Operating System Battle in the Ecosystem of Smartphone

Over the last five years, information technology (IT) has evolved wide directions to unimaginable proportions from day-to-day functions to wide varieties of internet enabled services. Slowly, exceptions and rarity are fast studying to be the norm for society. Some years back, people have thought some innovations are a rarity and could not be turned into reality. Now, these are becoming trends with fast research and brilliant convergence of technology by converting different needs to productivity challenges. Now, there are challenges for administrators to spread the good thing about information technology towards development of poor and downtrodden. For the last few decades, desktop computing was prominent in every walk of life.

Many business houses have been depending upon the desktop operating system developed by Microsoft. One tricky part of the desktop operating system (OS) is tantamount to not mobile. With the advent of a new age, corporate houses spread businesses far and wide places of the world. It lies at the root of the need for proper interconnectivity among different hub and spoke network in order to have complete integration and spreading of organizational messages to its sub-units. In earlier stages of computing, we deal with mainframe computing and then slowly move towards mini computers were even some bytes of random access memory (RAM) were considered to have been the greatest achievement. Now, we are thinking about using limitless RAM in mobile devices.

With due course of time, widespread scale of expansion of business enterprises, moves beyond the limited opportunities state area. Companies have slowly become multinational companies (MNC). There is a need for serious minimization of time zone and in this 24 hour service of organizations connected with online server within the virtual environment, where, we could have seen, customers are always connected with industry so as to provide seamless integration of service to end customers. It is translated in mobile computing, which starts with basic calls to now fully powered operating system. Google is still very wise to detect niche marketing points and then converting niche services into full scale brand products. Prior to Google search, finding exact details of any website was very grueling. After the introduction of Google search for finding a website with relevant tags or words brings in a vast array of suggestive pluck of websites.

During 2006, while doing Master of Business Administration (MBA) in information technology (IT), one of commuter teachers advised us to use Google extensively in order to find important information connecting with the research topic. During those times, Google is in a position to find reference resources and this lead to complete development of creating a marvelous website (touch wood) by not taking help of any third party or not hiring any aid organizations to create a website. It all gives to brilliant search results of Google in providing pin point reference of website in search results. After some time, Google joins the hand to bring out the brilliant Mobile operating system which is very nice touch-sensitive, which was surprisingly lacking in the Symbian operating system and the Blackberry mobile operating system.

Nokia was the market leader. In Mobile operating system with Microsoft, did be never too serious about developing its Windows Mobile platform. As with the perceived nature of Microsoft, it awakens when it is affected by competitors. For several years, despite being repeated intrusive into internet explorer 6 (IE6) Microsoft never ever thinks of completely overhaul comes of it. Then, comes Firefox. Community driven web browser, which became an excellent web browser and various Windows XP users had made Firefox as default web browser. Then, Microsoft began upgrading its web browser to the next level and now it is considered one of the best web browsers. We ever had and with Windows 8 it is working nice and it is very secure. Then, Google enters into the domain of Web browser, with a clean web browser which has omnisearch, which can search anything and can even detect a website although it is not properly spelled out. It introduces sand boxing browsing and it learns from Internet Explorer’s hardware rendering features. Hardware rendering gives a much needed boost to the web browser and it performs excellently while utilizing native hardware configurations. Now, it is an all-rounder web browser which has in building flash and updated within a specified period of time, which changes completely the arrangement of updates that have been regarded in earlier releases of Web browsers.

In an earlier paragraph, I have written extensively about how the android operating system has given birth to massive use of smart phone devices and now most of the desktop work except long drafting can be summarized easily with mobile operating system. Prior to advent of Android. Nokia’s Symbian mobile operating system was noticeable, but after the advent of the wide screen and touch enabled devices in terms of capacitance and a resistive touch screen. Nokia loses crucial times of two years where people all around with the Symbian operating system have immense difficulties in managing the touch screen. No one knows whether or not this is a technical fault, not removed by Nokia, or ignorance or deliberate ploy not to detect this fault which slowly, removes all such Nokia die-hard supporters. In the meantime, Google sees the niche in mobile operating system and enters into this with a bang where it has made this operating system original equipment manufacturer (OEM) free so that irrespective of mobile manufacturers who wants to have Android in their devices should start feeding their device with it.

Now, any manufacturer can utilize android from Google and now even its direct competitor such as Microsoft and Nokia also released a modified version of Android. All these make an excellent market for mobile operating system which has enabled Microsoft to release it the latest version of Windows Mobile, which has some of the brilliant features of the match with the brilliance of an android too. Apple Mobile operating system also feels the stress and for this it is also considering its innovations towards the operating system. What has Android done in the mobile computing world is that it has brought innovations and tried hard to create one level playing field of mobile operating system in tunes with a desktop operating system. Now, it has become just a trend in continuous updates. Within some intervals, its various applications are getting updates. It has been a continuous show of a brilliant operating system which works in fluid with touch-sensitive interfaces have been great and the way this operating system works brilliantly with touch has given it’s the most revered and wonderful operating system ever.

