Which browser consumes less data? Chrome, IE, Opera

With the advent of internet, the power to use to browse different website seating at home becomes absolutely essential for growth of the knowledge base of users. Now, users are not required to reach to library and other social mediums to understand and read about different subjects. Mostly all these are now easily available in internet mediums. With speed of time and lack of time for people they want speed information at their perusal and for, this, they move to various internet mediums in order to garner and find different information about various subjects. It slowly becomes one of the mot preferred form of acquiring internet which provide internet users much required a platform to spread their scope of knowledge.

Now, many internet companies are providing access fees for internet packs so that users would be able to use internet with sufficient freedom. Now, what is making its worst form of internet use is the advent of android and other forms of mobile operating systems which not only taking out large form of internet but also spending internet data in large speed so that day by day expenditure of these usages are slowly moving towards the stage of absolute necessity.

Even many a time, Internet packs are consumed within the span of ten to twelve days which are meant to use for more than a month. Then, what is the real crux of the problem which is spending internet amount in large number and users would not be able to understand what the real reason behind this is. This article aims to inform users about how to use lesser amount of internet by taking some precautionary steps at the initial time. Many a time you would find even if you are not into surfing mode still plenty of internet is running out from internet packs.

Most times when the internet is connected to a personal computer (PC) surprisingly two bytes would be running out. You do not know what are applications that are connecting with the internet without your knowledge. With the advent of Windows 8 operating systems from Microsoft most of connected applications runs from within charms menu. Charms menu is constructed in such a way they hardly take any internet use. So, what could be the actual problem. Not surprisingly, some days back I was facing similar issues and for some time, I feel it might have android phone that is taking most of internet balance, but in reality it is not so.

Which browser is consuming less data: the experiment

So, what should be the actual reason for this? I was using Google Chrome browser for most times for web surfing, posting to WordPress and enabling various search engine optimization techniques such as managing web hosting. Webmaster tools and other problems associated with running of websites. Most times, expenditure on internet are too high and I could not understand what would be the real reason for this. After long while I update Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 operating systems.

It is part of stupendous big update. I was surprised the way Microsoft is providing these updates to users as most parts of the world would not have been able to update this operating system to its latest build due to vast gigabytes of download. It is 3.6 GB download and then it automatically installs operating system. With this update to Windows 8.1 operating systems, many works of operating system now become easier. On one day, I decided to browse the internet through internet explorer located at charms bar. It is an interesting decision on the part of Google Chrome users as that day was Sunday, and I was wanted leisurely browse some websites to read articles related to WordPress in order to understand better about security of WordPress.

With the advent of Windows 8.1 updates now the settings menu inside charms menu is brilliant and works nicely. Though at some times, it takes some times to load in limited user accounts. In accounting, with administrative mode it loads quickly. That does not desert me to try newer forms to speed up a limited user account by inserting one 8GB USB drive, which it won for my writing about Apollo Hospital. It was a brilliant writer and in respect of this writes they send me one mammoth 8 GB USB drives and that too through the channels of Apollo Medicine which daddy used to go for medicines.

Now, with the enable of Readyboost, computer even in a restricted user account mode got further speed up and shows brilliant action without any delay of seconds. Now, I open internet explorer situated at Charms menu in that Sunday evening to have the go for experimenting with new web browser. What I like it most of complete integration of it into interfaces of the operating system. Its omnibar is down unlike Google Chromes and it shows clutter free webpage and shows fonts of webpage in lucid ways.

I browse about same forum which I used in most times and I found that after almost two hours of writing and replying on that forums it provides me with only 12MB of internet expenditure. There is no provision of add to be employed in this internet explorer version but surprisingly it is removing most of annoying advertisements which are meant to earn revenue for webmasters. Then, I used Google Chrome for two hours by closing internet explorer from charms menu of Windows 8.1 operating systems, and after almost two hours of busy surfing on that same forum I found that internet use is almost 62 MB.

I was surprised to find about this as before using Google Chrome I checked it version as it is set for automatic updates and after two hours busy surfing, I again checked for version of Google Chrome, and I found the same version of Chrome, and this means there is no automatic updates of Chrome and they question arises why such huge difference of spending of internet packs and why internet explorer in charms menu is utilising low level of internet on the other hand smart browser such as Google Chrome is taking very high amount of internet uses considering the use of same website as well as using the almost same number of replies by opening the same tabs such as two tabs opened and closed for many times.

Finding out amount of internet use by different browsers:

I was using adguard ad blocker on Google Chrome and only shareholder. Share this and social fixer for face book is opened. Then, I move to one of my favorite web browser, to check the same parameter of using same the forum for continuously two hour and opening only two tabs maximum for almost two hours. I was also using adgaurd ad blocker on opera and so far I have not installed any other add on. In opera, Google Chrome and internet explorer charms menu hardware acceleration are there and working nicely. With opera, my favorite feature opera turbo is enabled while browsing name forum for two hours.

I found it uses almost 32MB of internet after two hours of uses. So, after all these experiments I found that Internet explorer of Windows 8.1 operating system in charms menu take hardly 12 MB of internet, secondly I found Opera browser with opera turbo enabled and adguard enabled spends almost 32 MN of internet and finally Google Chrome consume almost 62 MB of internet in almost similar circumstances. This is an alarming situation for me as I slowly realize the real reason behind extreme internet spending.

Surprising fact on Google Chrome:

What I found that Google Chromes is the fastest in rendering of new webpages but in terms of rendering of pages I have found Internet Explorer is super fast but it shows after surfing for about ten minutes internet explorer renders webpage even faster than Google Chrome. I was surprised. As, I browse the forum so back or advance of websites is a must to read other users opinion and slowly I found that it is very easy to navigate a website as it caches nicely and even better than Chrome. In terms of caching of webpages and reaching to go and front option, it is Opera which is number one and the simple speed in which it caches website are wonderful and much appreciated.

In terms of caching of currently viewed website opera is super fast and even faster than internet explorer charms menu.  So, after doing experimentation on three prominent browser such as internet explorer in charms menu, Google Chrome and Opera, what I found some of the results are quite staggering and interesting.

Results of experiment on browser’s data consumption, cache speed and rendering of Web Pages:

Internet Explorer in charms menu consumer astonishingly lowest internet use and this is indeed in need for people of every segment. Google Chrome is fastest in rendering of webpage and it loads pages within seconds but highest in consuming internet and that would enable Google to rethink about what is consuming these internet. What I found another interesting factor of Google Chrome is all about disabling its new user account and synchronization reduces internet usage to ten MB further.

So, lovers of Chrome should disable user account with Google Chrome in order to reduce internet usages further. Finally, in terms of caching of Web Pages, Opera is fastest and renders webpage with super speed and one could hardly find the difference of browsing of webpages such as opening and closing of different folder on the same website. It is due to opera turbo which caches pages on another virtual private network of opera and it also comparatively reduces internet usages. What is your opinion on this. Which is your favorite web browser?

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