How to speed up Samsung Galaxy android Smartphone

Samsung galaxy is customized android smart phone from Samsung, manufactured and marketed by Samsung Electronics. Samsung produces the highest number of android devices throughout the world. There are numerous uses of this device and with due course of time they experience performance lag in their device. It is becoming slowly and with more usages’ it is showing signs of lagging and this article will empower users to speed up Samsung galaxy range smart phones to its optimum performance levels.

Galaxy range smart phones are premium phones and user experience is brilliant but with due course of time it is fast becoming slower and for this it is inevitable to speed up the device without rooting of android. Everyone loves speed and that is why no one likes to have a lag device that will slow down the entire process of working with a smart phone.

Android empowers original equipment manufacturers to create customized android version and for this many developers have been utilizing this option of an android for free. Users of India received Galaxy Grand android jelly bean update in September last year. It was three phases update which consist of almost 900 MB of data download. It introduces some new features in every field of android. It seems to be speed up galaxy devices, but some have some issues which eventually are cleared upon through some security fixes.

Disable proprietary front end touch user interface of Samsung:

In the month of August, Samsung galaxy grand receives one more update, which is about 300 MB and it empowers to add some additional functionalities of android which is to make the device faster and hung up lesser. Samsung uses ‘touchwiz’ its own proprietary front end touch user interface which stays ahead of operating system and works nicely with inbuilt android devices. It is borrowed from its own proprietary operating system for smart phones such as Samsung Bada and REX. Experiments show. ‘Touchwiz’ slows down Samsung Galaxy-devices. In earlier versions of android, there is no good front-end touch interface, but with update of android, you can now have Google’s own front end touch interface. In the following article, you will know about exclusive tricks for faster Samsung galaxy models.

Exclusive tricks for faster Samsung Galaxy grand devices:

Update Samsung Galaxy Grand to its latest android release.

It is an OTA update and you can reach there by swapping screen down from top, then click on the gear icon, then click ‘more’ then go to ‘About device’ and double tap. Prior to all this you have to connect data connection in order to call server. Then click on ‘software update’ then ‘update’ and if you are not on Wi-Fi settings but on EDGE connection then click on ‘OK’ and if any software updates available on the server it will be done automatically.

It will connect to the server and if no update is available this means the latest updates have already been installed. If not then wait for auto-updatation. Most probably it will send almost update of almost 300 MB to Samsung-Galaxy-Grand. It will update android for Samsung galaxy grand to 4.2.2

Get Google Now launcher:

This latest update of Samsung Galaxy grand which was rolled out in August 2014, silently as there in no where almost no mention of this update, and this enable and empower users of Samsung Galaxy Grand devices to have provision for installation of ‘Google Now Launcher’ which makes entire front end touch interface of Samsung Galaxy Grand a different look and identity.

Click on ‘Play Store’ while data connection is on, then from its search bar at the front search for ‘Google Now Launcher’ and download it. It is from Google Inc and a 12M download. Depending on speed of internet your download will be done within a few seconds. It requires Android 4.1 and up which is pretty suitable for Samsung Galaxy Grand devices. After this, the interface will ask you which front end touch interface you will like to use. ‘Google Now Launcher’ or ‘Samsung TouchWiz’ and select the former and select for all-time.

This will completely install ‘Google Now Launcher’ on Samsung Galaxy Grand devices. Make ‘Google Now Launcher’ as default launcher. Notably, Google has released ‘Google Now Launcher’ for all android devices starting from android 4.1 or higher with a software update in last August 2014. It is an official update from Google and you do not need any custom ROM to install it.

It provides Android uses a new and simple home screen with more customization and cleaner interface. Android One device comes with this interface as default, front end touch user interface of android. Remember you cannot be downgraded to previous versions after installation of this update. Google Now launcher first appeared on Google Nexus 5 as Android Kitkat update and this works nicely and many users of Android jelly bean have been waiting eagerly and tirelessly for this update.

Now, you have this update and it is now time to capitalize this with richer benefits. Google announced this feature is now available on all Android devices running 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher on Google+ post  By swapping right of home screen you have all Google Now cards and information and by Swapping left you have another alternative home screen at yours perusal. You have now translucent status and navigation bar. The entire screen is now in three dimensional models with faster preview and opening of application. You will smell like the speed of launching and opening of applications within seconds.

