Fixing word press admin issues with cloud flare page rules

CloudFlare is a content delivery network (CDN) which protects and accelerates your website. It works with self hosted website. It works nicely with self-hosted WordPress website. Once a website is to be incorporated into international intelligent network of CloudFlare, it is routed and cached through international global network of servers. It reduces website load time and improves its speed. Google and other search engine likes websites those are in good speed and always perform best in any sort of network traffic. When a website becomes faster, it increases user conversion and more and more visitors reach to different pages of website.

It decreases spam as it constantly watches any sort of predetermined spam traffic with the front end of your server and then it detects particular internet protocol address and then makes those address blocks whenever constant spam messages reach out to website.

Now, with a faster network your website loads instantly and your system gets faster and this creates more and more opportunities for you as more and more visitors reach your website and this increases page rank of your website in the long run.

There is not any hardware and software installation required. You just have to configure your website with CloudFlare and most probable is that it should be there with your hosting account and their easy integration is a vast possibility. Most of core features of it are free and one single website can run with all of its free services and you can easily switch off and switched on without any such difficulties.

It creates a better web for visitors of your site and it is indeed a greater place to start your life at. Its server is everywhere around the world and this creates very possibilities for visitors to find your site nearer to their place.
A web page contains a lot of information such as widgets which mostly are from third party javascript and with CloudFlare content delivery network, all these scripts loads within seconds on both mobile and computing environment.

It protects your website from all kinds of attacks such as DOS attacks as well as SQL injection and stops spammers becoming a threat to your bandwidth. It has inbuilt analytics feature, but it works slightly of lower standards with free version.

I opted for Google Analytics which is powerful and from internet giant Google which empowers the entire network as well as provide sufficient information to understand entire network traffic. CloudFlare has a host of applications and from among all these some of these are free, and you can select which application to use.

Personally, I am not willing to use so many applications as it can slow down page loading time. My hosting provider provides CloudFlare internal integration and for this it is essential for me to integrate website with this so that it can load with aggressive speed irrespective of speed of internet connectivity.

The topic of this article is the way to fix WordPress admin issues with CloudFlare page rules.

  • Enter into cPanel X and find CloudFlare from amongst different setting and then reach to CloudFlare and right click on it to initiate in a new tab. Cf1
  • A new Window will open and it will show your site detail and orange colored cloud under ‘CloudFlare’ status will show your site is powered with it. Click ‘Statistics and Settings’ from there.
  • Move down and click on ‘See more statistics’ to open a window in a new tab.
  • Login to your CloudFlare account by filling email address and password. Then click on ‘Login to CloudFlare’.
  • Then click on ‘websites’ and click on name of your website.
  •  Then click on setting icon (see screenshot)
  • . Then click on the dropdown arrow of ‘setting’ and then click on ‘page rules’

If you have a free plan, then you have three page rules for cloudflare. Page rule cache policy affects a cache policy different from site wide security and functional setting. It is still advisable to set up rules so that content delivery network can be set up perfectly.

There are different cache policies such as ‘bypass cache’ mean no cache. It is required for login pages of word press of self hosted wordpress as there are visibly impact when login pages are cached, most of times, they are either inaccessible or by mistake spam detection engines of cloudflare can consider it as non entity and even yours own home internet protocol address can be considered as that of origin of spam and for this it is always essential to look deep into not to allow login page of wordpress login page within preview of cache.

‘Basic caching’ caches URL. ‘aggressive cache’ will cache everything including pictures with queries commands. “Cache everything” will cache an entire website. For this it is always essential to disallow admin/login URL and leaving Cache everything on for the rest of links of site. Many a times there are no issues attach to it but due to introduction of ‘rocket loader’ sometimes it inadvertently breaks certain administrative functions within wordpress-post editor.

If you have an internal firewall within host, then it is always advisable to white list CloudFlare internet protocol address and so that is will not be blocked from your host or not blocked by CloudFlare. Page Rules is applied based on the order they appear at your ‘page rules for website’, you can drag the icon up and down to give higher preference. It is better to keep ‘PageRule 1’ in the first among all rules. New users can add these page rules in accordance with the serial numbers written below.

Free cloudflare offers three page rules:

  • First page rule should be ** Place name of your domain within ‘your site’. For example, this website is and the first page rule should be ** Then set all the rules according to below screen shot and adjust setting and then click on ‘Save’ or ‘Update’ to add your site to page rule that will optimize html and css to cache within CloudFlare setting and this will speed up website.
  • Second page rule should be ** then set all the rules according to below screen shot and adjust setting and then click on ‘Save’ or ‘update’.
  • Third page rule should be ** then set all the rules according to below screen shot and adjust setting and then click on ‘Save’ or ‘update’.
  • CloudFlare will never charge for you for bandwidth usage. If your site suddenly becomes popular and surge of visitors which can control those bandwidth easily, without server downtime. It protects you against traffic surges; it limits entry processes and reduces CPU usages and virtual memory usages.

It provides automatic IPv6 and you do not have to update existing infrastructure and if you are planning to upgrade your hosting infrastructure to next generation internet protocol version then it is better to first start with CloudFlare IPv6 and then you can slowly get a complete makeover and world will feel you are running a modern dual-stack.

Content delivery network is there for the last 15 years and nearly every website is using content delivery networks. It takes minimal time to access resources, and it makes page loads faster.


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