Creating Virtual Dashboard with Quantum Mechanics

In a real visualized situation, the prime factor in creating a perfect virtualization is called as dashboard virtualization. Dashboard behaves as if it is real and it shows a confusing location to attackers and hackers who try to access the site or server from a distant location. On the basis of dashboard additional coding of software or server environment can be done without a glitch. Now, what we know about the server is nothing but a remote computer which is a valid destination and from there all such techniques of virtualization come to the forefront. Whenever, there is any trace of actual server comes the question of hacking and intrude into so called virtual server. Why not someone still to date is not able to create a real server environment like so virtual server which can be enigmatic as well as gives no trace of its presence.


If any actual physical computing environment is not available then how come execution of codes which run within a software environment of code multiplier is possible? Now the question of making a code that can be readily done within a software environment. This in an environment such as Google Play Store or Apple store which sells and accumulates many such applications developed by third party software vendors as well as recognized software giants. Most of these applications are free, but they get huge revenues for downloading as ad sense and other forms of advertisements are attached with it. In the initial years, there has been a virus attack to Google Play Store and subsequently Google is working hard to make this store virtual and scans all submitted applications virtually before installment on user’s system. These stores work brilliantly with Android mobile and now with Android operating system of laptop and computer.


So, it proves that while dealing with viruses one should always go for virtualization and complete virtualization is still a long distance for developers but this article aims to empower them to make such dashboard virtualization operating system which can negate any such attacks originating from anywhere. So the codes and base of the dashboard system should be somewhere, possibly many light-years away from . There are many galaxies which are far distant from us and it is almost impossible to reach out to them in life time due to length of distance that has been here and for this it is essential to reach to these destinations through sound modules or through code sending module.


We know codes are not so grave as they consist of either zero or one. However, we have to aim for quantum coding, which consists of both zero and one. Quantum coding compressed coding and million lines of coding can be summarized into some paragraphs of coding. It is essential to develop coding in the form of quantum mechanics and this way. Numerous complex computer related problems can be solved easily. It gives ample opportunity for developers to create a sense of speed and the problem with different arrays can be easily solved with these types of codes.


Before starting to go towards full scale virtualization, which means no physical server computer is attached with hosting of software, one need to understand the deeper impact of quantum mechanics inside deep computer coding. Quantum mechanics makes coding easier to cope with. It removes all difficult puzzling attached with coding and creates a sense of understanding in dealing with perplexing and server side coding. While dealing with it one should always go for server side coding when it is apparent that the location of the base server in a seamless visualized situation is not possible. One has to devise and code a simulated physical location and attach it to the virtual dashboard.


A physical location is attributed to multiple factors such as its gravity, presence, relevance and the way it is to be done so that it will show to all the other as a real environment, in fact in reality it is going to show that these are not the real one but instead the absolute passable virtual server environment which are just the opposite what we are experiencing about. We are moving towards exactly opposite segment where we are going to create a genuine environment out of nothing or a virtual environment. Many this can be a real puzzle and for some this can be a laughable stock but this can make the entire server environment secure without bothering about deep integrities of hackers activities who are constantly eroding towards destroying the basic means of attacking servers.


It is vital to understand going from virtual to real is almost difficult and it can be done but the way it can be done perhaps no other code writers have done this as this writer has been doing this experiment of writing virtual coding and has been trying hard to create a sense of understanding for developers to move beyond and create a completely safer software environment ever before. The author has been successful with creating virtual dashboard and try hard to explain in the series of articles here to understand deep about how we should be going from virtual to present in order to have a complete control of essential server environment all around so that there should be a stronger case for deeper impact within deep ambit of software development.


The word software is virtual and we cannot feel software but can see it within the ambit of an operating system. Why not software should run within a simulated operating system just like it has characteristics of becoming a complete software solution? Some would say an operating system is virtual and software is running on it but what about operating system is running on a hardware platform and there should be minimum specifications of running such software on these platforms. This makes a stop for all cross platform software environment and one has to make different software for different platforms. There are many leads which point towards making a deeper software environment which can be called as dashboard which can replace existing hardware compatibility and driver compatibilities.


In this approach, with a virtual dashboard, the operating system will not need constant updates such as cumulative updates as well as critical updates from time to time. In the next article, we will see how a genuine virtual hardware platform can be done with quantum mechanics attached with coding infrastructure.

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