How to create protective nanobot’s security environment?

Space research deals with complete automation of processes where it is intended for almost no level of human interaction while performing high definition machine works. Entire space journey deals with different levels of customizing of automation works through enabled performances of stipulated actions and different reactions making the entire decision making better than that of how human minds should have taken the similar decisions. No one ever knows what will be stored for astronautics, when they enter into a space ship for space voyages. So far, humans not were able to determine exact details of specifications of journey, as most of the times, distance units to different galaxies could not be known exactly.

It is a mystery about the shape of the entire universe and to calculate distances from galaxy to galaxy and that too from planets to planets is exactly difficult to imagine. There is always a discussion among many about relevance of light years where one could find that it might be true as it is always been calculated on the basis of stronger binoculars, but could this be true.

Should we not feel that there ought to be some other routes from planet to planet so that we could reach from one destination to the other at the lowest possible of time? It could be so as we should use and calculate all of our intelligence in physics and mathematics to drive out whether there are any such possibilities to shortest possible route for this. We calculate distances of the universe in terms of static measurement of the entire distance but forget to understand that the entire universe is not a static entity.

While calculating relative distance between planets of two galaxies we forget to summarize and calculate entirely distinct identities of planets that both of these concerned planets are moving and revolving. How could there not be any shortest possible distance inside the entire universe, when we try to observe and find out that the entire universe is binding and how could such humongous time would take to go from one store to the other of the same universe.

If the universe is so much larger and so bigger, then it needless to say that there should be another universe like us and there ought to be more than many such universes. If it is so, then how could one go from one universe to the other thought all these are separate subject and so far there is no hard and fast rule to solve such mysteries and for this most of space scientist believe there is only one universe.

If at all the concept of light year has truth in it as most of space scientists are believing this then it is impossible to go for journey to distant planets as that would take more than generations to reach and human beings in their life time unable to reach there. So, how this could be done and how could a living human being reach such planets far wide from other galaxies and send informations about if at all there are other forms of life on other planets. Human is a social animal and always want to search for living beings and find out sources of other live-planets.

Universe has many different actions and reactions and while space voyage is one there ought to be many catastrophic reactions to the space shuttle and that should be negated completely in order to reach out to different planets. So far there is no such material except diamond which is strong enough to protect coverage of the space shuttle. Diamond is costly and also not available in the form of gigantic size of space craft and inters galaxy movements. How could such stronger material or sheets for the space shuttle to be done so that it would stay exactly same for years together.

No one knows how many years would one take to reach from one solar system to the other and for this in order to move the space shuttle one need to find entire distant level with optimum specifications’ and precisions. As most of top space scientists believe one needs to be veering more imaginative than ever before to become one of the more vibrant and futuristic goals towards setting up a brilliant space inventions. Most of space inventions are the result of reaching out to different levels of imagination and making it absolutely true in order to drive out reality from the shades of imagination.

One need to imagine creating one such virtual layer that would not be visible all across shades of space shuttle but it could bring about exact line of defense against all such invasive foreign elements that would probably be encountered while moving space shuttle into different galaxies. Such virtual layers should run into outer space of the entire space shuttle in order to cover it from external invasion and trespassing of different elements.

Such layers could be created with advance form of nano technology which could bring about different active agents into such virtual layers and run into these elements so much of so that at one such point of time it would appear that there is nothing out there but in reality one could see these agents are working on behalf of humans and these nano bots which are mostly have artificial minds equal to humans would work in consolidated manner in order to protect outer surface of air craft.

Suppose this is an imagination and do not laugh at it while reading this and with every imagination comes the hidden reality which scientists need to dwell it out and could make it a reality in order to create an established form of environment where every passage of space could not affect at any point of time to space shuttle due to presence of such invincible invisible elements.

We have reached a stage where we could build some form of nanobots which could work with their artificial intelligence as well as in some of their minds could be processed and programmed in accordance with requirements of system and time. One needs to create such restricted environment such nanobots to stay safely within the perimeter of external sheets of space shuttle.

It would act as a solid layer of defense against all such parasites, toxic elements and other forms of unknown entities that would be preaching to them with some stronger presence. These virtual defenses should be enough to stop the reaction towards all these parasites so that entire journey should be smoother and brilliant for astronautics.

This leads to provide more option for a research scientist to create such levels of tiniest form of nanobots that would not be seen with naked eyes. This means we could call them invisible elements. Nanobots are similar to human like elements but small in sizes and these have minds just as artificial minds which are similar to work just like of humans as do to think and practice everything about it.

Think of such a restricted virtual environment where there would be presence of millions of nano bots with equal thinking level and configured to save here say the space shuttle as outer cover over sheets in order to save it from attacks of external aggression in the form of anything that comes to space shuttle in its journey towards universe. Nanobots would be sort of tiny and invisible warriors against unknowns within the entire universe and while space voyage is one it would help inmates heavily without any doubt.

There are many such hurdles in creating and attributing these nanobots within a certain perimeter say within entire external sheets of space shuttle. It would take years to make one single nanobots and just think of creating such millions would be the single most difficult process to believe and it would be nearer to infinity. One should find out alternative form of creating such nanobots so much so that, entire process of these creations would be simpler and speedier.

So, more research and alternative form of creation of such nanobots must be adhered to. Single most difficult part of creating nano bots is the creation of mind, the artificial intelligence in the words of science which ought to have give many more difficulties for scientists and that leads to sometimes not so perfectly functioning of such nano bots which these are expected to be do with.

First and foremost creation of human mind needs to be carefully observed in order to recreate such as per estimation only minuscule part of brain is known as brain is the combinations of many nerves and sub nerves interchanged with each other and provides nothing sort of ideas for humans so far. First and foremost, before venturing out to space voyages towards universal one needs to find out what constitutes our brain and then one should be able to recreate functioning of the brain so that all these could be equally transplanted into functioning of nanobots.

These could be leads to recreate space shuttle for security and provisional esteem conditions to reach out to different terrains of the entire universe. All these amends basic functioning and working of creation of the space shuttle if such restrictive virtual nanobots environment sees the light of day most probably it would shed more to it that it is never imagined being.

As we could find in detail about more and more lighter forms of space shuttle without any sort of expensive investments which would recreate and revision entire space journey towards more newer platforms with cost effective space shuttle and provides extreme security environment for astronautics of all the time. We need to think of such making of artificial entities that would provide some of rarest of rare protections to space visitors as well as space shuttle.

Most of times we would find some realistic forms of life and we should think of some unconventional ways to match it up all forms of such difficult and unknown journey and we should also be prepared for such journey with some invisible protective cover such as restrictive nanobots security elements where artificial intelligence agent would run from layers to layers but stay within such environment which they meant to stay along in order to provide extreme levels of security and defuse all forms of external aggression with equal zeal and might.

The universe is still not reachable and we do not know how big it is and how much it is. It is an unknown journey which could not be completed as per current understandings within the lifetime of a person. We have to think beyond and go out from conventional thinking towards imaginative form of physics to reach out to different horizons of ambitions to perform in evitable and this article is one such ways to contribute and help researchers to find out imminent answers for reaching out to unknown universe.

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