Grievance regarding Shadi Bandhan of Madhab Mekap at Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri

The Honorable Chief Minister, Odisha

Respected Sir,

I am a servitor of Lord Jagannath by birth in the family of Bhandar Mekaps. I was in active service in SBI as executive until 30/09/2015 when I wrapped up my banking career to serve Lord Jagannath. I took a break and applied to the Jagannath Temple authorities to perform my SADHI BANDHA CEREMONY in the year 2012. But some fake objections were filed by some of my relatives whose vested interests will be hampered by my entering into the temple. A case no 09/2012 continued until four months’ back when all hearings and arguments ended. But the verdict is not being pronounced by the temple authorities and my legitimate right to perform my religious rights are being delayed, and so denied.

I am now 66 years old and may not be so fit a few years from now as the countdown has already started. As per religious practice in the temple of Lord Jagannath, SADHI BANDHA of my son cannot be done if I am not doing so in my lifetime.

Any delayed justice, in this regard may prove to be of no use to me and my family which is banking on my seva in the temple as their present and future livelihood. I am distressed, surprised and confused that instead of a proper decision, the temple authorities have chosen to sit over the matter in the name of impending Nava Kalevar. Many servitors whose applications were received a year or two after my application and in the recent past have already been accorded with the required permission, whereas my application is moving from hand to hand to come back to the original position it started with.

The fact that I was away from home for more than 35 years due to my transfer to different places of Odisha on different assignments and positions in State Bank Of India empowered a few relatives to grab my PALI (my religious right) and the inaction of the temple authorities are emboldening them. The temple authorities are very much aware of it.

I, sir, with all humility request you to advise the temple authorities to take the right decision in this regard without any inordinate delay so as to enable me be awarded with my right to perform my religious rights as per my fundamental right to pursue my profession.

The temple authorities may please extend me necessary permission to serve in the temple of Lord Jagannath after performing the necessary SADHI BANDHA function at the earliest, well before the ensuing NAVA KALEVAR.

My above submission may not please be construed as a complaint, but a request honestly done.

I request you, sir, look at the issue sympathetically with a quick action.

With Regards,

Madhab Mekap

Registered Grievance number: CMOFF/E/2015/00476

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