A study about the role of electronic media of India

Strategic permanence and speed up communication mediums provide enough access to information to users which were presented in late format in earlier times. In the present times, the role of media which includes electronic media requires a complete overhaul of importance to send the right message to people all across vicinity. Electronic Medias are now in complete abundance and with each passing times. We have seen completely different provisional presentations of incidents. Everyone wants a correct and descriptive informative documentary on every subject but that is not so on so called many electronic media services. Most of these services aims to generate news out of nothing or try to present some quotes or mistakenly misquotes in some other forms.

It is of utmost responsibility of media houses to investigate about any such reported incidents at first and then provide non-stop coverage of that event without any alternations. Now, any leaders speak anything or accuse any leader that becomes news, without finding an iota of truth behind this. All these seems to suggest the manner in which such journalism presents before us which are only to gather comprehensive television rating points are simply not so warranted and presentable. In a world of information where no information would be able to suppress and convert into another information, in those spaces such daring presentation of false and malicious information without checking details about all these represents the same amount of tenacity and audacity of such media houses which wants to earn money in the name of short term information gaining.

In the near past, excellent work done by former army chief and external affair ministry in rescuing India and many foreigners from the jaws of death of war field. The navy had done excellent work by bringing out many Indians and foreigners world over amidst frightening bullets moving here and there. Surprisingly, this event was not shown and praise by leading media houses who boast up themselves as they are the most proficient and number one media house with the highest number of television ratings for them. Why such news is deliberately ignored by leading electronic media houses and why only negative sides of a former army chief who criticizes such media houses of not reporting such wonderful art performed by the government of India. Why such media houses are only showing negative sides of government of the day and ignoring undesirable sides of opposition.

It is to be perceived and is still believed that every media houses are neutral in terms of their political outlook. Media being the fourth estate and the fourth pillar of democracy needs active review of their direction and in which directions they are running into. Recently, general secretary of the principal opposition party comes out from long leave to go into different zones and try to show a particular bill is anti-farmer. Then comes out these so called electronic media houses and they also echoed similar without investigating and properly scrutinizing what this bill especially the land bill is a matter of. Why such thing is happening, is there no intellectuals left in media houses and for this it becomes too light in giving perspectives on important matters without completely neutral view. Media should provide news and should provide adequate neutral definitions of every subject without influenced from any partisan thoughts. It should create stronger information and provide correct news to people who desperately want to know more about it.

Look at some channels run by the government of India such as DD News, LokSabha TV and RajyaSabha TV, which provide thorough and investigative information about every subject without bias. If one would listen to such discussions for one hour, definitely, one would find excellent information on a particular subject, its pros and cons and possible solutions. In these three channels when there is discussion on a particular subject, the anchor does not interfere with anyone and also does not allow the other person to speak over another person. One such private channel which boasts up as number one in television rations finds itself in situations where every discussion becomes a set of chaotic proposition. If you hear discussion on any topic out there, you would find nothing informative and learned from there as every person would be shouting over the other person and the anchor also shouting them out. In colloquial language, we called it as fish market, as we would find a similar situation in a fish market where fish vendors used to shout over the others in order to attract customers and gained the upper hand over them.

Similarly, recently, Nepal and some parts of India witnessed the devastating earthquake which not only rocks capital city of Nepal but also people all around the world. Within three hours, government of India, sends helps to the Nepalese government and continuously presented a friendly hand to them in order to clear derbies and save life amidst rubbles. On the other hand, these so called electronic media houses of India reached there and started portraying depressing pictures of there and completely ignore the positive sides of rescue operations. We know, one would not be going to lead any such in the presence of negativity as the single most part of life is to construct and build with sense of positivity which not only provides continuous smile to us but also present some of the most beautiful and illustrative application of continuity which we also should follow and enrich ourselves. On the other hand, such so called media houses were given to go from the government of Nepal and this justifies that how deep such media houses would be in giving out negative pictures of everything.

Life is not full of roses, but still one need to find out the complete path of roses and one should completely ignore the state of thorns the likings of negativity. There are many positive sides and one need to find out what should be good and what should not be in order to manage and steer life in a good vessel. Life looks at the letter of positivity where everything would be going in the spirit of attractiveness and positive findings. Today, when you open any news channel, you would be finding similar news about Salman Khan convict of a 13 years old cases. Why this news would be telecast for more than hours, as it is one such news and once reported than these electronic media channels should shift to some other news. In this process, they completely ignored that Loka Sabha passed goods and services bills (GST) and this is big news as this would impact on the price and reduce the price structure drastically. GST bill would be unifying tax structure and remove double taxation but these channels overlook positive news and going on and on over the same set of news which we know for more than one hour.

Should common man not interested in the state of economy and passing of GST bill in the lower house which implies in the days to come there would be drastic reduction in price of every commodity all over India? This is positive and this is journalism which deals directly with people in general. It is being ignored by various electronic media houses as it is time now for some revival of these media houses. Now, journalism needs a complete overhaul from what it is being today to another state where new and positive minded journalism need to come into the forefront without any such utter decay. People of India have already been changed by giving out one of the most decisive mandate but still India would not be complete without complete generational change of state of journalism especially in the sector of electronic media houses.

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