Haunted office

Many a times, the unbelievable happenings inside life cycle of persons always provides elements of surprise and astonishment with properly constituted find of divine endowment which no one could ever believed it about and also could see those in real life situations without any needs for investigations and through understandings of ethics of life and living styles.Life is mixture of many experiences which comes out from time to time with vivid explanations and interesting club of incidents which rolls out to scenic life in terms of reel of life of one’s vision which most of times even if carefully crafted with still provides some misunderstood justification of series of incidents which never ever provides exact truth.

Most of these incidents does provides minuscule of surprises as at some point of times there is no exact correlation between what ought to be seen and what ought to be believed in the same way where most of vivid ideas that generates most colorful parts of life are mostly carefully envisioned and prepared to create the single most versatile yet unbelievable happenings around entire world. Whatever be you are and what sort of reading standards you have acquired with at some point of time you would feel that you are at loss of any sort of imagination and even if you try hard to find out about the real fact of incident but still you would not be getting exact answer for this.

Six years ago, one such real incident of ghostly encounter with author shaken his conscience to the limit of great proportion so much of so that at one point of time, the person who believes in science and related truth associated with it still not been able to find out the real fact of life and the puzzling moment of this encounter have been so difficult to understand and revive that even while writing this sort of article still he finds it hard to memorize it and describe it in great detail. It was five in the evening, when at the office I received the transfer order to far away land of Tensa, where I was reading few years back, Memories associated with this place has been of huge proportion and with it comes the most desirable effect to reach out that place so that when I reach there and I find out the exact proportion of change of life I could find out the decision and the most wonderful part of life where I have left from there since my school days ahead.

After few days of transit, I was able to arrive there. Journey to that place was extremely tired some and feeling left out from the world due to extreme weather conditions and thundershowers while the bus moving slowly between mountains to reach there. This is the only medium of communication for this hill town with plenty of iron ores and trees and it has the coolest weather ever in this place with plenty of rain all around which is making the entire environment wonderful to live in. Bus stopped at the central square of this small hill town which was reeling with pondering of rain with love and deep jungles at the sides of dungeons provides one of zealous and nicer weather to live there in. Shivering with strong icy winds coming out from the west side of town which is driven by extreme capacitance rain falls making bones chilled with disdain and paramount to find out to reach into quarter allotted there.

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On the next morning, I got up at seven am though this time I was bit late due to bus lag all over by body which is aching like never before and also due to tremendous jet strikes of rain which makes entire atmosphere body feeling like left over and also showcased one of the most difficult and intolerable levels to live it up. I know, to day, I have to joint at the branch office which is about three kilometers from this town and within one hour the official vehicles would reach at my quarter so I have to prepare for this and let the past night romance with climate to be completely forgotten and to set it out with new vigor of joining another branch and work with different people that has just been so much of fun as with India we find many such people here and there with plenty of characters all around. I was as usual pretty excited about as it was my second assignments means transfer on the same public sector company and pretty eager to reach out to people there and work with singular capacity for some years.

Since childhood, been accomplished with transfer job of parents enable me some other ideas of mixing with strangers one after another after a certain interval of times as I have to change the school from time to time in order to cope with the imminent transfer of parents.

In the mean times, the vehicle moves from pitch roads to now iron ore roads which is captive roads for steel plant and it has been one of the most favorable road for me as the entire road is so strong and beautiful that one could not imagine that one was simply driving within these lands which is so terrain and inside of jungle. Entire route was filed with so much of trees that the air oozing out from touching of branches of these trees has been so special and wonderful the it is almost believable to understand the presence of such clean air which was excellent to find out and what a clean and beautiful airs that have been there and I suppose to stay there for years to come.

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I reached at the office on time, and asked the driver to stay back and then I entered inside big office inside clans of jungles there and walked through the branch office to enter into my cubicle and to take charge from the executive there. I continue taking charge from the executive and that would take five more days as most of times, I insist on keeping track of all back records as well as all forms of assignments completed so far as well as almost all clinical oversee of past work methods so as not to overtake and over see any actions and reactions in these processes. It took almost five to seven days for me to take charge and then on Monday, finally I assume office.

It was among those rainy days where rain is pouring heavily out there but one could easily walk with brisk space at the site. I returned from sight at four pm on that day and after that I enter into office. My cubicle is at the first floor of that office and most of awards staffs are out to their homes and only some of executives are working inside there and out of it some known to me and one or two happens to be my class fellows while reading at premiere engineering school of India.

I entered into my cubicle as it was almost five in the evening but outer world looked like that of depth of night I am entering into as due to altitude as well as the space of that arena entire area is now covered with as I slowly entered inside the same cubicle there. I was in my seat for the first time and it was comfortable and on the left side entire windows are there giving me some scenic look from outer mountain which I do feel brilliant to observe with. I was deeply engaged with ledgers as well as some derived information from computers.

There was one tiny cubicle alongside of that cubicle and that was at the back side of mine and there one attendant was sitting there and he mostly goes out of work at four to five pm in the evening. Now, he was not here so I keep on carrying my work with a deep sense of concentration and slowly I was moving and clearing all sorts of pending jobs out there. In the mean time, after almost thirty minutes of work, I heard a sound and it was meant to be coming out from back side room which is mostly reserved for ledgers which are mostly in need of mine and that sound comes with three minutes of interval and that slowly that sound becomes bigger with time. It hurts my concentration as in initial times I thought he has been present in the mouse and that was perhaps jumping over and over again over those predetermined ledger positions.

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Within some time, that irritating sound becomes larger, I had to stop working at that point in time and had to reach there in the dark cabin in order to examine what the mess ups are going out there. I switched on the light out there and suddenly that bulb goes out from there within seconds, and as always, I put the torch light out there inside drawers and I brought out that flash light in order to create light within that dark space. The door to back cabin was almost not presentable to more than one person and that was the most annoying part but I moved into that room and there I feel something inadvertently coolness than external spaces and that creates more suspicion and presence of something out there but nothing is there as I time and again inspected it and in the mean time, I put one another bulb there to light out that space.

I opened that door which was almost all the time closed for no reason. That room was inside of a cubicle of mine and surprising all the time it was closed for no reason. In the mean time after almost two hours of unstoppable working despite coming of sounds form that cabin from fixed intervals, I began closing all works and prepare to go out from room and before I call the driver to set out the vehicle as I was almost tired out there. I opened the door and try to peek from there to go outside and in the mean time, I feel the door of cabin of inside of my office opened and something coming out from there which was not visible there, it touched my backside and moves out form the room before I began to move out from there.

It was feeling of ice cold out there, while that non entity just crossing the gate perhaps touching my back side but it feels that noting out there but feeling and confirming of something moving out there gives me the sudden bolt from the blue and I was shocked but I carefully gather all such courage and power to stay upright and move towards other steps to reach out to outside of office to reach out to vehicle. In times of intense coolness, I was feeling as if plenty of perspiration is coming out from my body as it certainly an encounter with unknown and unidentifiable entities.

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