Cookies error when logging in after SiteLock installation

Website runs with hosting and domain subscriptions, which website runs on hosting package and name of website runs with domain hosting. It needs to be updated from time to time and webmaster need to buy it from host and domain resellers in order to run website. Due to the advent of modern technologies, many hosts provide an opportunity for the addition of plugins or add on such as SiteLock which provides server firewall to website in order to secure from hackers.

Being open source in nature, WordPress is always prone to hackers and other online activists and a server side firewall from SiteLock or Norton provides additional opportunities for web masters to secure website and patch loop holes inside website completely. WordPress runs with many plugins, and out of it there are many security plugins, but most of these works within hosting parameters of WordPress.

Think of a situation where one finds such and such website is affected with malware and in that situation working of such security as plugins does not work at all. Most of these securities plug ins work on the manner and the principle of stopping all free links so that hacker does not enter into website. What about when hackers disable or gain upper hands by looking vulnerabilities within such plugins and completely stop such website from running. In this case, many advocate security suits running from different servers.

Such security suits work directly from server and hosting providers and provide a sort of cloud computing environment, work independently and stop malware from affecting such site. Norton, SiteLock etc. provides additional protection to website to secure it completely. This time, as from watching website one could observe the presence of SiteLock security securing website day in and out to provide extreme level of security. It is essential for visitors, to provide one of the securest site so that.

It would not affect computer users in what so ever manner. Secondly, malware free website provides a good opportunity for webmasters to provide one of a brilliant way of gaining the upper hand from search engine optimization techniques. Google crawls such site and with the advent of a cleaner websi, webmasters protects such website, from Google black listing, and this provides additional opportunity for website to earn additional earnings.

Now, the main topic begins, after renewal of hosting and domain for the first time I reach to buy out SiteLock security in order to provide a cleaner web presence and hassle free surfing for visitors to website. My hosting provider, provides SiteLock security in addition to this content delivery network of SiteLock. In addition to this it provides sufficient tool to protect website from Google black listing and stops bots from taking domain bandwidth. It was for the first time, I was installing this on my host, and the process is at first bit confusing for me as I have to change default Cname and A records of website.

WP Login cookie error

I changed it and within minutes website backs to action and now with another content delivery network, and now website is super fast and does not load on the server and in addition to this, website now completely under SiteLock all round security. Then, on the next day, as usual I wanted to post another article, so I logged into WordPress through administration but surprisingly after trying out time and again it returns me with the letter saying that, cookie error. That was really frustrating to see as I could not post any article into it and that provides me real horrible time and at some point of time I thought this might have been due to Sitelock installation but there should have been some error solving mechanisms to it and I have to dwell it out in order to find exact solution.

The error message is as such. “Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress.” It is a horrible experience, as webmaster could not post a new article at any point of time. First I tried hard to remove all plugins through CPanel hosting panel. It does not provide any solution, but also try hard to change different browser and it works from time to time as I have wrote one article about it () and it provides solution to this but I have to install two different web browsers such as Opera and Chrome in order to use and try different browser from time to time in order to enter into dashboard of WordPress. It is not permanent solutions. I have searched for WordPress help, but I found a solution to past version of WordPress but not about recent version of WordPress as it seems it deals with some sort of configuration related with WP-Login dot PHP.

Step by step guide to remove Cookies error when logging in after SiteLock installation:

Login to hosting account

My Account

Host Dashboard

Host Administration

First one reach to Cpanel hosting of WordPress, and reach to hosting content from its File Explorer, and reach to WP-Login dot PHP,  and open it through file edit and then from there reach to line 802 and 803 and from there comment out lines 802 and 803 and save wp-login.php

If cookies are disabled we can't log in even with a valid user+pass
 $user = new WP_Error( 'test_cookie', sprintf( __( '<strong>ERROR</strong>: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must <a href="%s">enable cookies</a> to use WordPress.' ),
 __( '' ) ) );

It should now look like this.

 // If cookies are disabled we can't log in even with a valid user+pass
 //$user = new WP_Error( 'test_cookie', sprintf( __( '<strong>ERROR</strong>: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must <a href="%s">enable cookies</a> to use WordPress.' ),
 __( '' ) ) );

WP login PHP

Now open WordPress administration logs in and you will find that it is now straightly reach it’s Dashboard. It is advisable to back up wp-login.php file before implementing this edition. This will bypass cookie check up entirely and help wordpress to login without any delay. This trick applies to latest version of WordPress and most tips and tricks available in the website world are related to an older version of WordPress and in latest WordPress, wp-login.php have changes and the same work around available in the internet does not there, but this above write down works nicely and hopes webmasters facing these problems either with installation of SiteLock or without it should clearly look this article in order to resolve such issues.

This mostly happens, when you imply any content delivery network or CDN on any website and that too different that what hosting providers supplies. In my case by default hosting providers supplies, cloud flare and when I decided to go for SiteLock security, it also provides extremely speed up SiteLock’s content delivery network and that probably changes the basic cookies settings which is now completely rectified with these sort of correction here which not only provides actual soothing for me to enter into Dashboard easily but also provides additional level of informing visitors and among them there must have been many webmasters who have been facing similar problems out there. Now, there is no need to reinstall WordPress, you would just comment out the mentioned link as I have mentioned above and you will find everything is solved. Enter into hosting through Cpanel or SSH any facility available to you and then implement this trick and this would solve everything.


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