Virtual mechanics

On a devastating Monday afternoon, where the plausible foresight of incoming windy storm in the arena provides much needed tempting to go for a long drive, by stopping all sorts of immediate workouts and other essential job specifications. In the mean time, the phone rang with its loud and hurting tones that would make the entire to come down to sudden plausible action of reaching nowhere as if a sudden bouncer hit on head to stop all sorts of visions and thinking processes abruptly. Seating amidst cubicle working for long hours without bothering about what are happening elsewhere, still more to thoughts of free to comes when such nice climate with lesser sun light and cooler effect comes into vision that creates sudden intuitive sense to reach to these places without any such further intimidation.

Humanity is by nature rational and always wants to turn to the world of outings in order to reconsider and recognize his own self. Remember humans cannot see his soul yet he could see souls of others easily. We do want to see external world as it is the sole change creator and plenty of dynamism added to it which ultimately provides the single path of abundances where more information and knowledge comes to forefront to learn basic ideas and garner more distributed justices to constantly occurring relevant questionnaires inside different souls and compartments of minds.

Prominence cool winds reaching from windows panes and the screen are flying like dry leaves in front of stronger winds. Many a times, it seems some indestructible ways to stop these sudden invasion of winds and that changes entire complexion system of minds from a stable level zones to another form of entirely different dynamic and constructive part where one hopes to reach to a point of no return to go outside and enjoy entire wind system with plenty of adversity and advances.

Human is exactly same as that of  a website where, it needs to have stronger sense of code control mechanisms as well as proper mechanisms of well constructed and well constructed site management with well calculated and managed front end applications like that of site lock and code guard where one finds extremely secure site with what so ever no occurrences of malicious codes and signatures with no chance of blacklisted from Google as well as one finds extreme satisfaction of reaching out to different continents easily with proper and easier managed configuration of website.

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Life also needs at various phases of many actions and reactions related to site lock to wordpress as mostly we would not be able to understand what is making our life disturbed and particularly making it the most vulnerable ones to suffice in normal circumstances. Brian is capable of absorbing so many ideas and thoughts and some times. It could not distinguish between what is good and what is bad and it stores these ideas and that creates the moral confusion all over without any trace of substances.

So, we need one firewall to be placed inside brain surface where the nerve system creates or attends any processes would still be scanned and paused for some moments to take it inside brain memory or throw it to dustbin of thoughts where one would not find any trace of changing of ideas and managing of badly affected viruses to infect self.

Virus is a self exaggerate term in cyber world, whereas one would find different dynamic meaning attached with it such as the most prolific and estimated accentuation of any event which could be tremendously undeterred and fortified to amend and create similar waste instructions where one would find complete waste of mind and time in dealing with it. If such similar instances come and go at similar points then there would be similar dumps of ideas which not only makes no headway but also provide sufficient space for dynamic generation of potent ideas which creates different empty propositions and stops all such creative ideas to coming into lives again and again.

One need to create the space between creation of thoughts and implementation of ideas from nerve cells to blood cells. One has to find the exact time interval between all these in order to completely create a sense of understanding among different thinking zones. So, in the process of thinking, existence of firewall should be virtual and all thought processes must come through these in order to find different dynamic presence of all sort of thought processes and drive out and stop all sorts of destructive and waste thoughts that would have taken major chunks of spaces of thoughts.

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It is true. Still to date we have not reached how much the space of the brain and what are distinct constituent of the brain and how the brain works. But if we are sure enough and sufficient control over our own thought processes, then for sure we would find enough space for virtual installation of a firewall into the nerve membrane of the brain. So, should I install this virtual firewall on the nerve membrane of brain and restrict my ideas to reach out into open and move beyond horizons to enter into an arena of vagueness with bright cut climate where everything is in it probably in an awesome mood.

Now, when this though processes to reach out into open comes about inside apart us of brain and that too with added plug-in like that of wonderful climatic situations as well as nice cool winds which affects thought processes and makes it completely partial to go in one way of going outside and enjoying the moments of complete change. In this process, the administrative control of virtual firewall that is meant to correlate entire thought processes in relation to creating a smarter ideas generations every time sticks into a possible differentiated part of thinking processes that makes entire configuration of filtering of ideas in a vogue moment.

That is why most of times, it is clear that setting up a filtering solutions inside membrane of brain is impossible and it is very difficult to remain attuned to as a result of this there is no filter available to brain and it is not built in since times of birth processes. This process of simulated installation of firewalls into the minds of users separates scholars from rest once and makes people great irrespective of their knowledge base and proof of surroundings in creating up a better person.

Just think of browsing a website where you find few seconds of whiteness and that could be considered as that sort of presence of white space before a website resurfaces again. This creates undesired boredom and that should be changed and for this webmasters go for content delivery networks and other forms of different cloud hosting solutions so that contents of websites are cached all over internet so that speed of loading of website makes clear cut difference among users. Even if you have to host solutions you still need to buy a reliable content delivery network in order to distribute your content widely all over the world without any time interval discrepancy.

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This is a greater and nicer idea for content generation and it prevents you from blacklisted from sites. Similarly, how could I find one such virtual content delivery network for my brain nerve cells so that all such possible relevant ideas and thoughts should be equally distributed all cross relevant membrane cells in order to create a sign in specification and authentications of distributed ideas in order to find complete solace of mind and save from spamming of irrelevant thoughts and ideas.

All such content delivery networks are meant to speed and accelerates thought processes and aims to create solace for mind but the problem is how comes such differentiated thought processes could be created at the first instance and how would such distribution of different ideas coherent and unite in the first place. First and foremost all these processes come into virtual parameters and need to work with one of millionth seconds in order to activate and pumped into thought processes without any altercation and diversion.

It is a complicated process and difficult to implement as we would have realized here most of times, in counting and managing entrances of thoughts takes huge chunks of times and situations whereas in most other cases all these remains in back burner and for this the excellent proponent to control thoughts without any such virtual mechanics is to have a great degree of sleep without any such interruptions and altercations. In short, everything is well managed and controlled through advent of deep sleep and complete rest from different time zones which provides greater relief and better managements of time as well as thought processes without sought out for deeper level of comprehensive management which might seem to be vague and waste of time and money.

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