A nonparticipant spectator- a short story

In its entirety life never ever stops sort of thinking beyond when it comes with presentable idea to real sense of idea where the proper generation of sense comes into real prominence with the advent real life which has not only the power to create hastiness in life but also making extracting the more sense to life than it goes beyond. It was that sort of time when everything was beyond imagination where one finds it very easier to create and live with life without any sort of hesitation. Here, life sings of life with each passing moments he finds excellent presentable ideas to innovate and touch the sky without any distinguishable admonish able abundance presentations.

It was that sort of times, when it was imminent to provide for well conceived research works meant to do at the marketing levels as well as treat each respondents as one unit of happy customers so that the presentable product formats remains the same as well it attend to life with equal means to change entire path of life with equal level of countable measures. That was the times, when the weather was nicer and cooler and everything is nice out there with a nicer and cleaner job to present the life to a level destination. All such research works remain as it is and with due course of times. Everything within the spaces of life becomes the most happenings around the world without any such discontent and anomalies.

While moving from one side of the highway, where I could find enough stand still structures of modern marvels of hotels and different attires of many such modern lifestyles but sometimes failed to find the real life out there. At one point, I saw one small hotel amidst the space just opposite to the big hotels. From a distance, from the other side of road, when it is being looked it seems that the modest happenings are there beside the bigger richer structures. Nonetheless, is it necessary to be such structure amidst bigger marvels and was it a necessary and why such modest hotel is there even amongst powerful bigger hotels.

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Let us find what should be the real reason behind this and for this I have to cross the roads, and that highway leads to Nandankanan and vehicles are moving with great speed due to the advent of weekend’s times out there.  In the mean time, suddenly, the sun comes out from clouds as if a new born baby looms out from the safer hands of his/her mother. So, I have to raise one hand in front of self-calculated rising sun and slowly move to the other side of the road while looking at both sides and estimating the amount of distance the vehicle would cover while crossing the road.

I think, ours brains are good at mathematics we could not understand what is the system of mathematics mind is being taken into and consider of but still it calculates the probability of reaching incoming vehicle towards you and also within shortest span of times, it calculates the velocity of vehicle as well as the other constrains such as speed and the mobility of vehicles in relation with yours speed. All these are advanced form of mathematics though we did it without any sense of calculative processors and even one illiterate person also could do this without any such difficulties. All these present the sense of greatness and while calculating all such greater mathematics, I crossed over the road to reach nearer to bigger hotels.

First, I looked at the big hotel; it was almost four star hotels where most of the facilities are there, and the foods available there is excellent with quality contents and excellent etiquettes. Front space is covered with wide inner private road to lobby as well as a bigger garden out there which is full of colorful flowers with plenty of greenness out there. Artificial streams are flowing from there with large chunks of the waters flowing out from there towards the streams of flowers and as winds touching the cool waters turn into coolness and touching body of bystanders like me out there.

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It was a pleasing experience of seeing life out there even during the spaces of extreme summer but still there is plenty of life there and without a question everything is out there provides the real fillip of life out there unquestionably the most possessive of stream of oxygen comes out from there providing the real signs of life out there. Now, it is turn to reach out to the neighbor hotel which is a modest hotel but surprisingly that is making the entire atmosphere not so consumable and watchable to reach there. Nevertheless, I reached there and looked at the distance that the person who are eating their seemingly from the labor classes and mostly who are working in nearby areas as daily wage labor.

There is no drainage system out there as well as all used water stops at one road and that creates extremely difficulty for bystanders to cross over the roads from there as from different sides there have been many speeding vehicles roaming here and there without any signs of slowing down. So, my inquisitive minds expect me to reach out there and I slowly worked my way towards that small artificial stream created as a result of not recycled water system there. I was extremely careful as I just have to look everywhere whether any vehicles were roaming here and there. I reached there, and from a small distance I observed the person who was sitting there at the counter, I asked him, why this small hotel amidst all such big hotels.

He smiled back and said most of these lands were belonging to their parents and all such big industries. Forcefully taken away these lands though most of these lands have been part of the jungle during those times. Then one such owner of industry allowed them to open a small hotel so as to earn a livelihood. I returned back from there without uttering anything, but I find signs of numerous contradictions in his reply. I could not understand why owner of such huge forms of land is forced to give back those lands, as most of these industries use to do business cleanly and then must have gone through proceedings and set up rules in order to process and amend and acquire lands. It seems that person was saying life and the place where it has created a hotel is a forced occupied land which should not be owned by him in the first place.

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Secondly, the amount of water pollution it has been creating unquestionably the great source of difficulties for most people who want a decent nearby areas were staying in front of large hotels. Those places are now important places with modern instances of marvels out there but still the signs of poverty or made of poverty just bring bad shape to a nicely decorated band. Hope all these should be changed at some point of time as in one picture Govinda has done similar hotel in front of big hotel but that was for another purpose but still the amount of answer that person provides does not seem to give me the real response which I was wondering into but I think at some point of times that hotel should be remove from there.

I reached that place after seven years only to discover that the same small hotel was not there and in that place a medium styled shop was there and many people especially the students were roaming out there. I was confident that the shop would not be there after some year and that seemed to be true though that place was also changed completely with the advent of modern and superiority lifestyle coming into the forefront.

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