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Creating Entrepreneurial Culture

To create an entrepreneurial culture in the organization, these points have to be like building teams, good change management, continuous improvement, recognition of team efforts, etc perceived to exist in the company should be the base on which such culture can be created while at the same time improving and bringing about change in the Continue Reading »

Operating System Battle in the Ecosystem of Smartphone

Over the last five years, information technology (IT) has evolved wide directions to unimaginable proportions from day-to-day functions to wide varieties of internet enabled services. Slowly, exceptions and rarity are fast studying to be the norm for society. Some years back, people have thought some innovations are a rarity and could not be turned into Continue Reading »

How to Display Post Excerpts in twenty twelve WordPress Theme

One year back, I changed default blog from Google’s blogger to self-hosted WordPress. My blog was over nine years old and this is important decision to swap from Google’s shared hosting to self-hosted WordPress hosting. First and foremost is whether to buy a customised theme from third party or create a WordPress theme all by Continue Reading »

Road to Mars

Considering mission from Planet Earth to different planets and beyond the solar system, first and foremost constant development of a space shuttle is urgently needed. One can go with space voyage with decades old space shuttle where no one knows how to fight with unusual space agents from time to time. There are many challenges Continue Reading »

Mobile Industry Slow to Push Android Updates to Users

In the last few years, mobile industries have evolved from basic paging services to now being called, installing of applications, social networking, push services, live synchronization, streaming of videos, creating of blogs and checking of websites and many more. It is currently slowly becoming a mini desktop with most of its functions is now embedded Continue Reading »

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