It is time to get serious about mobile security

With the advent of brilliant mobile operating systems from Google, Microsoft and Apple, people are flocking into using smart phones and tablets. All these are preferable due to its mobility factors as well as smooth transitions of desktop operating system into a mobile operating system. Those who are working with mobile operating system must know how easier as it is to use it within finger tips and this more and more people are now inclined towards being smart phones with all in one multimedia collection at their own kitty. There was a time when the workman seems to be popular due to its mobility and people can listen to songs during long distances and in this way. It gives them added mobility factors to rely on it. Then Apple invents itself and brings high value Apple I pad.

Ipod where one can listen to songs and view multimedia contents at one go. It is one of the most premium devices where one can find about high pricing and there are no such customization offers to come up with. People want it as they want something more than walk-on and now they are completely relying with innovative set up applications which cannot only run songs but also browse internet and can view videos.

Then comes Android mobile operating system, a brain child from Google, which gives hardware manufacturer equal chance to do it in their platform and customize it and present differently to users. Hardware manufacturers have the freedom to add their specific application within android application environment and with it they can easily monetize applications. With this comes in different set up options for users where they can find more and more similar applications to work together with. Android strengthened developers with a free operating system and for this many device manufacturers now are reaching to market with their new hybrid android phones.

It is a new concept and when Google first think of it, many competitors are thinking that it might be a failed concept, but it is not so as Google continue to acquire most part of mobile market share and for this it is imminent that for the successful of smart phone market the help and aid of android is immense. This opens the floodgates for most of the attackers, hackers and stalkers who are now trying to lurk into a completely new field of data management where they now can have data which are now stored in an immense way within memory spheres of smart phones.

Android is efficient with cloud management and it has Google drive which offers 25 GB of storage place free. With automatic logging into applications, emails, social networking sites and phone book, numerous users are seamlessly using it day in and day out to have instant notification of people sending messages and updates. Their smart phones are now connected into the corporate data center in order to seamless access into management of corporate work and in this way most of mobile devices are key authentication route to reach enterprise resource planning.

Though, it is not a recent phenomenon but mobile and smart phone use has reached its ideal point where one can see the growth of users and adoptions of smart phones beyond any such limits. There are various forms of malware which have been on the rise do to the popularity of the android and all such malware in the format of a root have traversed into smart phone security environment breaking GPS, battery flows. Suddenly, one finds battery drainages are more than anticipated and in this way more and more lagging faced by users due term presence of root kit inside mobile operating system.

Smart phones now acquired market of mobile phones from one out five mobile sales. With the advent of open source operating system such as android, regular patching into android operating system is a concern for users as well as of Google. Google has till to date not released any such antivirus tool for mobile devices and it could not update operating systems due to various hardware manufacturer issues. Since smart phones connect to mobiles through diverse channels, managing such multiple networks poses extreme challenges. Due to advent of tethering such as Wi Fi, Bluetooth, USB sharing of internet connection through devices is more than easier than anticipated and it is very easy to spy on network server through the process of GPS, smart phone cameras and some rogue application which are installed on various devices.

Most of the time due to introduction of BYOD (build your own device), tablets are used for network facilities and sharing of enterprise data to build a complete efficiency among different segment of work forces. On the other hand, most of the tablets do not have secure firewall control, antivirus and network security capabilities. If such tablet has full disk encryption control when they do not meet networking facilities and for this non-encrypted devices are now in most of enterprise server which implements BYOD. Most of times, tablets do act as laptops but in reality most of security features are not available and for this it is extreme critical for most of BYOD users to use laptops or tablets which are mostly built within built firewall permitted within environmental structure of mobile operating system.

There are many concerns over the type of security applications and different types of applications which have been downloaded to smart phone and tablets and many a time these contain rogue adware or malware that can be creeps through tethering of network into enterprise secure server of corporate. All these are easier to get into and with android it is possibly easiest due to the nature of this operating system which has been open source and there is always a difficulty to the path operating system due to the presence of a different type of hardware manufacturer.

It is essential for corporate before implementing BYOD to check all these devices thoroughly and intuitively and send all these developments to keep a secure eye on a different level of security plantations within smart phones utilized by employees. Still many organizations are now implementing built-in smart phone security features as they are falling into different basic level of security practices such as anti theft protection, data encryption and so on.

It plays an important role in order for them to realize that security is the best way to secure organization. Smartphone enabled devices. It is almost difficult to manage the network in relations with devices towards efficient functionalities of enterprise network server gives way to proper and parallel implementation of a secure networking system. Organization should go for implementation of a culture of security where everyone should learn in detail about how the security of an organization is of prime importance and everyone should learn and read separate circular to gain proper knowledge about implementation of security within perimeters of organizations.

Every organization should go for the carrot and stick implementation policies while implementing stricter security control inside organization. Origination should carry out stricter police control over rogue employees and should properly train employees over how to give them proper and genuine understanding of security. Enterprises should take a holistic view in creating a super refined approach to enterprise security and with it comes the most diligent and skillful understanding of recognizing who is the real enemy is. Enterprise security policies should be undergoing stricter absolute control over all these specified determined values that can be recognized before implementing proper organizational policies.


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