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In the case for space exploration, failure is clearly not an option. In the 21st centuries, those countries having great potential to rise above other nations must adhere to reach to the space of the unknown and discover and enter into arena where no one reached ever before. Fronts on leaderships would be calculated on the basis of amount of space exploration that any nation able to compete with. In the arena of space, there is no excuse for failures. So far most of the space scientists are overwhelmed by the success of the Big Bang theory.

Most of them feel for every creation starting from minuets form of atom in large form such as human. Theory of Big Bang plays an extremely important role. Ultimate passion for space exploration is to determine what it makes to become a man. Is theory of Big Bang has absolute truth in it or it is simply the man-made proposition. Since, the time immemorial human beings always wants to know the secret behind their creation and how they come out of existence is the farthest part of knowledge which they want to discover and comes about through space exploration.

It requires standalone true innovation to reach to space and well supported from courageous investors as the dividends coming out from such investment would not guarantee to reach to you even in your life times. Those investors who want to see the larger picture and want to experience the real meaning of living in the universe and wants to present the entire world a real gift those could afford to invest in such project of gigantic proportion. The indians want to go deeper in space in front, as their culture related with space vision has been there since time immemorial. Most of the Indians feel the cultural connections with space programs run deep into their skin.

It is the space existing at low earth orbit nearer to the earth that would create live training sessions for astronauts to continue staying at a place where they could find real time situations confronting space. We stay within gravitational power which holds us to stay stable but in space there is probably no such power to keep us grounded and this enables to go for a complete training program at a low orbit space. It is beneficial and the experience gained from it. Scientific communities could build better aircraft enabled to fight alien conditions. While staying there for many days at low orbit space, astronauts could possibly know more about such alien conditions and would assist them to cooperate with these conditions better.

These could act as a junction between various space launches which enabled them to provide better and brighter journey experiences. There are also planning to place another instance of the Hubble space telescope in lower earth orbit space in order to watch space vision more clearly. By placing this highly powered telescope at such place one could easily get glimpses of the entire universe through 360 degree view points. Cargo and crew delivery services could be carried out efficiently from these locations without the prior need for extra power launch from earth stations.

There are also planning to build a new space ship that would be launching from low earth orbit, the space between earth and moon which is devoid of any such gravitational pull. This means that space stations could easily be placed at this point and this would keep afloat in space without fear of dropping and lost in the universe. Without mass present there this means weight of any amount could be installed on it without the need for creating stable dashboard. Astronauts would fly from this orbit and unmanned cargo vehicle would need to be based to provide essential raw materials to survive people there.

Space scientists should consider building up such space aircraft that would defy the logical presence of gravitational power and should in a way imitate how geo-stationary orbit works. Could we not build such space vehicles which would not be perturbed by the presence of any such gravitational power and continue to move without influencing from these forces? When building up such aircraft which would have its own gravitational pull and would not be affected by different gravitational powers of various planets and suns. It would provide ultimate relief of the continuance of such aircraft for innumerable days.

What it makes the most powerful is that it does not have to cut through gravitational power of any planets to reach its surface. Now-a-days most unmanned space vehicles have to cut through gravitational powers of such planets in order to reach to its space and this becomes the most difficult part for space scientists to continue their persistence of reaching towards earth orbit. Secondly, while on return these spacecrafts does not have to reach to water and before it ejection of people from these space craft to save them which has been completely difficult for them but with the presence of such space craft which would not only provide seamless movements of space craft within different attires of universe but also gain momentum with their own way without pressing for extra cut power to move through derived gravitational powers.

We all are talking about the presence of virtual technology powered through artificial intelligence. Could this be possible to make one state of artificial presence around the surface of space craft so that it would be protecting this invisibly through different processes and provides unlimited and ultimate security against alien conditions? Should not we strive to build such live atoms which could be built with advance processing of nano-technologies which would be providing different dynamic artificial entities which would be running within a specific area in order to protect and care for the entire space craft?

These would be invisible to general human eye and the most perceived would be thinking that these are not present. All these technologies powered nanotechnology human bots would be protecting aircraft and stay outside. Seriously these aspects of technology should be seriously considered in order to provide an extra level of security for the entire aircraft.

These technologies if succeed then it would provide cheaper space shuttle and the entire expenditure on space would be reduced to astronomical limits. Direct result of space vision is not only about space alone, it deals with correct weather forecasting, navigation, radio, communication, development medical treatments and many more. It would empower us to change ours day to day life on earth to sufficiently profound level so that ultimately we would be finding out more and more proficient and correct informations so that this would provide the much needed guidance and effort to succeed and fight against natural calamities.

One could think of broadcasting of radio and television channels from these low earth orbits so that the entire cost of broadcasting would be lower and reach to each area of earth as well as to other solar planets. If there are anywhere people like us are present in any part of our solar system they would be preaching to us and probably responding to us.

Saddest part of this is that till the time, we have not found any traces of humans or human like living beings in any planets of the solar system as well as anywhere around the entire universe. The pursue to find these still continues and many are hopeful that one day all would be finding this and that would be the brightest day of human civilization. Direct to home is a bright example of how space infrastructure can be used to augment direct to home television and direct satellite radio stations. It provides high definition quality of transmission and this has become popular in many households.

Satellite radio system provides opportunities for consumers to hear many radio channels with clear cut lucid sounds. Space technologies help in establishing and securing long distance telephone service. It is brilliant to reach to less developed and remote villages. Satellite radio service helps immensely during catastrophic conditions when every possible medium of communications got cut off and infrastructure broken up due to extreme weather conditions. There are lots of possibilities of developing a secure wireless infrastructure by using satellite and space technologies. More and more we reach and discover the unknown slowly we could be venturing out to newer possibilities of reaching out to the ultimate destination of infrastructure and communication mediums.

Space technology comes the brilliant GPS technology which provides the ultimate precision of detection of the exact location which not only integrated with each and every satellite mediums but also provides optimum guidance to precise detection of location. Finally, space explorations pave the way for brilliant remote sensing imagery techniques which is an image taken from earth to monitor performance of business, weather and environmental hazards. This technology is exploited by almost one third of business all over the world to help anticipate growth rate by streamlining the definite business losses.

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