Samsung Galaxy S5 review

It has been a while when I really perform serious smartphone review. On this summer evening, when I have it in my hand Samsung Galaxy S5, decides to have a thorough review of this phone. It is true, late in the race of cheap smartphone competitions in terms of price; it has lost number one spot.

In terms of different applications and ease of use of some of its proprietary software, I always prefer to have Samsung phones. Let us see, whether Samsung Galaxy S5 is really a game-changer revolutionary product or simply the same line of product which some of Samsung smart phones used to be.

Samsung Inc. is now in the stage of growth. It stopped continuous innovation as while doing this it completely ignores improvement of products which matter the most to end users. It tries to build its brand identity nearer to its current strength and tries to raise and build on the concept of taking its much hyped innovation to other significant levels. It is no bad thing to build your identity on your own set up of different diversified product line ups as it grows with time and impels much needed to boost to compete with different product lines.

From last year’s Samsung Galaxy S4, the current product brings out really truly significant and strategic changes which are not immersed but impressive. It is not revolutionary innovation but it keeps its identity with modern times considering the best of best modern applications is embedded with it. From designing point of view Samsung Galaxy S5 is better looking than its predecessors line of products and these smart phones brings out much needed significant improvements over its past product lineups.

Does this impel customers who bought Samsung Galaxy S4, in previous years to upgrade to latest version? Does Samsung Galaxy S5 have sufficient capacity and improvement facility so that customers who bought Samsung Galaxy S4 one year back wishes to upgrade, their smart phone. Let us now observe and read this article to know more about it.

Those who can afford it, this upgrade is great for them, but should customer with moderate income go for it or not. It is better in performance and ergonomics than its predecessor line of Samsung Galaxy S products. Still, if you want to upgrade in that price bracket, then it is better for you to research on some other similar line of products and brands so that you could get a better proposition than that of current Samsung Galaxy S5.

Price of this product varies from country to country but, wiser minds also keep track of popular electronic commerce sites such as amazon or flipkart to know more about discounts they offer in their range of products line ups. Samsung Galaxy S5 is available with four different colors namely white, black, golden and blue. Design is of this product is surprisingly good with better ergonomics.

It is really astonishing to observe. Samsung has produced some rare smart phone without really good design. Samsung Galaxy S5 is for sure an exception. If you love designing part than it is for you and go for it as you could like its designing that its competitive products.

It plastic is good, as most of its flagship products have really cheap state of plastics, but surprisingly the plastic use of Samsung Galaxy S5 is strong and durable. Samsung fans love their smart phones and only compare with its previous models by completely ignoring other company’s product in the same line of pricing.

HTC One (M8) is similar pricing product with that of Samsung Galaxy S5. It is made of aluminum and has a great look and many customers who does like the feel of aluminum and its ergonomics goes for it by completely ignoring Samsung Galaxy S5. Those customers compare plastics of Samsung Galaxy S5 with aluminum for HTC One (M8) smart phones.

Samsung should seriously consider designing part of high end phones to make it more attractive and durable. The best part of Samsung Galaxy S5 is that it is dust and water resistant. It should be popular in Asian countries where summer and rainy seasons come with strong weather admissions. It can stay good within one meter deep water for less than 30 minutes.

Its battery cover had a small rubber band around it so that water could not enter into it. There are such small improvements all around this product in order to make it resist water for longer times.

On the bottom of the phone, where one could find a micro SD card slot and TV out slot and these two slots are covered with plastic flap to resist water. When you disconnect micro SD card from computer to phone, the phone will remind you every time to put plastic flap in the slots of micro SD card. This is a good way to remind users about comprehensiveness in the way phone works.

Unlike year old Samsung phones, there is no such dedicated camera hardware button, but use the home button on Samsung at the bottom as well as power on or off key at right side of the phone. Most of other phones, such as Lenovo, its volume increase and decrease key are at the right side of the phone which is very annoying as it keeps reducing sounds of phones while holding it and sometimes unknowingly sounds of phones reduces drastically to non-hearing levels.

However, the contextual hardware touch key the right side of the home button is replaced with task manager. Most times, for a smart phone use by the task manager are important to shut down applications running in the background. In flagship Samsung phones, one needs to touch and hold the Home button to enable task manager.

In Samsung Galaxy S5, the replacement of the task manager in contextual touch key is significant and praise worthy. Now, you have a dedicated task switcher cum task manager lets you manage multitasking at its premium level. With Samsung Galaxy S5, now Home button has a fingerprint sensor, by touching and holding the home button for a few seconds it turns into a finger print sensor and it is really helpful for the next generation of quick online payments.

There is a new unlocking pattern for Samsung Galaxy S5 as you could use a finger to unlock the phone, instead of regular swipe or pattern locking systems. With fingerprint sensor, your phone becomes more secure, though if you use your phone for more occasions, then it would be becoming a tedious job for you to hold your finger length on the Home button.

This fingerprint scanner is full proof and it identifies finger correctly. It is a great piece of hardware to begin with and probably it is expected that Samsung would innovate on this technology in future times. This fingerprint scanner can be authorized to provide payments through PayPal, though it is limited to country side restrictions. It is better to understand whether your country is allowing payment through the PayPal system or not otherwise it would not be very much helpful for you to say the least.

