Journey to Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar to is hardly 60 kilometers in distance but this route seems to be far longer when considering the state of roads, climatic conditions and different hazards that might post to traveler while travelling through this route. Due to advent of Nabakalebar of Lord Jagannath of , everywhere be it on roads or rails or drains have been considerably taken into upside down and most of roads are broken and half constructed which enable vehicles to go for a single set up rules ignoring much published single route theory. I woke up in the morning and at eight AM; I have received a call from a content marketing company which wants to have one to one talk with me in regards to writing of certain parts of contents related to their website. Being an experienced content writer, having my second hobby and never ever considered it as a single one arm of the profession but still I want to do some of generalized projects on a contractual basis on one pay sum basis.

Having greater name in content marketing as well as education arena and they wanted me to hire for their system administrator job, perhaps at some point of time they would have seen my curriculum vitae and offered me this part-time job as most of times due to my other commitments I would not able to perform their long time duties. Earlier on part time, I was doing project with Social Spark and especially on weekends I had been doing projects on onetime payment basis and most of times they had been paying through PayPal and they are genuine and most of times with those income I used to spend those for some buying of gifts and other happiness purposes. In the mean time they send me intimation letter for part time job and they have offered me and they want to have one to one talk with me so that cost to the company and other remunerations could be easily discussed into.

Generally, I did not ride two wheelers especially, parents do not like it due to high number of accidents occurring as well as some of most rash driving could be seen all over Puri as most of times, especially, nearer to Hospital Square, there are many adults have been driving bicycle as if they are engaged with each other with formula one driving. So, I have to reach at Bhubaneswar at one pm noon time and for this going by train route to Bhubaneswar from Puri would not be suitable as sister said it would be definitely going to be beyond one pm noon and I would be missing out time with a considerable extent.

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As per taking advice from sister, I decided to go by bus, to Bhubaneswar and with me daddy also would be going with me. It was the day that was four days earlier of today, where sun was burning like no other and pouring extreme rays with deep dense hotness that would almost seem to take fire and it seemed not so tolerable, though thanks to weather changing, due to earthquake in Nepal, entire climate situation throughout seismic zones converted into cool climatic zones for sometimes.

Puri also fall under the same set up climate zones as that of Nepal and other earthquake zones and for this climate is now extreme cooler and wonderful cool climate with conditional rain from time to time touching the earth. On that day, daddy and I sets out to Bhubaneswar and we reached nearer to Hospital Square and that point is straight from Bus stand. In the mean time one semi wrecked bus reached and has asked for us to whether we to go Bhubaneswar, and the cleaner assured us seats, but from outside what was visible almost clearer that there was no seat and daddy went inside and I stood outside and daddy looked everywhere to be found nothing left seat there and we left that bus and within seconds a big bus reached and that bus was not of same sort of bus of other buses.

That bus was almost twice size of normal bus and that was completely closed. We reached inside, incidentally, that bus would be going to Cuttack and we would have to leave that bus nearer to museum. That was second deck bus with sleeping facility for passengers as well as a complete air-conditioned bus. That bus was named as ‘Ajay & Ajay’ and it was completely air conditioned. Till that time, I had an idea that only government-owned Sahara bus provides air-conditioned journey but for the first time I came to know that even private vendor is competing with government and providing greater comfort that private busses.

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That was almost half past ten where bus from ‘Ajay & Ajay’ reached nearer to Hospital Square of Puri town. It was a nice surprise for both me and daddy as we have seen a better journey with complete air conditioned and non-stop from Puri to Bhubaneswar with lesser cost. Government owned Sahara bus takes 90 rupees from Puri to Bhubaneswar on the contrary ‘Ajay & Ajay’ take 60 rupees for the same route. Running of air condition is good and most importantly all the windows panes are covered with windows screen and that retards outside heat from reducing cooling effects generating out of internal air-conditions.

It was almost greater experience where. For some time I have been into government owned Sahara busses but due to extreme summer heat entire journey becomes tiresome and cooling effect of air conditions reduces. I observed in most of government-owned Sahara air-conditioned busses, where there are no signs of curtains inside closed glassed windows panes. As a result of this impact of air-condition within the perimeter of busses remain on lower sides.

It is completely opposite in relation with private air-conditioned bus service from ‘Ajay & Ajay’. I am the great admirer of privately run busses but still my one-time experience with this private bus on that day has been absorbing with plenty of generations of praise for this service. I am not sure subsequently what would be happening to this service but still there are many positives out of this one-time journey to Bhubaneswar.  Ultimately within a span of 50 minutes we reached at the museum square at Bhubaneswar.

We are never ever tired of this journey. Daddy feels uncomfortable within air conditioned premises made out of petroleum vehicles. During journey with government owned air conditioned Sahara bus, two times while seating at the back end of a bus, felt awkwardness and for this I was extremely concerned about this journey. That is why. I did not want to go with, but even if that could have been air-conditioned, but still, as there was little time left to have a meeting and for this I did have to decide against my wishes in going with air-conditioned bus.

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I love this bus journey so much as during the course of this journey there were no uncomfortable feelings for daddy as he continues to talk in normal tandem with me without any signs of featureless in what so ever manner.  This is great as I did have some concerns during the course of the journey. It was extreme summer and we brought two head caps so that we could wear it and have enough water and and we decided go with shadows towards RajMahal square where we would be taking share auto-rickshaw to Vanivihar and then to IRC village where I would be meeting with my client on the basis for the post of content writer.

While setting of auto-rickshaw from Vanivihar to IRC village, in nearer to overbridge, there was high-speed wind running across that small vehicle. Cost of share auto per-person in three wheeler from Rajmahal to vanivihar and by vanivihar to IRC village is ten rupees each. It is wiser to go for sharing auto instead of hiring an auto as former would be cheaper than later.

Strong winds were blowing across the vehicle and suddenly the cap of daddy flown out from his head and go away. That was a classic cap which has travelled many places and there are plenty of histories attached with it. Nevertheless, now that cap is lost amidst crowds of Bhubaneswar and hopes the person who finds it uses it for protecting his/her head from scotching Bhubaneswar heat.

I have seen there is a vast difference between heat of summer of Bhubaneswar and Puri. Incidentally, the temperature of Puri is lower than Bhubaneswar but just do not intimidate it, as the impact side of heat of summer of Puri is vastly higher than Bhubaneswar.

It was an absorbing journey amidst summer time, where the impact is on the higher side. This journey to Bhubaneswar is one of the most productive and satisfying moments for me and personally journey with daddy while making and engaging conversation with daddy about different subjects beginning from politics to cricket to blog writing has been properly engaging.

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