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Every person while growing from child to adult has to go to come up with the mother to personalize everything. Knowingly, or unknowingly, every person depicts the sense of shadows of his/her mother provides into and the care and love with which they have been gone into. Nobody could compensate for this and also no mother asked about this for their child. The love and passion the mother provides for her children is immense and could not be measurable in terms of material designs and beliefs. Mother is in everything for her child and they had solutions to everything and every difficulties child faces with during the course of life. Mother could solve problems out from households to playground problems nothing left unsolved for her.

Each child goes to have to live under the protective shadows of her mother. Mother stays as secret keeper of her child and always watch for her at each facet of life and stages of different situations all over time. She protects us from everything that scared us and tries to take over those feared circumstances and frees us from these difficult circumstances. A child becomes a man in front of her but the mother continues to protect her always in terms of everything. This incident was so, and it occurred to the author when he was three years old. My father is a banker and we used to travel to holidays during every year and this time it was decided to reach Jammu and Kashmir through rail route.

Being stationed at Bhubaneswar, capital city of Orissa, during those times there was hardly any trains to Delhi as only one or two trains are there and almost all the times ours schedule was prepared within shortest span of time and for this almost there is no chance of getting of train ticket in advance reservation as there was only one or two train to Delhi from Bhubaneswar during that time. Most of times these trains are preoccupied with reservations which means that we have to reach to Howrah and then from there lots of trains have been moving to Delhi.

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So, our first aims was to reach to Howrah stations and it was one of the busiest and crowded station in eastern India and most of the people used to reach there and go to their likable destinations. There are many trains from Puri to Howrah due to connections of Lord Jagannath temple of Puri and many people used to reach Puri from Kolkatta. We reached at the train and then boarded them along with my parents and reached at Howrah at the appropriate time without any delay. We have seen there are too many people out there with most of them eventually running and competitions with each other and entire station seemed to be observing the state of the car festival of Puri when holy cars of Lords rolled into Gran Road.

It was one of the most unusual situations as in order to reach to the reservation counter from there which is hardly few meters away from their takes a huge chunk of time for daddy as he was taking me with his shoulder and mummy is following both of us. It was extremely difficult to cross the entire road as most of the people used to run and we have to cross the entire crowd to reach to other side of the pathway and from there it is easier to reach the reservation counter. Daddy was carrying me with his shoulder as both hands of mine was put on his hair in order to stay afloat within these adverse conditions. Daddy is also holding one hand of the mummy and on other hand daddy was carrying three heavier luggage.

Mummy stood at the entrance of the reservation counter with all the three luggage daddy reached inside reservation counter and stood in the long queue in order to get a ticket for Delhi bound trains. Daddy took the ticket and then reached to mummy who was waiting with three luggage there. Suddenly, mummy asked daddy about where is me as I lay at that time three years of earth standard year.

Panicked rose amongst both parents and mummy were crying with high sounds. As they forget that I was seating at the shoulder of daddy while he entered into the reservation counter and mummy was waiting with luggage there. Both parents were in their early twenties and in this course of time both were heavily grieved and during that time one Punjabi couple reached there, they were of middle ages and they enquired about the incident and give solace to mummy but mummy was saying one word to daddy to bring me back at any cost.

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Daddy being banker at leading bank of India, always goes on checks and balances and this time also he recollected entire sequence of events and the situation where he goes from one stage to the other and slowly daddy ran to the queue where he was standing for ticket. That was the first row of ticket and at that side on one side I was standing there and crying in loud sound and while listening to that crowd daddy reached to me and hold me back and close to his chest in order to remove fears from myself.

During that course of times, I recollect shadowy the harrowing experiences there and continue crying continuously. While giving money to counter daddy took me down from his neck and then he returned while forgetting that I was there. While reaching for mummy, she carried me on his shoulder and I continue crying for longer hours and most of the people stood there watching me and parents also watch with moist eyes.

After some time, I stopped crying and slowly everything becomes normal and in the next mummy asked daddy to buy for a god hair decorative color and inside Howrah station there was a nice shop where Godrej Expert rich crème hair color which comes with sachets, that makes easy to use while on the go on tour and both crème and developer comes with nice sachet so that noting would be left even after use.

It is for long lasting color and while purchasing this mummy keep me near to her while holding her hand to me and it feels great and at one side daddy was smiling back to me and both parents were extreme cautious and still the print of that incident on both parents there but the emerging out from me is continuously making them happier and that creates life out from my family.

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After buying this, mummy hold Godrej Expert crème hair color to my hand and I was looking at that product in numerous astonishing look and passionately mummy asked me whether I would like to use it, I was confused with this and nodded slightly. Both parents were smiling to my answer and this time both were happy and forget most difficult incident that has only just been gone over. Daddy said due to Godrej expert crème hair color we all able to forget the difficult incident that had just been gone over. In the mean time, we reached at a holiday home and there inside ours suit daddy asked how to use this color.

Mummy continues her description of these Godrej Expert crème hair color and said the entire contents to be mixed on a plastic glass or glass bowl. Hair should be cleaned and dried nicely from yesterday. Applying oil before using Godrej Expert crème hair color is not applicable. Then, this mixture should be applied with the help of a brush and these contents should be with hair for 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water so that color would be there for longer times.

It comes with natural black, black brown, dark brown, natural brown and burgundy. Mummy prefers black brown and daddy prefers natural black. Now, smile all across among all of us. It is great to recollect all these incidents with due care where even a brand like such is now part of life while demonstrative the time, emotions and moments associate with this happening .

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