Avoid Google’s blacklist by protecting your website

Creating a website has been the dream comes true to me after blogging for more than eight years. During these years, I have been busy posting some of leisure moments in my utterly busiest schedule. What starts from an utter surprise slowly it becomes one of most interesting and wonderful happening as slowly I constantly blog on various subjects with contents widening from very local to global thoughts. During my leisure times, I tried hard to accumulate spare thoughts and incidents that would have provided some very rare implantation of thoughts to my thinking processes and that creates much desired and anticipated privileges of bearing one more incidents to my writing hands. Most of times, what created the generation of ideas from simple of creating an online presence turns into one of most enterprising and entertaining mode where I used to spend plenty of time in writing and building many of concepts and that too some of it becomes a reality.

Sitelock and codeguard:

In the mean time, having trending upon a longer holiday, I used to find a fascination to find out more about web hosting and web development. During all these years, I came to know that the single most important part of web hosting and web management is that of respecting what Google wants from you as a web master. Google is the biggest happening all across the internet arena. Website is all about creating and managing circulation to different world through countless innovating and advantageous methods. Creating and managing a website does not come free as it comes with hosting charges. Domain charges and if you have purchased some of the add-ons such as sitelock and codeguard then it would be charged to you on an annual or half yearly basis. Be careful of it and the prime motive of running a website comes from dealing with managing incurring revenues that should come out from your website as a result of circulating to different domains all over the world.

How to prevent Google blacklisting?

That is why proper and good management of traffic is important and for this Google is the biggest provider of direct as well as indirect traffics. Google wants every website to clean and malware free and bereft of any viruses and for this many webmasters continuously goes for some smart coding as well as implemented some smartest tricks that would impact nicely on website renderings. That is why Google Webmaster tools plays prominence as it provides an additional tool for scanning of website and these scans come in fast and in this way one would check website whether it is infected with malwares or not. If someone wants to spend higher money then can purchase site lock or similar tools which scans website in cloud and remove unwanted viruses and malwares. Here, we talk about such websites which runs in virtual as well as its scanning comes in terms of virtual statements. Thirdly, various hosting providers are providing virus scanner in their Cpanel hosting as an add-on and one could reach there and start scanning websites periodically in order to stop blacklisting from Google.

Be aware of comment spamming:

Website comes with many lines of codes and all these codes are conjoined with separate database servers in order to fetch articles and present it in collaborative forms to users. Virus stays at some point where it becomes increasingly difficult to find it out and most of these viruses come in the form of some javascript inserted inside comments spamming or some form of other spamming methods. It is important for webmasters to not to allow HTML in commenting so that most of the visitors would provide simple comment answers instead of longer encrypted codes that would go to harmful websites. That is the reason why prevention is better than safety and for this it is important to go for smaller bit of codes as well as smarter bit of website management with administrative account should be nicely guarded against brute-force attackers in order to completely protecting account from suspicious behaviors.

Use plugins carefully:

It is the roles of trespassers that worry most and in order to secure website fully one needs to make good and nice provisions so that there would be no way windows open for trespassers at any point of time. Most times, try to install themes meant and plugin developed by native hosting company such as automatic or others in order to guarantee completely security system in order to present one of the most demanding proposition for hackers to look into your website. A jet pack is a nice set of plugins meant for wordpress self-hosted Linux hosting where one would find excellent conglomerate of plugins and most of are being constantly scanned and managed by the owner of wordpress in order to provide error free and virus free.

Most of times one need to understand the several faults with websites comes from existences of owner’s own mistakes and most of times when these mistakes are being constantly corrected and amended one could find excellent and wonderful secured site and for this it is important not to resort ot install any other plug-in which could affect badly for website. It is important not to modify or edit .htta files of wordpress as in the internet we have been seen many tricks and tips of how to secure website through this files modifications. Most times, wordpress is self-sufficient to provide further security and with large scale of modifications and alternations one need to be extra secure not to implement too many modifications to website.

Another front where most times spam reached for website and completely cover your bandwidth and that would be very difficult for you manage and cope with when direct and genuine visitors reach to your website and find it difficult to render. It holds up and your site becomes down suddenly and for this it is important to go for a good content networking site in order to prevent your sites from black listed and also down for several moments to remove most of returning visitors to your site completely.

Use content delivery network:

Cloudflare or site lock content delivery network is nice proposition in order to accelerate website considerably. With cloudflare plugin installed, it caches and identifies real spammer’s internet protocol address and stops them on their next visit and reduces spam comments to considerable extents. Cloudflare plugins works nicely with cloudflare content delivery network and works relentlessly with anti spam akimset plugin of wordpress to remove spams completely and save precious bandwidth limits for direct and returning visitors.

Always watch newsletters from host:

Another form of security of website is to choose a right and secure web hosting just like myself as I have chosen for bigrock hosting with great support and great customer satisfaction with nice and speedy support. It is important to reach to administrative area of hosting account from time to time as well as check the administrative email account in order to see any such messages occurring out from hosting to any imminent problems with your website and hosting. Sometimes one specific internet protocol on which your website is located caught spams and yours hosting should be contacted immediately in order to rectify these mistakes. All these forms are various forms of tricks which need to be done with a cool mind and clever ideas in order of stops all sorts of spams in your messages and preserve valuable bandwidth and prevent blacklisting from Google.

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