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While talking about space we do not know what kind of dimensions such as three dimensions or four or five or more dimensions as we know e do not know what kind of dimensions we are dealing with it. Inside atmosphere of earth we can fly easily as the process of gravity moves into it, as it can be taken into consideration while dealing with movement of space shuttle while moving with it. When we move beyond atmosphere of earth then we move into the arena of space, as we do not know infrastructure of space as we cannot know and cannot move beyond speed of light as and when we we do see find that gravity can be used as another dimension but in which way.

When we calculate space and time, we do not know what kind of time movement either with light year, or either with the process of calculating the movement of sun or related gravity or ours gravity stays with the time of earth or relates with suns or related with gravitational power of other planets or starts. The revolve in these space comes from in which direction we do not know in which direction it is going and it is not easy, to move space shuttle just like that of movement within roads and this means what kind of understanding the movement of space shuttle into the unknown arena.

In the between of space voyages we find that the force of gravitational from all over areas, such as that from either side or when we move inside our solar system we find that gravitation of solar system always control ours movement and that creates the movement and control of time as and when relativity with the movement of sun and we need to find the way out of it, and we need to move cme the force of gravitational powers so that time could not manipulate as and when it wants to. We move with time limits and zones in relation with gravitational power then we also need to find out the way out of this so that we can find the really smartest possible route to travel in space.

Can we move with the space voyage with the solid infrastructure so that another environment of atmosphere that should have its own gravitational powers, that should be better than any gravitational powers relates with nearby stars and moon so that the management of gravitational powers and its influence towards understanding of overlapping or minimisation of gravitational powers, and maximisation of atmosphere of space shuttle that can transcend the boundaries attached with winning of different dimensions.

If you have seen the movie ‘Interstellar’  then you must realise that the concept at the end of the movie is that everything what will happen now and what happened in the future, and what is happening are time stamps because in each and every environment, where the dimensions as it considers gravity as the fifth dimensions and it is related with everything that passed with its own time dimension of it so at some times when we find something hazy while moving at any point of time, during its stoppages we do find the presence of future timestamps which might have been observed at the other solar systems due to more powerful gravitational powers.

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