How to Make Android Secure?

Android is an open source operating system from Google. It has many security features but all these features are not enabled by default. Google wants users to be educated to enable these options. That is why most uneducated users could not even know the trace of existence of such features. All these informations are relatedwith android 4.0 or later. Most of these recommended settings would not be there with older android devices. Just check this out before implementing these features. Here is an important caveat to these functions as you should use it at your own discretion. After buying android device, the first thing you do be to activate it by connecting this device to internet and then use new or existing Google Mail in order to active workings of phone and register your phone with Google servers.

Then update your operating system, most original equipment operators provide one free update and it is important to check this out and if update is available then update it to receive a faster operating system. Many bloggers have advocated how to root android device and void license. It is not recommended. Do not ever to root your phone. Otherwise support from OEM as well as from Google will end from that point. Google Play Store is application repository from Google. Do not install applications from third party android stores other than Google Play Store. Google uses sandboxing technology to completely free viruses from applications.

Google pays heavy penalties to owner of application when they provide fault or virus ridden applications. In a way, Google Play Store acts as malicious software remover for your device. It is derecognize and removes any application that has any chances of malware infections. So, uncheck unknown sources from security settings of android device.

Enabling device encryption provides you the opportunity to secure data which further encrypt the presence of data to extreme security levels. Though, as for side effect, I have seen in some android device internet connection not connected and this could have a real boring situation. If you are connected with Wi-Fi connection, then you should not have any such difficulty on this. Encryption process takes time and throughout this process device need to be connected to circuit in order to maintain specific level of the battery so that while this process is on the battery should not be drained out. Encryption process should not be interrupted in the middle. Go to encryption from security settings of android device to perform this.

Developer option of android device provides some really wonderful settings which one could be used this to add newer functionalities on Android devices. Some of these settings are dangerous for the security of the device and need to be tackled carefully. In Developer settings uncheck USB debugging, stay awake and mock locations. In display settings of android device uncheck day dream of docking device.

Remote Wipe functionality of android provides security erase of all data when your phone is stolen or lost. Google’s own android device manager is best bet for this. Download this if you do not have android kit kat, and then enable this option with registered email to Google which you use to activate an android device Reach to device administrators of security settings on your android device and turn on Android device manager. On Galaxy device, Samsung has ‘Find my mobile’ function with security settings of android device. Galaxy users should activate both ‘find my mobile’ and ‘android device manager’ in order to secure phone and its data.

Erase Phone’s data completely before selling, giving away your phone. Go to system settings and then personal and back up and reset to completely erase all data on phone’s memory. Before moving on Check ‘erase SD card’ so as to erase all data on a SD card completely.

Android very much authenticated security. It is wiser to use screen security. One should use a password with more than eight numbers in order to protect the phone completely. A pin has four numbers and it has maximum 10,000 combinations which many a times easier for hackers to get into your system easily. If you could remember alpha numeric password then goes for it but uses it with caution. If you forget this, then there could be greater trouble for unlocking of your phone. Always wise to backup password before implementing it.

Set auto lock time out to two minutes. Reach to display setting of sleep and select two minutes for auto sleep of android device. From security settings, reach for password and untick show password to disable automatic view of the password as it prevents shoulder surfing of the password when the user uses it. It is recommended to erase pass code, junk files and excessive garbage on your phone by using third party applications tools. Most of stock android version do not provide this but you can download very many such applications from Google Play Store and then remove such junks from there easily. Cleaner is a good crap cleaner application and it is relatively safe to use it.

Android device provides very many web browsers for you to browse and it is wiser to enable security warnings of visited sites from settings of the web browser and then reaching to privacy and security and then to show security warnings. This will enable the web browser to show expired security certificates of websites and warn users about it. This would stop such malicious sites from attacking android device with various scripts. It is also recommended to disable auto fill of forms as this could show privacy related informations from the web browser and if you lend people to use your phone then this could have impacted heavily of stealing personal informations by phone. Unintentional and sensitive disclosure of informations would stop by unpicking these informations.

In its web browser settings remove automatically remember password as this could have seriously provide free access of a third party user to enter into email accounts and other accounts. Disable plug in browsers, from its settings and advance settings so that third party plugins would not be rendering any unintentional hack into your system. Switch of plugin from these setting to secure phone completely. Google Chrome for Android provides option do not track website, so go to settings, privacy, do not track and then select on to switch on it. It removes any traces of tracking of your physical locations of your browser when you run any website within it.

Turn off Bluetooth when it is not in use. Go to Wireless and Networks of settings and then switched off Bluetooth from there. Most of times when connecting a Wi Fi network one could find the set up nearby networks and that could be a real invasion of privacy when you happen to unintentionally clicked on some network. Then, they gain access to your phone and then browse it and steal your data. It is important to forget Wi Fi network which you do not want to join. Tap and hold the network to forget and click on forget to remove that network from default lists.

Turn off locations services to secure phone completely. Go to Settings and then more settings, then to location services on Android devices, tap on it and disable access to my location. When it is turned on it allows applications that have asked your permission to use your location. Disable other locations sources such as disallow to use GPS satellites to pinpoint your location. Disallow to use wireless networks determined through Wi-Fi and other mobile networks. Do not provide preferential network system in ‘my places’ where it would save your favorite locations for use with services that require your location informations.

It is wiser to limit the number of text and multimedia messages to the bare minimum so as to prevent unauthorized access to messages by a third person. Reach to message then to its menu setting and then tick on delete old messages, which deletes old messages when maximum number of messages is reached. Then limit text messages to 50 in number as the default of text message number is 200 and multimedia message number is 20 per conversion. Default minimum number of messages per conversation is ten and uses it.

It is great to disallow cookies in chrome to make your browser in limited security mode. Most times, these cookies by websites are harmless but large in size and there are many modern applications which could use these cookies in order to retrieve information about your browsing habits. It is better to disable javascript from setting of chrome to reduce signs of infections reaching to you android device. Many malicious codes could be written with JavaScript to infect a computer. So it is better not to enable this on a web browser to secure android device completely.

Android frees the user to implement whatever security concerns linked to and it is completely on the mood of the user to go about it. Many a time one could find sufficiently stricter environment could be better and I think disabling the Location feature is best whenever you are not using it as it would speed up phone as well as secure locations completely. Finally, if you are using Samsung android device it is better to install security policy update‘for Samsung devices so that Samsung from time to time would check whether yours device is fully secure or not and if it found any abnormalities then it would provide relevant update to your system to secure it completely.

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