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Patronizing past and perspiring historical possibilities are always smart ways to understand and estimate eloquence of present times. Without any slightest bit of underestimation and accommodation to present times, the interval that surrounds leisure times gives way to some grueling and mysterious past that still not solved and subject to the widest form of speculation. Prior might be in the form of mysterious surroundings and underestimation of some possible present ethos which might happen or move to some mysterious compartments never ever meant to be revealed. Considering past which might have been from the historic possibilities and total meandering of situational analysis still the haunting comes from within which may or may not be true to the widest conceivable imagination.

Tensa town is a small town with a township meant only for iron ore mines workers. One state bank of India was situated and that was the evening branch and meant only for Steel Plant (RSP) ancillary plants. Tensa mines and it’s nearer surroundings are meant for extraction and excavation of mines and ores in order to send to the main steel plant located near through the conveyer belt. The long standing belt is designed to send iron ore to the mines. That branch was scale two branches and daddy was posted there as branch manager and during that time I was reading standard eight there. At transport truck has taken luggage and we reached seven to ten days after that. It was a long journey and considering that for the first time we have been into such long strenuous ghat road is simply not standard optimized comfort which we sought for.

We were quite excited to reach such a place renowned for nice climate and that brings out many sources of possibilities from all of us. We reached there at nine pm after almost ten hours of segregated journey from homeland. We entered into in the main square of Tensa valley. During that time, long strips of cool winds coupled with flowering clouds touching and moving seem to possess some undetermined possibilities which create and cast the vision of paradise on earth. Really, this was simply amazing and astonishing to see and experience such beautiful climate out there. Two days after that, I reached to my newer , and it was Ispat High , Tensa, one of most modern of that time with disciplined education and some rare and generous teachers there who taught us some very basic foundation of education which proves to be immense helpful for me in the long run.

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It was my second day at that school, and being new to it and unknown students out there but that was not going to be some new phenomenon as having ten schools already changing till I reached at standard eight gives me immense inner courage to face strangers and that proves me the real courage and possibly some rare power to sustain alone even against some adversaries. I was sad, having lose all my classmates of central school, Bhubaneswar, still I am that it is a nice place and the entire area is green and beautiful with plenty of colors and lots of rains. Class teacher was Mrs. Padhi and she knew me earlier. On the first day, she was absent but on the second day, she came at a time and called me to the dashboard of class, she called loudly. Mohan come here. I stood up from my bench and slowly ride the dashboard, which was quite high for the class contrary to normal classroom situations.

She said that the class, he is Mohan, and be friend with him and do not feel left alone within all classes. I was nervous out there and could not speak any single word as I looked at the sky and saw all faces as blank faces and I am a stranger out there. Two months have passed but surprisingly no one talked to me but that did not provide any problem to me as this gives us a real boost and I was having that sort of habit from my childhood. I have been to almost ten schools earlier but I have not seen such bizarre behavior from class fellows. That does not give me distraction but when I am thinking about that incident now, probably while finding out pebbles from the past provides me possible not so common reasons for this why such state of things happens to me and that provides me sufficient food of thought to think and ponder upon some rare and printing incidents occurring in the past. During the course of life, it never provides sufficient reason for smiling and that creates the most misnomer and unwanted attendances to different phases of life which we sometimes think beyond and out of imagination.

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One day, just after weekly examination over and only few days left for imminent Puja holiday, as I was excited to return back to the homeland as I was feeling away from home for some point of time and was excited to meet my lovable grandparents. I was a bit worried about my maternal grandfather who was facing some health issues. That was the cloudiest day of September month with dark clouds hovering here and there and touching us sometimes. Mr. Pattanaik sir reached in class. He was tall and leans one eyed person, wonderful mathematics. I was there in that school till trimester of standard ten and reached to another school due to transfer of daddy just before a test examination of the standard ten. I owe my control over mathematics to Pattanaik sir, as he himself taught it with so easy and logic that even after several years I remember the process of education. He immediately took weekly test and then we submitted him the papers and he then called the class leader and asked him to form two member teams for some project on mathematics. Entire class self choose every other member and that was an easier task for them and most of these students having reading there since standard one and that does not have a problem choosing compatible project partner.

I was clueless to choose whom, as after three months there I was not even remembering names of people out there. I was standing with mute and not chanting any name, in the mean time from the right side segment of class I hear my name, as project partner, and in hearing the name I was dumbfounded initially as I was not finding any sort of logic behind this but still I thought having topped in class that could provide some uniqueness, which I thought it might have been some sort of possible exaggeration to begin with. I stood up there and wanted to see who called my name but due to utter chaos in changing each other’s name for project partner entire class was in disarray. Pattanaik sir does not mind students having making sounds as his only concern was to improve the standard of mathematics of all the students out there. Within seconds, she reached on the left side segment of class where boys are having their seat. She reached and was told that she uttered my name. I was speechless as I was not expecting to partner with a girl for this project, but it seems to me the solace that she saved me from a really desperate situation as it was of great possibility that no one could utter my name there.

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Next, the teacher told all project partners to register their names on pieces of paper and deposit of the class leader. In the process, I knew her name. Still the mind revolves around why she chooses my name and why she now chooses other of her friend’s name out there. I was for the first time confused with this sort of situation in the beginning and unable to resolve this puzzle, the class ended. For the next four days, I was moving with this question and unable to go back answer from this. On the fourth day, during interval time of almost half past one, I was standing nearer my seat, when she reached to that font and asked me about development of math projects which Pattanaik sir delegated both to us. It was a complicated equation related to elevation and possibly involving some sort of polar mathematics which seems to be long drawn for solving. I asked her there, could I ask a question, if you do not mind, she nodded, and then I asked why you have chosen me for a project partner. I was apprehensive but still gathered the courage to ask her. She was looking at the three page unsolved equation there without uttering a word;

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