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WordPress website is similar to a computer running on a cloud. It works on cloud and allows visitors to browse website in accordance with their choice and form of establishing contacts with different web pages. It works with PHP programming so that its execution part be always with web browsers. So, WordPress websites remain friendly with most of modern web browsers. Many a time, the complex associated with PHP coding gives a way ahead time for browsers to download data and that creates difficulty of running website.

So, every time, a visitor browsed website he ought to reach towards the execution part of PHP programming code and this gives way to complex form of code execution which many times can contain malwares. Grave concern of any website is existence of malwares in their website. It becomes umpteenth difficult for webmaster to find out where the existence of the virus inside WordPress website is.

Hardening WordPress issues:

WordPress website is a combination of Cpanel Linux hosting with that of MY SQL data base which comprises of working with physical and logical server all at a time. When the virus stays at anyone point of code, it would be difficult to find the source of code anywhere inside database of website and that remains a major worry for owners of website to remove such traces.

The bad side of existence of such malwares led to decreasing of website visitors and blacklisting of Google from its search engines and suddenly down of search engine rankings which are directly proportional to revenue generation of websites. A website cannot withstand without generating much required revenue and for this it is imminent for web masters to understand and stop all instances of presence of viruses and other malwares from intruding into website completely.

One needs to use protective firewall in order to secure website traffics that are reaching to website. Website firewall can be of two kinds such as one could be of software in terms of and on of WordPress and the other could be from hardware which could be directly installed from the sources of your hosting provider. There are many good software firewall is there that could be installed for back end server of the WordPress administration.

Most of these firewall are offered for free and could be installed with the help of and on. The most popular software related WordPress firewall is WordFence. Most of its features are ready for free. Of late due to immense popularity, WordFence is giving away its premium features for free but still there is an option to buy its premium version but I would recommend to use its free version. It has various settings and a good firewall that would be working through hosting. This is the problem with a software firewall for WordPress which would work in tandem with execution of PHP programming which mostly works from the hosting side.

Improve your WordPress security with these tips:

Most of the time there is a greater chance of entrance of malwares from the sides of the domain which remain unwatched by most webmasters. Once malware enters into domains of WordPress then it would be difficult for webmasters to control the entire list of malwares from intruding into databases through DNS server of domain hosting. Domain is connected with the host through its name server and in order to protect malwares into the domain of website a good hardware firewall is the need of the day.

Software firewall works in the principle of applying different PHP security mechanisms so that website data remain secure all the time. In order to move harmful traffic away from website, hardware firewall independent of domain and hosting, name server should be used in order to redirect traffic through these firewall segments and remove harmful traffics on the go. Sitelock is an example of a hardware firewall which works in conjunction with the hosting provider and redirect domain traffics through its own DNS and Cname server in order to protect website from harmful traffics.

So, in this way, by using a hardware firewall, your website is now running on a cloud with the added value of a content delivery network which opens website to visitors in accordance with geographic presentation and locations. In this way on the part of search engine optimization, your website now runs for added presentation of CDN that works in accordance with industry standards and this enhances the reputation of website to many miles.

Hackers always search for such hosting providers which have terrible reputations for hosting. Malwares are forms of malicious softwares which could be fitted to your server to spread malwares all across computers which browse your website from time to time. One could know how many potential vulnerability a word website could have and that could provide trespass routes to many hackers. The impact of presentation of such malwares and viruses within a website server is huge. It could steal personal information and could stop all financial transaction of website and could earn bad fame for owners of websites. It can even hijack computers and financial data of visitors through your website.

WordPress security vulnerabilities:

Most of times, many owners of website could know the presence of such malwares and this could have strenuous impact of any website as its customer’s computer might be infected as well as hijack other’s computer and steal important data and sold to yours competitors which would generate extreme bad name for yours website. A hardware firewall runs within the cloud and it could not be infected even if your website got infected. That is why ot could be easier for website owners to scan a website and remove viruses all at one go. On the other hand, if you have installed software firewall in terms of and one then it could be seen that when your website is infected so as a software firewall and in this situation it becomes extremely difficult for you to remove such malware attacks.

Most of hardware firewall runs in conjunction with website hosting providers and this creates easy integration mechanisms for website. Most of websites run within specific number of ports and most times when visitors reach to website. These ports got activated to attend multiple visitors all at one go. Most of times of malwares cover up such ports in order to congest your website to maximum time and this stops many visitors to reach your website as it reaches the stage of full resources due to presence of large number of bots inside ports of website. Automated computer visitors to attack yours website resource limit. These ports are like channels of television which might have opened or closed. Opened ports used to receive visitors but most times malwares steps in and close such ports for visitors and increase resource time of website. Hardware firewall ensures that important parts of website are always opened up for visitors so that the advent of malwares would be impossible considering many a times scanning of website. Of course, you get notification of receiving anything suspicious on your website and most of hardware firewall scans website and remove such suspicious contents without any delay.

WordPress security for experienced users:

Most of the hardware firewall for WordPress employment application vulnerability scanning which scans for applications which are installed on Cpanel Linux hosting. Most times, some web servers delays in updating applications which could provide safe heavens for hackers to include malwares inside system. Hardware firewall scans and protects website from such vulnerabilities. Software firewall such as WordFence would not be doing such as their actions are dependent upon stricter configuration of PHP scripts which ultimately stays with Cpanel. Vulnerabilities like cross site scripting, SQL injections for most of web applications of WordPress website could be completely removed with the help of hardware firewall.

It is important to limit the use of third party plugins and add one to the bare essentials so that your site does not become prone to hackers delight. Most of the hardware firewall work in the principle of changing of DNS server of the domain of website. Once DNS change propagation completed yours sites traffic route redirected through a hardware firewall to completely secure website form bad traffics. Hardware firewall eliminates all instances of spammers and scrappers of using resources of website.

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