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For the last seven years, running a blog with blogger and making its page rank reached 3 at one point of time is absolutely wonderful achievement which no one even can think of. At first, beginning the blog of the motive of creating casual blog writings then slowly moving towards more serious writing which gives some ample presentation of satisfaction of writing new articles which has been read by many at different points of time. Sometimes, writing many travel articles and sometimes writing articles on varied subjects beginning from computer to technology towards the latest craze on android.

It is a life beyond doubt which has served extremely well at times and making extra available possibilities of thinking out of the box with same homogenous blogging parameters. My blog is not my living, it is my life and it is beyond life and I want to live with it and want to see the world through the eyes of many and want to spread many messages of tips and tricks through which one can find various depiction of conglomerate ideas generation and defining of different possible truthfulness into the world of blogging.

Slowly, I attach many screenshots which I have taken from android devices and then shift all these here in order to have a complete glimpse of various ideas running behind all these screen shots. Then, I thought of buying a custom domain and running this blog with control panel records so that at least the name of blog is to be slowly branded. I do not know but most of time it is always difficult for complete transformation of blog from blogger to word press self hosting, Till to date, there is no such blog is there from which one can find at ease in developing an easier method of transportation from one platform to the other.

Then in this month after eight years of blogging which visitor can understand from archived section I finally decide after persuasion from parents to buy self hosting for website so that I can manage a complete website and in this way blog becomes website and all things now in the hands of me. Earlier for blogging I have to completely rely on Google and most of the time at least for some time after getting higher traffic the blog used to face down server. It is usual at Google is presenting with a free hosting and it is its impediment to give server high and down time. No complain about this at all in any capacity.

For this after persuasion from parents I bought host and domain hosting and connect domain with hosting and then install website. There are numerous benefits for having self hosted website. With due course of time, when your website gets maximum visitors, you can apply to numerous such advertisers in order to get maximum benefits from visitors reaching to your website.

In the long run, it has one of maximum capacity utilization to make more revenue for website. I have always been good with server coding but sadly for the first time I have been entering into hosting activities and this has been a good experience as this is inspiring me to write more and more articles and hoping sometimes in the future more and more people will visit this site in order to give more revenues which will be giving me more and more attractive options to work out with this site.

I know in life there is more and more things to learn with due course of time and when there is filled up everything suddenly one comes to realize still there are more to it and have we left something in between all these makes life extremely wonderful to understand about the way website runs and how all these needs to be tackled and how security scenario of website is properly managed with.

With each new venture, there are many possibilities. I have seen and observed many webmasters have been using various plugins in order to strengthen the security of website. In reality all, these are not required at all. If someone goes to C panel control panel, then one can find everything is there from the virus scanner to the security of website through cloud flare is available.

It is one such brilliant cache management phenomenon and with it one can automatically stop spam by increasing the level of security. So, there is no other plug in necessary for this and website becomes faster and smarter due to implementations of these critical security measures. In this manner website is supercharged with much power and speed even despite implementation of some of advertising websites which are depending highly upon connecting with different server in order to show the relevant advertisement in website. All these bring upon a different concept of how to keep website a clutter free.

Due to complete peace with logging into the system without compromising the security of website produces absolute results as it gives more power to visitors to reach to website without any doubt and move to different segment and browse for their own satisfaction in getting back information. WordPress is built with PHP coding and it is considered as slower than rest of Java and other coding and that is why there is a slight delay of loading of website. On the other hand there are many tools available and it website loading time can be reduced considerably.

PHP is dynamic code and Google hates it as it slows down indexing but one can implement the laziness of computer science by implementing cache feature in which most of website are cached in the browser of the server and it makes it perfectly speeding up in loading. You will always love to see comments but not spam, with WordPress self host you can get a lot of spam and many a times it is difficult to manage it and on one hand you do not want to implement akimset as you want real visitors to give opinions but on the other hand the number of spam increase in many fold which enable you to go for some sort of security measures.

With clouflare security measures at most times, spammers can be blocked from the server side easily and for this it is essential to create an account with it and build security with cloud flare. Most of hosting providers are giving opportunities for webmasters to increase leverage of their website with this setting for free. There are many free applications which are running with cloud flare and they will add value to your sites immediately and for this it is essential to choose some of these sites and then there are many advertisement opportunities and scope for increase of earning with it.

There is no need to add Google webmaster plug in and Google analytic plug in from Word press dashboard, from the dashboard of cloud flare itself one can find everything and can connect these services and should not be worry about adding more and more plugins into word press databases. It is still desirable to use plugins from richer sources especially from reputed companies. In the future look at this place for more and more information about how to strengthen WordPress security without plugins.

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