How to set up a virtual software environment?

Internet means interconnecting of different computer networks. There are many such internet nasties blowing out here and there and most times all these create fears psychosis among different computer users. It is not full of roses all the way. The path is spotted with speed breakers and cheaters. From hackers point of view, internet is full of targets. Some targets are well guarded and most targets are open end and anyone even a recent hacker can easily get through it without any such using of mind. There are no permanent internet policing and enforcement agencies all over the world. It is easier for hackers to make target points and attack user’s computers.

The possibilities of getting caught is usually very short and in these circumstances the sentencing is for few months on the other hand it gives way to higher degree of social recognition and many reputed agencies go before recognized hackers to hire them and create re engineering of security in order to protect their interests. On the other hand, cyber criminals are now very intelligent and they are not targeting the huge sum of money. They steal 100 bucks from one account and go on to do it for various accounts and in accumulation it becomes a huge sum of money for them. On the other side, individuals ignore such scaling of small sum and do not report it to cyber police and in this way spreading of cyber criminal acts goes on at various spheres by creating such niche stealing at different locations all around the world.

It continues till to date and posing a grave challenge to cyber officials. It gives a sense of profound challenges to investigative officials considering the mass scale of industries going behind such crimes and for this it is increasingly difficult for officials to spot and remove such adverse internet works. Internet hacking is a profitable business and here with small investment one can get huge benefits and of late many industries are backing such works and, for this it has become more difficult for industries to work themselves out of such difficult scenarios. Most of network attacks move by remote hackers are done through compelled attack devices which bore through sophisticated networks by means of surface attacks. In this approach, the target device is compelled to work in specified manners through remote controls of hackers from different zones.

There is way out to suppress these attacks. Constant patching of such vulnerabilities through different updates can suppress attacks can land attackers in a desert of confusing oasis. In this way, analysts can redefines the process of attack and can anticipate the region of attacks through complete log analysis. It is hard to create a bug free software which does not contain any issues regarding software vulnerabilities. Once US military have tried to create such software programming code which can patch free software which cannot be scanned. The code becomes very rapid but the cost of it is in astronomical units and ultimately such projects were declined. This project is dead. Nonetheless, the author is trying hard in his individual capacity to create such software program which can never ever be hacked from anyone.

Many question such creation but this is possible. As everything which we think of and talk of it is a chance and the only possible motto that can be driven out of it is through this is that everything is possible. The prime motto to create a clutter free software installation goes down for a complete virtualization technology where software runs within a specified parameter of verticality that can be dynamic in order to be hidden from attacker’s attack. The dashboard of software should not be executed inside any common executable parameters and it should be done virtually and the dashboard should be existing almost. All these concepts can be possible and the creation of virtual data base needs to be done by the introduction of certain new codes formatting.

Before starting anything else, we have to think of making a virtual software executable environment that can run and command existing codes and the can give information about different error paths corresponding to different variables. Software dashboard should be done considering three different aspects of understanding of codes of discrete variables. First we have to make it virtual so that the execution of such codes remains as it is and the process of codes remains invisible to remote attackers. The software code needs to be newer one not like existing codes used by millions of developers. It should be unique and the process of reasoning should be easier to understand and the connection of codes should be easier to be linked to one another so that the process of execution should not take many seconds. Primary task is tantamount to activate a virtual server.

Current virtual servers are not that kind of virtual servers which the pronunciation of such state is happening. Real virtual server is a server which has no physical presence. Nevertheless, in reality, such virtual server is nowhere to be found anywhere. These are such dilemmas were the creation of a refined software platform which has vitality attached with it makes it more and more difficult to attend and create. So, before creating software program one needs to understand the very base in which it is running and alternatively when one needs to create another software program which has a base which is virtually means no presence. One needs to create a perfect virtual base in order to have a strong case for seamless security.

Attackers then try to locate the mode of the network will fail to analyze it due to verticals of the server and for this developers should understand and make virtual coding in order to create a perfect software environment for their organization. The author has success with it and tries to convey fellow software developers to different intuitive information about how to create a perfect software environment that has a base in it but not on the computer hard drive but on at different virtual locations. Many readers will ask it, is it a possibility to create such software environment, but the author has been successful on this and try hard in these series of articles to understand about it.

It is about making real virtual entities as currently most of these software developments are concerned and circled around so called virtual servers which have at some point of time actual presence. How to create a simulated software environment is the main topic and when all these are created then it becomes easier to run and execute software. Simulated environment will not ever be affected by software attacks and this it becomes easier for industries to adopt and implement such brilliant software programs.

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