The new wallpaper picker gives wide preview areas to users and these wallpaper now fit smooth to entire devices. There are some new wallpapers available which users now can place it for a clearer and dynamic look of Samsung Galaxy grand devices. Google Now is your home screen provides you with faster search within device while offline and faster internet searches while data connection is on. By touching home screen for a few more seconds, you will have access to wallpaper and widgets segment.

From there a modern weather widget from Google which is short and precise and gives accurate information to users. It collects and manages all data on your device and makes it fast and speedier. It has a larger viewing area and from the home screen you can easily browse Gmail, Google+, Google Photos, maps, drive and YouTube. There is a consortium of application in a single pane and you can rename it on your name to for a personalized look of your phone. It is by default renamed as ‘Google’.

Remove preloaded applications from Samsung Galaxy Grand:

Samsung has its own ‘TouchWiz’ front end touch interface which can be disabled by following suggestions from point two written above. Swipe down from the top to see ‘gear’ icon and then tap it and it will open ‘settings’. Tap on ‘More’ and then ‘Application Manager’. Tap on it and uninstall following preloaded applications of Samsung Galaxy Grand device. Here is the comprehensive list of such applications.

ChatOn, Dropbox, DropboxOOBE, Game Hub, Group Play, Hangouts, HP print Service Plugin, Photo Editor, Polaris Office View 5, S Memo, S Note Provider, S Planner Widget, S Suggest, S Voice, Samsung Account, Samsung Apps, Samsung Browser Sync, Samsung Calander Sync, Samsung Cloud Data, Samsung Cloud Quota, Samsung Indian Key board, Samsung Link, Samsung Print Service, Samsung SNote Sync, Facebook SNS, Weather Widget, TouchWiz home, TalkBack, Samsung text-to-speech, Samsung Syncadapters, Samsung Contact SyncAdapter, Phase beam, Mobile Print, Luminous dots, Live Wallpaper picker, Kies via Wi-Fi, Internet (Default Android Browser), Help, Gallery, Favorite Contacts gadget, Favorite Application gadget, Deep Sea, Bubbles, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Windy Weather, S Memo, S Note provider, S Planner Widget, S Suggest, S Voice,

Enable Power saving mode:

Swipe from top of the smart phone and then click on the gear icon and then tap to ‘My device’ then reach to ‘Power saving mode’ and enable it and remember to tick on both ‘CPU power saving,’ and ‘screen power saving’. Former limit maximum performance of the CPU and the later use low power level for screen.

  1. Press power key at the right side of Samsung Galaxy Grand when you are not using the device to turn off the screen when you are not using the device.
  2. Reduce screen time out time:

Swipe from top to see gear icon of settings, tap on it and then reach to ‘My device’ then to ‘Display’ and then to ‘Screen timeout’ from ‘Screen’ section and here set it to ’30 seconds’ and tap on the corresponding box from there. Reducing the time before screen time out can save energy on the phone and make it faster and smoother.

  1. You can use smart stay in conjunction with screen time out settings:

If you enable smart stay then set screen time out setting for one minute of more. If you are not using smart stay, you can set screen time out setting for 30 seconds. To reach ‘smart stay’ setting, swipe from up and reach to gear icon of settings, tap it and then reach to ‘My Device’ and then from ‘Input and Control ’ segment double tap on ‘Smart Screen’ to  and tick on the square box next to, ‘Smart Stay’. It is a feature where screen stays on as long as you are looking at it. It uses intelligent face detection features by activating front camera. It is better to avoid it in order to run Samsung Galaxy Grand faster.

  1. Brightness setting:

Lowering brightness setting and enabling automatic brightness can save power and speed up Samsung Galaxy Grand device.

  1. Turning off Bluetooth:

Turning on Bluetooth may increase additional services and battery consumption. Connection with Bluetooth may increase additional services and battery consumption. It is wise to turn off the blue tooth when you are not using it.

  1. Disable Mobile Data:

Mobile data connection creates multiple connections and this opens many services and this eats out RAM of the device and it is wise to disconnect mobile data when it is not in use. Though mobile data connection does not consume battery directly.

  1. Disable auto synchronization:

Synchronization of data gives up to date notifications through push services. It is prudent not to synchronies data always, but go for a specific time interval in order to speed up Samsung Galaxy grand. Disable ‘auto sync’ to save battery and make Samsung Galaxy Grand faster. Swipe phone from top inside touch screen, browse through the ribbon menu and find ‘sync’ and disable it by touching it and in this way, ‘auto sync’ is now turned off.

