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Everyone with a website knows there is no 100% uptime. Things sometimes go wrong. But, it is important to keep track of those happenings and amount of time website is down. As most websites go for commercial purposes and the amount of time they are offline can be seen as a sort of financial loss to them and it needs proper consideration. Sometimes, it is at the opposite end of code or sometimes it is with the server.

There are numerous website monitoring tools which give part of these services for free but in this article I shall tell readers about a website which is giving premium website monitoring service for free. This service works uninterrupted and checking your website in every five minutes. It is deployed in a stable software environment.

There are false positives in alerts, but most of them are minimal in nature. This premium complimentary service is known as uptime Robot.  It enables you to keep your websites up. It notifies you when your site is reduced. Remember to provide a valid email address in order to receive authentic information about your site’s status straight into your email inbox.

Every system runs with highly optimized CPU, RAM and disc space, but no one knows how much traffic would reach at certain point of time and this creates unwanted compressions and severe breakdown of hosting server which results in ultimate degradation of hosting and these impacts on website uptime. Uptime robots have added more servers as there has been heavy demand for this website due to spontaneous offerings of premium services.

Many a time, heavier demands on a negligible CPU environment can create extreme complexion within a server environment. In the last few months, there are lesser false positives from this website due to adding up all downtime servers on a single integrated environment and this removes the worst possibilities of server downtimes. In addition to this, there have been some additional nodes and remote engines to remove all possible false positives from existing server environments.

Uptime robots query for website headers to better understand status codes. If there is problem with status code then the site is experiencing server downtime and this has been immediately notified to already establish emails to specific persons. In the mean time, after getting signs of down time for sites, uptime Robot creates several system checks for the next 30 seconds to confirm about the real cause of down time and if the site is always down, then it sends an alert.

It uses, distributed monitoring system to reduce false positives. When the downtime is first noted from its principal server of US, then it is checked at different locations of its server throughout the world in order to find out the actual cause behind extreme downtime of website. There is multiple server of uptime Robot on separate continents.

If you get continuous false positives, then there are heavier chances that your hosting provider must have blocked out or blacklisted your internet protocol address. Then, it is better for you to contact your hosting provider to know the exact detail of status of hosting. Sometimes, some spam plug in or software, black list internet protocol address of Uptime Robot, then it is better to make white list of such website in order to provide hassle free access to servers for uptime Robot.

Here is the place of IP s of Uptime Robot which you might want to white list so that your antivirus software or security plugin of your website will not stop it from constant monitoring. There are chances of such software might detect these IPs as spam IPs so it is good to take care of it.

There are different monitor types and out of it if you want to monitor website then ‘http(s) ’ is best for you. It is perfect for website monitoring. It visits your website regularly just like a visitor through provided URL and checks it whether the website is up or down.

Pinging of website is very good to monitor server and hosting. It pings your website to know server uptime and downtime. It is better to avoid for monitoring of website as sometimes through pinging server can be up but in actual due some front end coding part it might have been down creating a strong sense for false positives alerts. Sometimes, when site is down due to front end coding errors but the server is up then pinging can give the impression of size is up thus providing false positives.

If you want to check DNS of your website address and if you have a different DNS than hosting provider, it is a great idea to go for port based checking as it will send responses and request to ports to understand nature of up time or down time DNS of website is experiencing. It is better to use the email feature than SMS feature as for me it is not a perfect but may be for residents of US it is giving another good option to work out for. Uptime Robot will add Pro SMS gateway feature which might be come at a cost to attract more visitors to receive SMS notifications on their phone.

Due to the advent of smart phones and push notifications, emails can work as a sort of message and for this the free email service is a good deal. One can create 50 alerts for free with Uptime Robot and while creating alerts please make sure there are alert contacts attached to the monitor and this can be checked through the ‘edit monitor, ’ dialog. This feature can be accessed through “Bulk actions” link just under the “Add Monitor” button.

Bulk action screen shot this entry was posted on June 20, 2014 by admin.
Uptime Robot was created by two web designers in Jan 2010 and they have tried best to make it available for free but in web everything is controlled and running of servers and housing does come with a price tag.

The web interface of Uptime Robot is completely revamped and it is now faster and works seamlessly. It works nicely with latest versions of Chrome and Internet Explorer and I have not checked in other web browsers. The present dashboard summaries all the information and within short and precise manner it gives exact informations of uptime of your website.

You can custom monitoring interval to change it from five seconds minimum to yours desire interval time by moving slider. In the last 12 months, the progress and process of development of Uptime Robot have been in acceleration with more and newer feature and server availability is making it as a brilliant web application for webmasters.

There are plenty of exciting ideas and functionalities attached with it such as creating relevant application for android, iOS and so on. Uptime Robot minimizes downtime and it has a Facebook  page where one can receive all information and latest updates happening there. There are many free services are going for paid options, but, uptime robot has assured that they will try their best to keep what is already permitted as free.

How to use Uptime Robot to monitor website:

  1.  Sign-up (free) 
  2. Check your email from uptime [email protected] Then activate your account by being in the link provided there.
  3. Then, Login from here
  4. After Login, you will be redirected to Dashboard.
  5. Need to get to Add New Monitor.
  6. A popup window namely New Monitor will appear.
  7.  From Monitor Information subject reaches to monitor the type and then click on Please Select.
  8. From the drop down menu select HTTP(s).
  9. You can give any friendly name to this new monitor.
  10. URL give complete address of website
  11. Adjust monitoring interval from five minutes to every 120 minutes.
  12. Alert Contacts to notify and give alert contact that is the email address to which the message to be transmitted when your site reach to up time or down time.
  13. After filling up all these clicks on Create Monitor to add a new monitor of website.
  14. Now you do here not worry about your web master status, you simply can now receive notifications when your site goes to downtime through email.
  15. If you want to remove various monitors at a time, then use Bulk Actions tools just below Add New Monitor.
  16. A popup window namely Bulk actions will come out with action details and then select the action and then complete action.
  17. Then click on My Settings which is a place to locate all the details about your monitors. From Account Profile then intrusive reach of the time zone and from the drop down menu choose your time zone so as to receive alert notification on your sspecific timezone

You can make up to 50 sites just have to monitor and it is all comes for free. You can pause, edit and delete monitors. It works in cooperation with http and https. Dashboard of uptime robot is not difficult and intuitive. It is important in order to provide the correct time zone of your area so as to receive notifications immediately when your site is down.


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