Bearings of past and the burden of present- a short story

That was a spectacular evening with looming lights all over till the eyes met with sky. Climate changes suddenly without any signs of changes but still everywhere be looming large the darkest clouds here and there. Some poses serious question why suddenly within the depth of evening when the purple sun to be set its outs to its own home, but still there are many more imminent signs of tracks backs of flooded sun though many different invasions to line of activities is still looming large over pertinent questionnaires posed by him but yet to find its answers.

Why the sun would speak it out to him without any evidence as in most of times sun remains as it is without even bothering about the state of identity and it continues to do its duties of guarding and sending plenty of solar powers to planets so that all inmates would be living with a betterment of life with complete health care and productivity. He stopped his work and reaches out to the outer verandah there in order to find more about what is happening outside irrespective of time zone and incidents that have been continuously occurring here and there.

Life is dynamic and it does not wait for time or thought processes in order to find in the details about what are most important notions of life that should have been properly cared for. Bereft of all such incidents and happenings the moisture in his eyes while seeing the dark and luminous clouds speak a plenty of the past which has just been continuously looming large upon the outside memories which are yet to completely deciphered to the mightiest act of life. The hoary past of his does not describe inner exhibitions and outer invasions and the pain in which it is being still rumbled across luminous and countable instances are still to be considered with utmost care and due passions in which all counting of pebble s of life are still short of any smart destinations.

Historical classics and the presentable present does not bring about past solvency of ids which are the process of continuance remembrances that are yet to be solved up and managed with. Life never compares with present occupancies which has the bearing of the past and the burden of the present. The might of the past is still in virtual present but still the shades of life is being constantly allocated to different form of analysis which need to be equally presentable in order to find the real answer to quizzes posed by life at different form of analytics presentations.

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Burdens of present:

He reached to downstairs to look at the presentable atmosphere and the amount of success he had in his life so far with utmost respect reaching out to him from different quarters but still the uniform appreciation is still haunting him as he search for her the deferred smile which seemed to be lost among the deep dungeons of life and he tried to find back and accumulate all these finest moment of his life with countable and differentiated analogies from time to time without any need for proper signature observation.

He has his mettle to fight out against all such odds and he had the finest and strongest sense of courage to fight it out but still he finds it the most difficult to erase the beautiful past happenings. That was the day, when everything has been the most presentable and most satisfying with proper respectable attendance coming out from different quarters and the most inmate and wonderful static present still not haunting him but shows him the real presence of her attendances in every walks of life and that makes life entirely difficult to erase from all walks of life.

Countless possibilities and dynamic past seem to cover present moments and making entire observations happening as if all are songs of life and still meaningful to his life through entire deterrence’s might be the most difficult happenings for him to forget. He is positive and looks at life with a perspective with a different eye in order to find the imminent solutions to what is happening and why such mis-interpretations of life for him which becomes one such the single motto non observable and non volatile yet the most vivid and difficult part is that still there are many sources of unsolved mysteries which are yet to be deciphered upon.

The ghosts of past still there but provides enough patience and enough courage for him to attend successes even during times of uncertainties. The  mental presence and proficient might could have been the real path to present proper highlighting of life but still there are many such ways to create the required ambitions and the prospective still remain in precise form in order to attend different vagaries of life with difficult prospective. He never ever says good bye to life but knows he just has to live his life without her and the road of life is too long to bear but still he has to live his life without her.

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It is the life that could bring about enough attendances and perspective in order to find enough ambitions and proper and genuine idea where within each fragments of life is still being continued as a form of countless attendances never ever to settle the present times. Wherever, he sees and finds anything beautiful that reminds him the most perspective and stunning presentations of her and it is his promise to remain with her even during her long absence. He believes Lord and the master of the universe and the countless times the single most presentable attendances he has been acquiring for always comes with her presence as never ever he feels left alone within these perspective loneliness.

During the evening times when the thoughts reaches to the empty presentations he used to find her live image within circles of his eyes and never ever finds himself left alone amidst deeper and stiffer life settlements. He reached to the heavy ground where he used to see the live presentations of his innovations with success and with each success he finds her gloomy look and thanks him for his greater success. He looks at the sky to see her yes he finds her within the nerve cells of her but unable to find him with real presence which could become the sole content of discontent where for every time he used to find the most wonderful and intuitive presence of her but still all such memories stays within the limitless boundaries and countless presentation of ideas of emptiness where with each passing of times the generations of thoughts remains as usual.

Bearings of past:

Life is not full of roses but when the life goes out of context then, it becomes an empty void of earthly substances to stay as an alone entity. Still the last words from her murmuring from her vibrating mouth while breathing her last, wherever she goes she would still remember her and the winds that would blow across should come with her and with every precipitations she would be reaching to him though with the distance that would not be measurable in terms of metric substances she would still be there for all time still he would be here for the life duration. The wait for her becomes one of most miserable and difficult time to create the utmost substances that would be the most difficult for him but still she confide that what would happen now it happened but if he would feel sadness at any point of times, she would be in great tense of pain that would be immeasurable for him. Life is still there after death and passion and still continue even before and after death.

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Only is the distance between soul and person remains far wider but the energy between he or she is still breathing and still continues to exist. All these are her last words while crying with deeper grief and sadness and while speaking these words she is rolling out with pain and her eyes were moist with tears as she did not want him to leave the midpoint. During those times, he would be thinking about stopping her to leave this beautiful world but he was helpless and could not do any of this. He was being defeated by fate and the earth bonding between her and she was still that point and this nothing to be prolonged but still his mind was searching for the presence and she was even with virtual presence she came out meet with him time and again.

If times are comparable to birds, he would have to hold these birds inside a cage in order to stop that time when he and she were happy and he would present time with most precious foods so that it would not be going out from there. Nonetheless, in vain all these are pigment of imagination and he could not do anything as such. There is no need for a photograph of her, as her image is inscribed within her inner corner of the heart and it is still there and still lively and the heart is still singing for her but still he could not find her in presence.

Still, it appeared to him that she was away and the separation of her with him is simply could not be measurable with each other. In the present times, there is no one to call him back and he does not need that so as he wants only her to find her wherever he could and even if he had to reach to another world he would be doing without slightest of pain and difficulties. It is the way which he is pursuing and he would be reaching to his destinations sooner or later.

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