  1. Disable GPS:

GPS connects your phone to distant satellites and this consumes the battery and slows down the phone. Continuing use of GPS while in places of weak signal can slow down your phone to a bare necessity level.

  1. Disable Live Wallpapers and unnecessary gadgets:

Live wallpapers consumes high energy and processes and it slows down your galaxy devices. Disable it and only use normal static wallpapers. Disable unnecessary gadgets from home screen of the phone. By enabling ‘Google Now Launcher’ in your phone you can now have, some most used applications on the home screen and you do not have to worry about other gadgets and gizmos. Extra gadgets reduce battery life as well as make galaxy devices slower.

  1. Disable motions and gestures:

Motion and gestures of Galaxy devices perform extra touch screen commands for users and it is better to disable it as it uses high power as well as slow down the device. Motions and hand gestures used to monitor your device. Swipe down touch screen from top and tap on the gear icon at the right hand top side and then tap on ‘My Device’ and then go to ‘Motion and gestures ’ of ‘input and control’ sub setting. Then tap on ‘Motion and gestures’ and slide ‘Motion’ then ‘Palm motion’ to make it off.

  1. Turn off ‘Google Voice typing’:

‘Google voice typing’ uses user’s voice and sends to the Internet and then recognize it to create the necessary commands which may slow down your galaxy device. It is wise to turn off Google Voice Typing. swipe down the touch screen from top and tap on the gear icon at the right hand top side and then tap on ‘My Device’ and then go to ‘language and input ’ from ‘input and control’ sub Setting. From default keyboard setting untick ‘Google voice typing’.

  1. Edit accessibility option:

Accessibility options improve access for users, who have impaired vision, hearing or reduce dexterity. If you are a normal user, then it is better to disable all accessibility option. To reach there, swipe down touch screen from top and tap on the gear icon at the right hand top side and then tap on ‘My Device’ and then go to from ‘accessibility’ sub setting. Double tap on it and untick ‘Auto-rotate screen’. Make shorter duration of screen time out of ‘Screen time out’ setting. Make a shorter duration of ‘Lock automatically’. Untick ‘Speak passwords’, ‘Show shortcuts’, ‘Talkback’. In ‘vision’ sub-setting adjustable font size, do not make it more than normal. Turn off ‘Magnification gestures’. Make ‘Not allowed’ for ‘Enhanced Web Accessibility’. In ‘Hearing segment’ turn off ‘Flash notification’ as it uses camera light blinks when you receive notification.

  1. Edit Accessory segment:

Swipe down touch screen from top and tap on the gear icon at the right hand top side and then tap on ‘My Device’ and then go to ‘Accessory’ sub setting. Double tap on it and then untick ‘Dock sound’, ‘Audio Output mode’, and ‘Desk Home screen display’.

  1. Adjust ‘Sim card manager’:

Most of Galaxy devices use two sims and if you are using two sims simultaneously, turn off ‘Receive incoming calls’ and ‘smart dual SIM’. The former is used to receive incoming calls via other SIM card while using the data service and the latter is used to receive calls from both SIM cards even during calls. Swipe down touch screen from top and tap on the gear icon at the right hand top side and then tap on ‘My Device’ and then go to ‘Motion and gestures ’ from ‘SIM card manager,’ sub setting.

  1. Turn of Wi-Fi:

Turn of Wi-Fi when it is no use. Swipe from top and reach to gear icon of settings and tap it to reach to ‘Connections’ and from there to ‘Wi-Fi’ and move the slider to make it off.

  1. Editing ‘Developer options’:

Swipe down from top of the touch screen and reach to gear icon of settings from the right hand side, then tap on it and reach to ‘More,’ and from there reach to ‘Developer options’ and activate. From its ‘Drawing’ sub-segment tick ‘Force GPU rendering’ which will use 2D hardware acceleration in applications. Go to “setting”>”developer options” from apps tick on “Do not keep activities”. It will destroy every activity as soon as the user leaves it. Developer options are beta options and it may destabilize your system so use this setting with due caution and Care.

21.There are many other factors which could make your galaxy device faster such as enabling developer option of settings and from there reducing animation scale of windows, transition and animator duration scale from default 1 to 0.5.

