How distance between two planets of different solar systems could have wrongly calculated

Population levels within surface of the earth are constantly on the rise. Slowly, there would be a time to come when there would be no place to live. Scientific communities have been exploring about new facets of planetary boundaries where humans could shift their base to live as happily as they are inside earth. Planetary exploration is a continuance search for planets within and outside existing solar system. Anthropologists also predict a state of the earth where at some point of times abstract regeneration of living standards could lead to further decadence of life which would generate a search for new planetary boundaries that would scale enough heights to reach beyond limits of earth.

Human species are special and they need specific earth like environment from where they could live in a similar environment just like earth. There is no idea when we transgress and trespass other limit less planetary boundaries to find out similar or perfectly opposite earth environment.

We do not have any such idea whether similar catastrophic elements are waiting for us or similar genuinely friendly environment would be there on different planetary explorations. Lives of humans are so sensitive and it needs various distinctive planetary environments to sustain and live in these alien circumstances. Climate change, limit of radioactive agents, atmospheric concentration, natural boundaries, favorable weather conditionality, bio-geo chemical nitrogen cycle and so on. Ours planetary exploration must search for the combination of all these are instances in order to find out in detail about different dynamic planetary boundaries so that humans could live there without any danger of loss of lives.

Scientific communities have so far managed to create artificial weather and climatic conditions favorable for humans to stay for long in these alien weather conditions of different operating space around the world. Proposed planetary movements of humans could only be possible only when we come with guaranteed movement of planetary favorable conditions of humans all around the universe. If at other planets there are oceans then it does not guarantee that humans could live there peacefully.

One needs to find out that with due course of time, ocean acidification could spell large in creating a devastating situation for humans to live peacefully there within without affecting the life of humans. Phosphorous cycle can lead to massive non-living standards of humans and all these could lead to the complete abolition of life there and this could have an adverse effect on living in beyond boundaries and living a life at different planetary explorations.

All these are new challenges to live at some other planetary space. It is no doubt science has created many conveniences for humans as well as many difficulties for humans. Due to science of humans have to undergo sound pollutions, water pollutions and many such pollution which at one point of time were not there at all. In the past there have been many big temples are constructed but sadly most of these are not made with cement but most of times, one need to find out that, these cements have created such huge cement structures which is easily destroying atmosphere and polluting environments in great way.

From day to day, we are continuing to destabilize the earth system and making it prone to move it to critical geophysical state. There could be possibly no point of return for human civilizations. Whatever the predetermined proforma of social and economic development all rests and comes to the stage of human induced environmental disasters which could have possibly wide scale ramifications all over the world within the shortest span of time. Here, comes the prospect of the concept of planetary boundaries where humans continue their predetermined and provisional search for safer operating space for humanity with other spaces of the universe.

Most difficult part of searching such suitable planets is to solve the mystery of distances and light years were more than ten thousand of generations would not be reachable at distant places of planets without solving this mystery of light years. There has been much hue and cry over different aspects of planetary conditions which compel the earth to stay within Holocene states for last 10,000 years of human existence despite constant degradation to the environment caused by humans arising out of different social and economic reforms.

Many anthropologists and environmental experts advocates in detail about releasing criteria for non-negotiable planetary preconditions which humans must adhere to and obey and in case these are violated stronger punishments and penalties must be awarded to those people so that these could stay as an act of example for generations to come. It is not easy. As the entire earth is indeed divided into so many distinctive national units and in all these boundaries separate laws prescribed through different ideologies are created in order to provide different conveniences for their citizens.

In 2008, sudden retreat of ices of Arctic sea caused widespread flood and beginning of unexpected global warming which causes extreme climatic environments for safe living of humans. Now, with the advent of summer weather conditions all around increases to higher mercury levels leading to dipper strenuous life for humans. We are constantly violating the process of threshold limits and continually flouting with different variables that are controlling entire threshold limits of the environment.

Most of world scientists so far not able to understand exact levels of boundary limits of atmosphere and many scientists also questioning the basis of calculating distance between planets through unreachable planetary distances. Lightyear is the basis of calculating single distance unit of planets and many scientists are still not absolved with this idea of calculating distances between different planets.

Most of these distances are non-linear and how could these distances be calculated with a linear unit of a light year. Nevertheless, scientific communities would continue their argument for and against on this proposition of making light year as the unit of calculation. It is due to our lack of scientific knowledge about planetary boundaries that puts us into the stage of absolute eternity. We are thinking planets are unreachable due to the amount of time it would take to cross over our own solar system just leaving it thought of reaching out to different directions of the entire universe.

So far we have insufficient knowledge about the concept of critical continental planetary boundaries and when we are calculating such distances we forget that entire universe is not static but these are moving from different directions which mean the distance between one another is constantly changing from different directions and this could impact detecting exact directions from planet to planet. So, how could such dynamic distance be calculated and who could understand and read weather of such planets from earth without properly understanding the exact dynamic global threshold of universal system processes.

Most times, the fear of distance in terms of units create alienated fears among different scientific communities where many of them try hard to solve different mysteries behind different dimensions attached with calculating of distance units. We know the entire universe is vast and with this vastness comes upon major calculation of transcending the distances which happen to be the single most barriers to entry for most humans.

Just look at the many planetary-scale processes of earth such as climate change, acidification of ocean tend to go beyond further and most of times, even with sophisticated instrument and with the help of satellites many a times met department unable to predict the state of attentiveness and many a times such predictions happens to be on wrong foot.

So, how comes we by seating here would know the exact distance of other planets in other solar systems inside different planetary constellations would suffice to understand all these need to be refined further and we should try hard to find out what really causes to create such virtual distance limits upon us and what really is making entire traveling through universes a complete set up mystery.

Here is one brief example how distance of the universe is wrongly calculated and how could these be properly rectified in order to achieve a true sense of searching for real planets which could have life elements embedded within it. Just come to ground and from there look at the night sky and try to calculate and anticipate the exact distance of universe from the ground of earth, and then reach to second or third floor of your home and then reach to open space and then look at the sky and try to anticipate exact distance form there and you would find the same distance which you have anticipated it from ground level, ask yourselves why this is happening, is there wrong in calculating such distance, the reality is that we are not standing upon a constant dashboard but upon a moving dashboard of earth and so as the corresponding planets which you are calculating and this goes on to show how the distance is itself in virtual mode and we have to find out one such calculative process to find out the simple and linear calculation of distance between stars notwithstanding, constant movement of two pints of calculative distances.

Think about it as I think we are miscalculating the exact distance between two points of planets of the universe; we have to find the exact point of constant anywhere n universe nearer to earth atmosphere in order to find detailed distance between planets. I am sure if such place was discovered by scientific communities one day they would find the universe is closer that they what have calculated in terms of superlative count of light years.

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