How to improve smart phone battery life?

Most of times we blame original equipment manufacturers otherwise some other factors for malfunction of stylish phones. Whereas there are too many normal instructions which could help people to prolong battery life of smart phones. Charging of battery of should be considered as a state of sacrosanct state in which one need to provide extreme cautions and utmost care in order to gain most out of it. Before charging , switch off the phone, and then use the charger provided to you from a company to charge it. Have ever use third party charges in order to charge phone? Most of innovative smart phones could be charged with computer through USB cable which could work in a dual manner. One it works in terms of charging for expressive as well this could be used to send and receive data from computer to phones. Be careful not to use third party cables, chargers and batteries with smart phones. Do not use unapproved chargers on your costly smart phones.

Most of devices sends a warning tone as well as an indicator when battery level is low down and that should be nearer to seven percentages of battery use. Remember all of percentages of battery from seven to none becomes within the shortest possible time. When battery drains out the phones would be automatically shutting down to its stable state. In this state, the device cannot start at the same time, when you connect charge with a smart phone. Wait for some time, when you just have to switch on your phone again back to its dashboard state. Do not get too disturbed by this state of not starting your phone all of a sudden you should wait for a few minutes before your phone starts again. Most times, plug the small end of the charger and the big end of the charge used to be struck into electronic pin socket. Connect the charger properly to the end of the phone as a loosely connected charger can short circuit the phones as well as could damage inner wiring of phone lead to completely state of out of order for the phone.

You could use the device to be used while it is charging. One could use it simultaneously state but one thing for sure if you continue to use while the phone is charging then the amount of time the phone take to charge would be sufficiently wider time that it is the normal state to charge the phone. Many a time, devices become extremely hot during charge and one should not be alarmed by it, as this is not customary state of charging as this process gain heat on your device. If it becomes hotter than usual, then remove the charger connects it again as it might affect the process of the touch screen to function in routine circumstances. If device then does not charge properly, it is best to go to service center and they show your phone to repair it. It is a great practice to reach genuine service stations in order to repair the phone through authentic parts.

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While charging is it is not advisable to remove the battery from phone as well as it is not advisable to remove the battery while the phone is activated. First switched off the phone and then remove the back cover and battery. Now-a-days we talk about saving of energy. So, if you want so to help the public all over the world to preserve and conserve energy, it is a bright idea to remove the charger as soon as the phone is charged fully. Normally, the charger does not have switched off switch so you have to unplug the charger from electronic socket. Now, smart phones have provision to activate day dream while the phone is charging, so it is better to activate so that while charging the provisions for day dreams would provide the phone to be on and that provide easy to go to dashboard just by touching the right touch key of your phone.

If you switched off the phone, then you could check for statuses of charging through the battery icon and on its upper side the percentages of charging should be shown there with percentages height of phone standing there. It should be here when you switched off the phone while charging. Most of times the time interval of a day dream begin with time interval when the phone is locked down. It depends upon the time you have set your phone to lock down. It is advisable to switch off the phone while charging in order to maximize battery for extended durations. If you want to switched on phone while charging as you could expect a phone call otherwise you could be working with your phone while charging it is better to go to setting of device and then reach to display and then from the main settings of more settings reach to ‘show battery percentages’ and ticked on right of square of it to activate the percentages of battery and from these settings you could watch how much percentages your phone has charged.

It is from android and most times these settings stay correct and the percentages remain correct and you should not be concerned about the charging of phones’ battery. Now, percentages of battery remains would be shown at the upper left of android dashboard, right after the battery icon just after time shown. When that number showed 100, this would mean that phone’s battery is now fully charged. It is now essential to reduce consumption of battery usages so that your battery remains longer and yours phones run for longer hours. Most of original equipment manufacturers have provided battery saving options such power saving mode through which the use of a battery can be reduced and prolonged battery life of the phone further. Most of original equipment manufacturers have provided their own set up power savings mode in which they have to show cased different mixtures of settings to make the battery lasts longer.

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Most of the power saving mode depend upon reducing screen power saving option as well as CPU power saving. CPU power saving limits the maximum performance of the central processing unit of the phone. Secondly, it works with lowering power level for screening by limiting screen power settings. It is wiser to put out the screen of the phone as soon as you end work with the phone. Press the power key on the side of the phone in order to put out the screen from working. Most times, it are wiser to reduce the time before the screen automatically turns off to shortest possible time. Most of the time these have dual effect as in between your works when you pause for some times phone automatically turns off the screen to create annoyances on your parts which are not suitable for botheration free work conditions. It is best to decide as per yours of conveniences of what amount of time you provide your phone to automatically turns off screen. If you turn on smart stay which is a feature which phone uses front camera in order to stay on while you look at your phone and if that settings is then it is better to set screen time out for more than one minute.

Lowering the brightness of the screen can increase conservation of battery. Many experts feel that making automatic brightness to phone might increase power consumption as your phone time and again increase and decrease processes of automatic brightness and that could considerably reduce battery life. It is wiser to set the brightness level to a consideration level so that you should not be doing it as automated settings. Turns off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, portable Wi-Fi and other tethering possibilities switched off as soon as you’re finished working with it. It has been seen and tested that turning on and off mobile data would not impact heavily on battery performances. When kinetic data is switched on, a set of processes connects internet to synchronies with internet.

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This creates an environment in which the phone has to take resources of the CPU as well as screen power and that could impact heavily on longevity of phone’s battery. Turn off automatic sync to save battery power. GPS is a brilliant technology to detect nearby areas but on the other hand. This utilizes heavy battery and drain battery rapidly. It is wiser to put out GPS and use mobile data and for detection of location. It has been observed at most times. ’s locations services work better than most of GPS detection of directions. Continuing GPS when the signal of GPS is slow and weak also consumes more battery. It is better to turn it off while you are not using.

Most of android devices use live wallpapers which are a very great site to watch and feel of your phone. It increases battery consumption to a considerable level. Turn of love wallpaper and use static wallpaper in normal times. Finally, turn on blocking mode which turns off notifications for selected features of your phone. It is a great way to stop all notifications and even restricts some numbers to stop annoying at you. While this mode is turned on notifications for selected features will be turned off. You would only receive notifications of incoming calls and notifications from people who you are on the allowed list. By employing all these features, you could prolong battery life of the phone significantly. I hope all these tips and tricks would help you to stay live for your phone for longer life.

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