22.You can get some Samsung memory card which will work faster with Samsung mobiles.

23.Enabling ‘Do not keep activities’ from developers settings:

From the settings menu and then from Apps sub menu reach to ‘Do not keep activities’ and tick it, and this will destroy every activity as soon as the user leaves it. Unlike Windows, Android keeps the application running in the background even after stopping the application. If you want to speed up the device tick on it and this will destroy every activity as soon as the user leaves it.

  1. Limit background processes:

From their reach to ‘Limit background processes’ and here you can edit ‘standard limit’ to allow utmost four processes or no background process running and this will give additional spaces to RAM to work more favorably.

  1. Turn off double tap feature of S Voice:
  2. From developer options of setting reach to sub menu ‘Drawing’ and from there reach to ‘Force GPU rendering’ and tick it, this will enable 2D hardware acceleration in applications. This will cause more battery drain but the system will be faster and graphics will be smoother.

27.Reset your android smart phone to factory settings. Check that back up important files. Go to your android phone settings, then go to accounts and then to backup options and from there tap ‘Backup and reset’. From there tap on ‘Factory data reset’ from ‘Personal data’ and this will reset all settings and delete all data on device. You will get a completely new phone and newer settings.

  1. Periodically check for phone memory of android and shift most multimedia data from phone memory to your external memory.
  2. Wipe the cache partition:

Reboot to recovery mode and wipe the cache partition. This trick is for advance users and it is highly recommended for users who are more development in android knowledge. Turn the phone off. Hold volume up, power and home button and pressure at one point of time until you see ‘recovery booting’. Press volume down button to highlight ‘wipe cache partition’ from six sub menu items. After highlighting an item from the menu press power button to wipe cache partition completely. Now the cache erased and the same set of six menu items will be highlighted. Then press volume down button to highlight ‘Reboot system now’ and press the power button to reboot android system to reach its graphic user interface.

  1. Clear up RAM periodically:

Long presses the home button. Swipe the applications shown in the task manager. Press the first button in the lower left corner. Tap ‘Clear memory’ button. You are done.

  1. Head over to settings, then ‘My Device’ then to ‘Display’ and scroll down to ‘more settings’ and tap on it, make touch key light duration ‘Always off’. Touch screen light consists of LED lights and turning this off can save battery power create this phone for multi-tasking.
  2. Back up photos and videos only using Google+

Android comes with preinstalled Googel+ and the only thing you have to do is to reach its back up settings and adjust it settings. Launch Google+ and by setting reach to ‘General settings’ and then to ‘Auto-backup’. It is for automatically back up new photos and videos to Google Photos. Backups are for your eyes only. Tap on it and choose for ‘BACKUP STORAGE’ of ‘Photo size’ as ‘standard’ and this will back up all your photos to Google+. Photos will not be shared with its social network.

Then moves down and in ‘Backup Settings’ of ‘Back up photos’ choose ‘Over Wi-Fi or mobile network’ to back up photos when there is a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection available. Then move down in settings, to reach to ‘While charging only’ and tick this. Now, photos back ups are done when there is charger are connected. Now all of your photos and videos are shifted to secure cloud server by Google.

This will make your phone faster while using as mobile device. It will consume lesser battery and also it will make your device faster. You can do this similar settings of ‘download while charging’ to Google Play Newsstand.


There are various possibilities of speeding up Samsung Galaxy devices and this article mostly have highlighted some common and some first and innovative ideas for users to implement. One should not apply to all these points simultaneously, but should think about which one to use at what point of time to male android device faster. Do it at your own risk and back up critical files before performing all these tricks. In this article, all the tricks are related with genuine android devices. It does not deal with rooting of android devices as the author simply hates rooting devices. Author prefers genuine android and preferably stock android. Android provides numerous opportunities for customization and this article tries to illuminate some of the points and author hopes all these points will help immensely to users and make their device faster and smoother. Android is a huge operating system and it is almost close to a computing environment and after applying relevant tricks one can get a stronger and better operating system which can perform faster at any point of time.

Close applications using the Back key instead of the Home key. Pressing the Home key inside an application puts it under Standby mode, consuming memory and battery. Alternatively, hold down the Home key and select the Task Manager. It will display running applications and option to end it. Other task manager apps are not recommended, use the one provided by Samsung.

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