How to create on the go open-world accessible music surround system

Android is currently number one mobile operating system of the world. Many users and original equipment manufacturers have made use of these operating systems worldwide. Android provides users ubiquitous computing. It creates space for each and every modern technology. It provides room for tethering, wireless networking through Bluetooth, Wi Fi, DLNA and many more. Within a compact device such as a mobile one would find each and every latest and modern technology in great detail. Through the process of tethering existing internet network could be shared with different computers and mobiles with great ease and satisfactions. It enables to share your device’s mobile data connection via USB, Bluetooth or Wi Fi. Wireless networks of android go onto reach of many dimensions such as airplane mode which turns off calling, messaging and data network protections. Other mobile networks include creating of tethering and portable hotspot to share your device’s mobile data connection via three mediums such as USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In this way, android device can be turned into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to share your existing 2G or 3G internet connection with one or more mobile devices and computers.

USB tethering are comparatively older concept which is there since internet advent of Nokia and Symbian phones. The difference of android USB tethering is that you would not be installing any other software such as Nokia suit or so in older times to connect the internet from your phone to computer. It is one such way to share internet with mobile phones to your computer. While using USB tethering, if your device has a SD card then it cannot be mounted on your computer. Both USB tethering and mounting of the SD card do not go simultaneously. Bluetooth tethering is comparatively a modern concept with the advent of Bluetooth 3. These classes of computing come into prominence again. An internet connection of your android device can be tethered to share internet connection with other computer via Bluetooth. Bluetooth tethering works wonder with Windows 8 operating systems from Microsoft.

Greatness with android computer is that it automatically adds access point names of mobile career and the user does not have to manually modify and add those complicated pins into it in order to connect to internet. In the older times, with Symbian phones which are basically not fully optimized for touch computing, provides far more greater and significant ways to boost operations within computing management but it slowly diminished the importance attached with internet connectivity which provides greater access and wider implications of new age computing. Android provides for management of Wi Fi networks which introduce arrival of great potentiality concerned with wireless computing. In an organization in earlier times, in order to introduce a complete wireless communication one has to spend hugely in order to create such wireless computing. Gone are those days and now the time has come when even with a single smart android phone and a decent internet connection or even without connection a complete set of clearer and practical wireless communicative mediums could be brought into light.

Now, in order to build a complete wireless communication one does not a complicated architecture as only with a smart phone with android entire communicative mediums could be constructed easily. With the advent of technological brilliance and prominence more and more users are now using a Wi Fi directory which is the smartest and securest form of creating a stronger and encrypted wireless networking. It creates android smart phones as hub of networking and then scans for other networks and then adds those networks in order to create an entirely safe field to share media with each other without any difficulties. It also has provisions for multi connection of wireless networks in order to build an entire set up connecting mediums with each set up smart phones. All these scanning operations do not need to be done with any such coding operations but one need to just tap on the scan button in order to create a new scan and reach to different websites immediately.

With android phone, one could easily create a sense of differentiated communication mediums devoid of any internet connection to share multimedia contents with wirelessly without an internet connection with different devices easily. Android is all about connection and share with each other without the need for any complicated processes. Microsoft with Windows 8 and beyond have tried to create such concept so that everything that we do it with mobile and smart phones could be easily done with computers. It is a way for smart process to mitigate the consistent gap that has been there within computer and mobiles in order to revive entire computing processes. It is wiser to create encrypted Wi-Fi connection while transmitting multimedia files to different mediums as most of times while sharing these files one need to be extra cautious as when these files are shared upon open internet connections one finds extremely difficult to contents with as most of times, outsiders could easily trespass those contents and steal yours valuable documents.

Being open source software, android mobile operating system works in accordance with wishes and whims of users. It has many functions and features which users could easily enforce to make android secure and one of the most secure forms of operating system to use and work upon. One could easily encrypt the device in order to encrypt every bit of multimedia programs so that when it is passed to another device. It becomes obsolete there to use. Though, encryption of the device makes it slower and sluggish but still for security junkies it is a great tool to protect data. Many organizations have been distributing smart phones to employees in order to track their activities and send work order within the shortest possible time.

The problem with smart device relates to fundamental issues regarding protection of data. There are many such methods such encryption of SD card and other could easily lead to perfect set up for creating a securest form of multimedia device. In developer options of android, there is a way to secure android desktop through implementation of password. In this approach, you could restrict use of applications of your phone to third persons. There is another option to protect SD card from a rogue application to developer options of android. By enabling these applications must request permission to access applications from a SD card.

Of late, Google introduces android device manager which is administrative function of android from Google and by enabling it you have offered permissions for Google to have administrative access so that when yours valuable phone is lost, it could easily be traced to stolen person or area. Android device manager works on the principle of cloud server and Google stamps the phone print and wherever this phone is used by someone then through other phones SMS should be preaching to you about the location of lost phone through the second number you have provided for. It currently works on the principle of GPS. GPS works on the principle of geo-positioning satellite and every phone can be tracked to correct locations through it.

While walking on the sides of grand road of Puri, I saw there are many stereos on the sides of roads and all the writing wires with exile you walk from main hospital to Puri temple the same song would be hearing to you from one point locations to the other. While watching these stereos one could find that there are no such wired connections. How could this be done and how could one song is played all across still you reach nearer to the grand road. During walking throughout grand road, I have my favorite galaxy smart phone and I wanted to check whether any Wi Fi connection is there around grand road. I turn into settings and then to Wi-Fi to turn it on and surprised to see that open Wi-Fi network is available inside grand road. I was hearing about this but surprised to find that these networks are now enabled and probably by using this network songs are being played at one stations and slowly transmitted to different stereos across grand road all over so within the space of 50 meters one could see the same relay stereos where all the songs seems to be a sense of relay stereos.

This is an fascinating example of how technology could be used to create open world surround stereo system where one could find exactly happiness while crossing over from main hospital to grand road and in between while walking one could find extreme possibility surround sound system of devotional songs of Lord of Trinity where one could easily reach to hear the same song continuously while reaching towards temple of Lord Jagannath. It is easy to make. Just bring out one Windows 8 computers which make easier for you to create Wi-Fi system. From computer play song and then create a home group and assign and allow other devices to connect to Wi Fi. Then at other android devices opens its default android player and then search for third party connections. If everything goes right then you could find that list of songs which your computer has in remote center one could easily find those songs inside default media player for android.

Play those songs and you could find that those songs are playing very nicely and with a different tune which is separate from what you could be playing with computers. Why this happens. It is easy, as through Wi Fi connections your media collections are automatically turned into another form of codec which sound better with facilitated digitalized form and it creates one of better understandings of how such digital version of distribution of songs works. You can try this at your home as well as use it low cost open-world surrounds music system for all of your family members without the need for multiple song collections. In this way, one could also realize that with Windows 8 operating systems one could easily sense the creation and building of an entire listing of songs in order to access through multiple devices. You can learn these tricks from here.

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