Trinity has been carried by devoted servitors of Lord and then perform bathing festival in order to stay away from scotching summer heat. Due to the advent of imminent nabakallebar, for the first time entire road structures of Puri, the coastal town of Odisha has been restructured and entire electricity as well as other sanitation has been well covered up so far.

The so called VIP road of Puri has been the most prominent road to move transient vehicles from around outside to enter into the city and stationed at some other places in order to stay away from crowded places. By standers to this road is full of forced occupation of people who mostly reached out to Puri and decided to stay there for life times. They have built large houses and in front of their houses now there are shops that are being rented to people and this creates congestion in entire VIP roads. Ten years back this road was wider with easier access for vehicles to reach there but, now all those places have been occupied forcefully and as a result of this entire road has been turned into some narrow streets. Few months back, administration decided to remove the forced occupation and they have started doing this by removing some portion of these houses but sadly they only remove the left side of buildings and left the left side of building out in the open.

What a pity, if one looks at the correct way, the right side of VIP road starting just opposite of Puri main hospital, has been corroded frivolously due to encroachments of owners there and they have placed the rented shops there and as a result of this, people who reached to these shops tend to put their vehicles on the side and further squeeze entire road to unimaginable proportion. VIP road is now the gateway of Puri town and most of interstate vehicles reach there to move to hotels nearer to the sea beach. What it needs to be done is to remove forced occupation of people on the right side of VIP road and then widen the road and add strong divider in between those two so that not to and fro vehicle would cross here and there so as to create unnecessary accidents or other mishaps.

Now, moving from the opposite direction from Puri Hospital to bow to the square of ‘Darji Pokhari Chakha’ (local name of square) has been squeezed to maximum due to forceful occupation from four sides. At one side, if you come towards right side from opposite direction towards Puri Main Hospital at nearer to mentioned square you would be completely blinded what vehicles are coming from other side and as a result you would be forced to walk into the soil portion of that road. Not surprisingly, the corner home on that square has no drainage system as they have built home on drainage system to permanently block those drainages portions and as a result of this most of these parts are now full with drainage water coming out from such homes and entire area is now full of drain water, even though road has been newly constructed. Now, due to blind portion of curve of road one could not walk on the sides of well constructed road and again due to complete flowing of drain water one also could not reach to side of roads and that creates the most difficult situations for pedestrians who have hurried time to walk through these roads.

So, now hurried time for pedestrians as well as local people out there as they have to cross over those portions of roads with complete due diligence and careful attitude otherwise one could face severe injuries from incoming vehicles which most of times blinded the potions due to stiff curve of road as blocking of vehicles view from other side due to force occupation and encroachment of roads. Now going further one could reach nearer to fire station and beyond but surprisingly most of these roads are being covered by local vendors and in front of their shop there would be some people at there who would be purchasing something from these shops. That creates real obstruction for pedestrian while walking over these roads.

As there is no divider all across so called VIP road of Puri, most of times, vehicles tend to overtake each other and try to outreach others and this creates walking difficulties for commuters as most of vehicles reach nearer to people who are walking at the side of roads. Most of these parts of roads are covered with a large number of shops which tend to create small businesses for people out there.


When we are talking about creating a clean India and making up heritage city to Puri town, we need to look at these instances in order to find out what is going wrong in controlling such mess. Administration is creating beautiful roads but the space of such roads is closely reduced by small shops which happen to be there at the side of roads. It is high time to remove and throws away such temporary local vending shops which go on to create such mess in entire routes. These shops not only create an absolute mess in those localities by selling banned contrabands which create an entire environment not tolerable and provides deeper situation of uncontrollable law and order situations. Most of these local vendors sell breakfasts and these create unnecessary clutters in those places. In this way, all these provide unnecessary obstruction for clean Indian campaigns.

In these times of extreme festive occasion, it is important for most of people out here as well as local administrations to clear those forced occupied land portions at both sides of VIP roads as well as clear those self established local vendors at different sides of VIP roads so that entire area would be full of peaceful activities as well as it should create wider and broader presentations of roads for people out there. Local administration must enforce stressful enforcement of the law of the land to remove those road side vendors in order to create a provision for well accomplished heritage city of Puri.

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