No one ever expressed the view that one day. Hand held smart phone device would work seamlessly and it continues to be the same set of desktop operating system which has virtuoso at every nook and corner of the world. With Samsung original equipment manufacturer, it’s Galaxy series of smart phones has evolved with time and it is being developed by Android from Google. Now, it is slow, replacing premium smart phone place from Apple. The way people have adopted these devices has given a perfect example of how a brilliant concept of mobile operating can become and how all these vivid example, can become the most revered and possibly the most sought after operating system of all time. The problem with Galaxy devices is that it has some set of other functions, which otherwise same set of functionalists is given by Android such as Google Play which is a vast storage of a third party as well as Google applications.

Samsung has Samsung apps, which also have immense storage of applications and sometimes, downloading applications from this store can lead to malware. Google has initiated different security measures after it has been attacked with malware and now it is safe and provides extreme security, but unlike Google Play, Samsung Apps has not been given extreme form of security, which has been given a strict parlance to see the difficulties arising out of downloading of applications. I have installed Norton security and anti malware on my galaxy smart phone and when downloading one of the featured application from Samsung Apps, I have found it detected as the store house of malware and adware and immediately I have uninstalled it, but prior to this I have downloaded many applications from Google Platy but each time, I have seen there is no such advent of adware or malware in it. Google implements the use of sandblasting technology in all its application and also it is using some other security features and it penalizes heavily to application developers who are violating the terms and services of Google.

There are many such applications in the application store for Google, from Google Inc. Which have very well properly utilized resources for human use? There are also many applications which do not work in tune with the expectations of users and they have installed it and in seeing not so utilization of applications they have uninstalled it completely. All these supplies the sense of anticipation of how an application will give proper and decent utilization of all hopes and aspirations of individuals. Now, most applications are being updated once a month and from time to time entirely new version of these applications comes to the folder which has newer features and newer functions. All these set a new trend and Microsoft has been inspired by all these and introduced Windows 8 with various applications which have been updated from time to time. In the charm menu, one can find information about updates of applications similar to Android where one can find notifications about various updated applications.

In android, one can change automatically updates to update on demand or simply transform it into the update with Wi Fi in order to make safe and spend less with data connectivity. Android has made learning to other platforms to create similar devices, irrespective of the desktop, personal digital assistant or a smart phone. Recently, in its mobile operating system update, Apple has updated its mobile and desktop operating system to work seamless wireless connectivity. It is not a new phenomenon. If you are using the Samsung laptop and galaxy device of Samsung which are powered by the android, you can find tethering of internet connectivity through mobile wireless, Bluetooth and USB connections. In this way, easy internet connection can be shared with computer and vice versa. While seeing tv in one such gadget program, I have learned that for the first time, Apple has been behind from the newest trends that have been happening all around.

Apple thinks Samsung’s galaxy devices powered by android are slowly cutting into its own market share and it has been dethroned from premium market segment and that is hurting it very much and for this there has been numerous such cases in the courts about patent issues. People are not intimidated by such disputes as they want better technology in lesser price, whoever richer persons he may be but he should be looking towards, generation of different ideas and the advent of newer technology in his hand from mobile operators in order to have a perfect set of newer technology in its premises. Microsoft has learnt its lessons from past and now it is continuously developing newer devices in order to have a perfect set of competitive advantages over market leader in mobile operating system. What has Microsoft and Apple could not do be to give free hand to original equipment manufacturers in order to have a perfect blend of market expansion. Android has done this and for this mobile operating system is found in several original equipment manufacturers products. Microsoft is slowly moving towards open source as it has been there is an open market in a low end mobile devices.

It has announced that it would be giving free mobile operating system to the original equipment manufacturer, and this also poses challenges to the android from Google, which has been taking a large chunk of the mid and upper level smart phone market. By foreseeing this, Google has introduced Android Kitkat which can be used in low end devices and encouraging hardware vendors to use it in full scale. Now, the most productive market segment the low-end smart phone enabled device is getting required look and now with the advent of strict competition especially from Microsoft who is giving its mobile operating system to devices below 10,000 bucks for free unlike android, so it is getting extremely competitive. In the coming days, competition within the mobile operating system will be evolving into completely different spheres. When Google purchased Android, many hardware vendors, including Samsung to whom the galaxy success of android can be seen, perceived to be that Google is planning to create its own mobile phone. Then, Samsung began in anticipating this. Its own operating system, but Google cleared the air with Samsung that it has bought it to acquire some of newer mobile technology created by Motorola. In this way, there are limitless opportunities to rise of anticipation among people about the creation of such new and innovative technology in building trust among customers and it seems due to such cut throat competition among different units of mobile operating system manufacturers, ultimately the genre is the customer.

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