How to fix non working of Visual Post Editor of WordPress blog?

WordPress is a great content management system. It is exercised by millions of website. Self-hosted WordPress site offers multiple choices to administrators. It provides them blog like structure within inbuilt visual post editor of WordPress. In one morning, after logging into WordPress back end, I find its visual post editor is not working. It is not possible to write a post on it. Then starts the process of investigation to see what is the crux of this problem. Reinstating entire WordPress is a choice, which I do not adhere to. I try hard to find what the real problem which makes impossible to edit visual post editor. Another flaw simultaneously occurs is that when I browse WordPress front end from smarphone, surprised find the menu function is also not working properly. I have tried logging into WordPressbackend from different browsers and try to edit the visual post editor, but it is not working in updated latest versions of web browsers.

Then, I disable all plugins and try to edit the visual post editor but it is not working. Then, I delete all cache files of web browsers to examine whether visual post editor of WordPress is working or not but all these attempts do not provide rich dividends. I have the options of re-installing WordPress manually for a fresh installation without changing wp-content, but I was not willing to do this as it can have adverse effects on search engine optimization values of website.

Other well-known fixes:

I have also tried to fix WordPress administrator issues through cloudflare page rules. ( It does not function at all. It seems the problem lies elsewhere. WordPress is kept in bypass cache mode so there will not be any such difficulties for visual post editor to show only white space. So, it means the reason behind visual post editor not working lies elsewhere. It means something is definitely broken or was temporarily broken from the server side at backend.

This means everything is fine as back-end of WordPress and I have found out what is causing this in backend. Back end is the hosting panel and from there I have to reach to root folder of WordPress to enquire about what is the real cause of not working with visual post editor of WordPress. I searched many articles to WordPress, but none of the article seems to solve my problem and unable to write a post in visual post editor of WordPress. I felt there is some javascript file missing from back end hosting server as WordPress menu is not accessible in smart phones and in computer the menu of all plugins is not clickable as well as visual post editor of WordPress is not working properly.

Some possible problems which you have to rectify first:

I have found, I enabled ‘Google PageSpeed’ module which is built-in inside, backend hosting. PageSpeed optimized CSS, HTML and javascriprt delivery and speed up website for faster access. First, my sixth sense gives me some idea that I have to check all javascript and jquerry files. I am not sure, it might be possible in the wp-content javascript files and jquerry files might be corrupted and that may be a possible reason, for visual post editor of WordPress not working properly. I checked Google Pagespeed insight, pingdom tools and GTmetrix to find out what is the real problem. Then, I installed Google Page speed and YSlow extension to find about what is slowing down the site in order to find out the real worrying factor of all these problems. In every case, some jquerry files and javascript files are making website slower and this means it has something to do with problems associated with visual post editor.

How to fix non working of Visual Post Editor of WordPress blog?

Finally succeeded in fixing visual post editor of WordPress not working:

Reached to front end hosting control panel (cPanel)


Right click FILE MANAGER and left click on OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB


From right hand side click on WP-INCLUDES

From PUBLIC-HTML/WP-INCLUDES reach to JS folder.

Double click on JS folder to enter into its content.

Then reach to JQUERRY folder from JS main folder.

Double click on JQUERRY to enter into its list of contents.

From there find whether JQUERRY.JS file is here or not.

In my case, it is not there. If it is not there for you, then it is easy to be added to it.

Here is JQUERRY.JS file, download it and upload it to the same directory.

From the top menu click UPLOAD,             a new ftp window will open in a new tab.

From UPLOAD FILES click on CHOOSE FILE, to reach the window explorer and upload jquerry.js file and after upload complete, click on BACK TO HOME to refresh explorer.


WP-INCLUDES is meant for all control of WordPress logging in and this I jumped to this first to check whether all adequate javascript and j query files are intact or not. After passing through all of these processes, I have again login to WordPress to check post editor, and to my utter surprise and happiness it started working again. Visual post editor of WordPress is now active and now I can post from visual post editor of WordPress easily. It comes from inner thinking as and when is there must be some element related to javscript or jquerry associated with it not working properly. For this, it is essential to understand if at all the above precautions does not satisfy and make visual editor of WordPress workable then it is better to go for this option as one should do with caution while working with content management system like WordPress.

It is always a nice idea to back up it before doing any addition. After saving always check your site by opening it in a browser. If it loads correctly, then for sure yours customization are all working in a respectable way. But, it website does not open at that time, and then you can remove that file from the same location and can try other customization options. For sure, if not all options are working at all then this option will work in a better way? This is one such option were complete customizations options can work in a nice way. When visual post editor of WordPress is not working properly, it is the most annoying and the most disturbing fact as this will definitely give such frustrating moments and for this it is essential to check this option carefully so as to manage your website better.

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