As usual, the volume rocker is on the left side of Samsung Galaxy S5, and on the top of it the audio jack is there without plastic flap. Battery back of at Galaxy S5 uses brilliant plastic which looks similar to rubber and gives an impression of perforated plastic instead of hyper glazed plastic in earlier brands. Most times, back side of the phone come with grip of users and perforated plastic give the feeling of rubber and hold beautifully into the hands of the user without any chance of falling into the ground.

Ergonomically, as well as feeling wise the plastic gives superior edge and performs better with smart phones. On the back of phone, there is 16 megapixel cameras with small red flash and a tiny red light which are an improvement over its predecessor. Tiny red light is a sensor which monitors heart bits and gives correct heart beat performance.

It is good for people who are more prone to health and want their heart beats to be recorded at maximum possible times. Samsung Galaxy S5 has 2800 mAh batteries with micro SD and micro SIM slots. Samsung Galaxy S5 is wider and taller that Samsung Galaxy S4. It has 5.1 inches super AMOLED capacitive display.

It has cornered Gorilla Glass cover for extra protection against unintended drop. It comes with (1920*1080) high definition display. It is brighter and wider than Samsung Galaxy S4. Sunlight eligibility pattern of phone is brilliant and it is completely visible in brighter sunlight. 16 megapixel cameras have ISOCELL sensor which makes photograph wider and beautiful. Its range of products from the camera of this phone looks stunningly brilliant.

Samsung Galaxy S5 imaging facility is brilliant and superior improvement over its immediate predecessor. Speedy focus of the camera is brilliant. It is stunningly takes focus within second and provide superior imaging experience for users. It comes with sturdy phase detection auto focus which not only reduces focus time but brings huge clarity in imaging services.

Though one negative aspect of the camera is that it does not provide optical image stabilization which provides difficult to take images while on the go. Due to implementation of phase detection auto focus on camera, there are a bunch of shooting modes camera provides users, and more can be downloaded from Samsung Apps.

It is a new way to add more functionality to the camera as a result of it more and more users started customizing their camera works. Images on the day light are stunningly clearer and in night time due to installation of ISOCELL, the night and darker photos comes with more clarity than ever before. It seems Samsung Galaxy S5 would be brilliant lover for photographic people who love to use it for some professional’s takeaways.

Video recording with this camera is stunning and some of photo functions are disabled and video files come with default MP4 format. It comes with Android Kitkat and can be degradable. Samsung installed its latest version of Touch Wiz user interface which is fluid and works in seamless manner. Design of this phone seems to be flat. Most of smartphone makers are going on the way of creating flat smart phones.

It does not go for any innovation in creating dashboard surface, may be that could have brought the much needed innovation requires for this smart phone. Like Lenovo’s own theme, Samsung’s Touch Wiz comes with different modes like car mode, sleep mode which is preconceived settings which act in an automatic manner for users. Most of these settings can be found in some other models of Samsung in its settings mode. This means these are not new features but are introduced in a straightforward manner.

Most likable mode is kids mode which empowers phone to reduce most functionalities and use limited applications and resources. This can be done in two ways, such as giving the phone to child or making your phone faster than ever before. Private mode empowers, users to share a phone to a third person by restricting access to applications, gallery and certain other functional areas of the phone.

You can lock all these applications under fingerprint identification located on the Home screen. The easy mode which is available in most of galaxy brands brings bigger applications sizes to the home screen. Samsung Galaxy S5 has improved power options which not only bring two modes of power savings which meant to run phone for longer duration.

Ultra power mode, makes home screen looks back with only six applications running on the desktop. It preserves battery power for longer duration by cutting all animations to a bare minimum. It disables most of advanced features and customizations. Download booster is a new feature which empowers Wi-Fi or DLNA enabled networking to work on higher speed while downloading files. Wi-Fi directly, Bluetooth 4.0, near field communications (NFC) all works like a charm with all forms of the latest mode of speed of data connectivity.

The sales package does not have an adapter, user has to buy it to use it for Micro SD, TV ongoing and USB on the go feature that is embedded within a smart phone. Phone comes with the usual stock android browser and chrome. Of late, Google improved performances of chrome and this might be preferred web browser for most users.

Samsung Galaxy S5 has Qualcomm Snapdragon chip which is a big improvement over its predecessor. It has quad core processor and Adreno graphical user interface for faster graphics which are excellently composed for multi tasking. It has two GB of RAM which are not improvement over its predecessor.

Due to powerful central processing unit, performance of touch Wiz is brilliant and smoother and its menu and settings are appearing nicely with a simple touch. It is tad speedier than its immediate predecessor. Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with inbuilt 16 or 32 GB storages and its micro SD card enables it to increase the size of memory to 128 GB. Micro SD card slot is under Micro SIM slot which is inside battery of Samsung Galaxy S5.

The new music player is brilliant for listening of music with different music synthesizer such as SoundLive, smart volume and advanced equalizer. It sounds brilliant both in headphone as well as in loud speaker format. Embedded video player has limitations of codecs which can be well substituted by installing Google photos which are brilliant in playing so many different formats.

Overall, Samsung Galaxy S5 is a brilliant phone with faster performance. It has better touch Wiz interface than its predecessor with a brilliant camera and numerous tweaks and improvements. It has large storage to keep all of your multimedia contents and screen shots coming out from the camera.

It has nice CPU, GPU and RAM not to compromise on speed. Overall a brilliant phone but still apprehensive how other users would appreciate and buy this phone when there are some other competitors who are selling similar specific brands with fewer prices.


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