How can I reduce my mobile Internet usage with Android?

Modern day computing aims at providing larger and wider experience related with stunning graphics and high definition applications. Not only are that most of web pages now studded with a large number of advertisements which connect with different server simultaneously while page loads. This does take a larger chunk of bandwidth uses which ultimately paves the way for faster and imminent spending of large amount of internet. Most users to implement the process of buying out the internet pack from subscriber and aim to use it for one month or more periods.

Sadly, due to the advent of heavier applications which not only consume a large chunk of internet bandwidth but also take away those bandwidth in the form of go location, synchronization and constant and recycle of updates. Hue and cry occur among different discussion groups when flipkart offers only apply browsing for mobile users.

Mobile applications take heavier bandwidth:

It compelled users to go to use their website with their application in order to generate little additional money from advertising and other revenues. Most of time opening a website in a web browser to take lesser amount of internet bandwidth than opening the same website with application in Mobile. Most times, these applications consume heavier bandwidth in order to supply better browsing experience for people in general.

At one point time, I enquired about data usages of Facebook as application on android mobile and I was surprised to find out the amount of data it uses in order to showcase its stream and this creates larger pull of data usages and in the way spends higher amount of data. Most times, these applications are updated from time to time taking additional level of expenditure of data use and this creates more or less the system of extra spending of data connections.

Excessive expenditure on internet data is worrying factor:

So, why one should use the application and why not uses the same website in a web browser. Answer is so simple as one could find that these applications of caches on mobile and tend to load smartly and uses greater amount of speed and loading times. Most times, when we open face book on any web browser, it takes a hell lot of time depending on status of connection to load its pages but at the same speed with the application it could load smartly without any such delay what so ever manner. Excessive expenditure of internet data on applications has been worrying factors for big brands such as Facebook, Google+ and so on.

Of late Google hard to introduce different level of pages inside Google Chrome Web browser. It redirects the website and compress it with its own technology and distribute the same page with Google CDN to load at super speed even in slower internet connectivity. It not only saves time but also saves precious internet bandwidth of users and this creates a wonderful opportunity for users to use and browser website at a faster speed. For this one has to enable compression of webpages and compression of data from settings of Google Chrome for android.

Pioneer of internet compression is Opera:

Surprisingly, this is not there with desktop version of Google chrome. Similarly, Opera is pioneering in compressing Web pages and reducing bandwidth usages through proper implementation of Opera turbo and now it is available with Opera mini to create exemplify amplification of wider use of the internet. Opera Turbo is switched on by default for every opera web browser. Happiest part is it is available in the desktop version of Opera. Of late, Opera shifted to Chrome in order to make a stable version of a web browser and it now integrates opera turbo nicely with every browser. Being a pioneer in technology for reduction of internet bandwidth, Opera showcased with strong reduction of data while it is in operation.

Android application of Facebook has introduced a feature that would use less data while using face book on mobiles. Use less data setting of face book is enabled; it compresses the images you see on the face. Compressed Images consumer lesser data. Facebook has developed such technology which compresses images without compromising on the quality of images. Facebook is famous for sharing images and updating statuses of a closed group of friends. I have seen drastic reduction of data usages as a result of this. In the last day, without data compression on Facebook on average I spent almost 25MB of internet. Now, with image compression switched on, I have found only 1 to 2 MB of data spending for the same duration of using face book.

Google+ has also lighter version to compress images to reduce internet bandwidth:

Use less data in Facebook on Android

Use less data in Facebook on Android

Prior to Facebook, Google has been busy in making internet clutter free and wish to create one of speedier internet access for people and for this it makes its Google+ faster and speedier to use. Of late due to the advent of large number of images, Google+ loads slowly and also create unessential and unproductive use of the Internet that was most bothersome for users. Then, Google+ implements its lite version for users where it loads images on less resolution with sophisticate technology not to reduce its quality.

It became hugely popular and people started to use it as usual. No one wants to unnecessary use of the Internet and for this all these features do provide some sophisticated mechanisms for users to go for reduction of internet use. People love to use applications as these provide hugely beneficial to users to straightly go to application and run it and most times these applications runs without any botheration and people could straight forward work on it.

Want to use less data

Want to use less data

Flipkart controversy: 

That is why; there have been huge benefits of using applications as against using that website on a web browser. Web browser connects that site and then loads its PHP and other configurations and then run the site easily. For this one has to wait for more about five minutes or more but in the case of launching of application for the same site, it launch from the time when you have left it and that is why people want to use these applications.

People have to pay higher in order to use the application and that is the worrying catch of any use of applications. That is why when Flipkart continues to its force use of application with mobile. This implies that it wants people to use it by spending higher on the internet. It also provide another serious issues related to intrusion of privacy as while using Flipkart, it first try hard to recognize that you are using a web browser inside android or any other supported operating systems.

Data compression in Opera, Google+, Facebook, Google Chrome:

That is why now most of renowned applications such as Opera. Google Chrome, Google+ and Facebook begin implementing various measures that would drastically reduce the use of data while browsing with these mentioned applications. Probably all these gestures would enable other application developers to implement such measures so as to preserve precious internet bandwidth.

Similarly, most of web masters are also moving towards the age of faster website that would significantly reduce loading times and produce faster results for users. Most of web masters go for paid content delivery network that would render web pages from the nearest locations of visitors. Content delivery networks work with the principle of distributing and posting of content of website all across the globe situated at different locations all over the world.

Internet compression in websites: 

What it makes is that it reduces the distance of hosting and web browser thus reduces latency time of connection between two distinct entities. Then, these content delivery networks convert dynamic content into static content and then reproduce to web browsers so as to provide faster web performance and reduction of bandwidth usages. All these lead to faster search engine optimization techniques as well as a nice load of web pages into the browser of visitors so as to constantly reduce server response time to bare necessity levels.

As Google now indexes most of websites all over the world, it is now evident that with due course of times, Google wants web pages meant to provide information for betterment of people so that there would be nicer experience of web all around the globe by people. It wants data of people should not be spent unnecessarily and for this it continues its endeavor to promote such pages which produce such speedier loading time with every bit of attention which Google wants webmasters to follow.

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