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WordPress was initially intended for creating simple blog. With due course of time, with the advent of open source software constantly backed by a dedicated community of developers and innovators, WordPress slowly moves towards the stage of a website which has a content management system. Most of the popular website now run with WordPress.Open Source movements have two edged sword while it can become secure software and also provide constant updates without further application of money but still, due to availability of source code one could find it is extremely vulnerable to hackers.

WordPress worked at the front end as well as back end system and its data bases connected with My Sql database to provide an additional level of a system which could provide the presence of logical and real database management system. As a website owner for one need to be extremely cautious about protecting website from external hackers, spammers and other malwares so as to present people with a clean and sophisticated experience while they browse your website.

Another point in making your website cleaner and malware free is to stay it from being blacklisted from Google. It is extremely important to note that for most webmasters, Google provides maximum organic traffic. Organic traffics are directly related to generations of revenues for websites. It is important for webmasters to make their website clean of any instances of malwares. Front End of WordPress provides so many plugins to stop intrusions of such malwares. There are many limitations to these plugins.

Most times, plugins are heavy and they tend to slow down website. Most of WordPress website run its PHP scripts in web-browser of visitors and then decode these scripts and when such plugins are used. They tend to slow down the loading time of website. Secondly, most of these scripts are PHP scripts and runs from front end of Word Press, so when hosting or back end of WordPress got affected they tend to do nothing as most of these malwares tend to stop functioning of these plugins from WordPress content folder on hosting part. Secondly, most of these security plugins go for extreme combinations of security which many a times turn into a state of extremely critical security and ultimate lock down on website.

There are some securities plug in which tend to act as a firewall inside WordPress website and tend to stop so many genuine visitors which are miscalculate considered as false positives. There are many down sides to such security plug in. So, what should be the answer to these impending problems for webmasters? The answer is simple, one need to use third party well recognized security services to protect website from malwares. Site Lock is one such third party security service and mostly available on your hosting as add on to prevent website from external vulnerabilities.

Sitelock works from hosting level, which creates an additional level of protection for website. Sitelock’s 360 degree website scanning is always on service and it scans website for serious vulnerabilities and removes such infections so as to present a clean website to visitors. It is invaluable through A name records of domain and one should install it on the front of hosting so that it works really well. Most of the visitors wanted to look at trust seal of Site lock before they proceed into entering private informations. It enhances trust levels of visitors and presents them with a completely innovating web presence.

Modern day hackers try to use from field to inject malicious codes from My SQL, as Sitelock all the time scanning, searches such SQL injections and removes those immediately. Another form of hackers tries to inject cross site scripting, and this usually did through HTML codes, and Sitelock searches such codes and removes immediately to protect website completely. Cross site scripting could intrude into some pages of website and could hold sessions of users for sometime and stop users from entering into the front end of wordpress and thus your website becomes down in high peak user interaction times.

Sitelock acts as a firewall for website and continuously stops those intruding hackers from entering into website. While implementing Sitelock on the hosting side, it would ask you to replace A records of host name, but it is advisable not to replace A records of host name but add another A records which Sitelock provides without deleting A record of hosting. If you use cloudflare CDN which mostly available free with hosting, then delete those C name records and replace with Sitelock C name which they will provide after buying it.

It is extremely important to remove any trace of other CDN services which use C name records to replace with C name record of site lock. As only one C name record per site could be used and it is imperative to use it on site lock by removing other instances. Most of Sitelock Firewall users get its TrueSpeed content delivery network for free and with this combination of firewall and CDN. Site Lock continues to block pervasive spams and bots in order to reduce bandwidth usage of website completely. With its advance firewall it blocks content scrappers who would try to steal important information from your site and also it blocks malicious bots which act as real to hold bandwidth through behavioral analysis.

Sitelock provides its Truespeed content delivery networks to users with its firewall in a single package bundle. Various servers are distributed around the world to reduce extra pressure on hosting services. It provides websites from their nearest geographical locations to reduce load time and increase search engine optimization of websites. It caches static content of website to various servers of its CDN around the world so that web host would not be hit everytime a visitor reaches your site. It increases the speed of website and also it reduces the load on the server to keep website alive most times.

Secondly, it compresses your website to maximum possible limit to reduce the amount of bandwidth transfer through removing unnecessary white space and newline characters, remove bots and spam comments to speed up website to considerable limit and it minifies JavaScript, CSS and HTML of website which generally takes huge chunk of loading times and server resources.

The worst thing you want when visitors visit your site and find it red flagged as known malware website and this would reduce visitors to a great level. Site Lock constantly works to protect your site from black listing of Google and other relevant search engines. Sitelockconstantly look to stop email spam, the email you use to with your visitors, as well as it checks SSL Certificate website constantly in order to let webmaster know that the SSL certificate is not in the expired state. You do not need to be a technical expert to run site lock on your site. It works on cloud based system and easily integrates with your website. It scans your website automatically on a daily basis and its trust seal shows the passing of website with its date. It provides further level of protection and provides users with complete access and brilliant management of parameters of website.

There is any third party firewall for wordpress websites which could be considered through hosting. Personally, I used the site on this website as visitors would have seen the batch at the right side corner and this shows that this website is secure and malware free. Have you used any such third party firewall for website, if so let me know how you feel it or if you use site lock on your website then let me know how do you feel with it.

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