Earthquake aftershocks

Life never stops short of surprising. On its way, it provides different bits of amusements which lead to some unforeseen elements which were never ever anticipated. On the dawn, looking at the sky, bereft of weather conditions, still the advent long drawn summer but still the sky looks green at the dawn. On the ground looking to the sky with a compounded looks provides extremely comprehensive sadistic face. I am not sure, but from the state of the sky, it looks as if in a state of sorrow and decadence. Most of time during morning time, sky looks dazzling with lesser brightness and extreme coolness even during the middle stage of summer, but still there are plenty of happiness stored there with colors of purple from imminent sun as well as mild running clouds which changes according to weather conditions. Today, half of sky is covered with deep and dense clouds which trespass almost 25percentages of sky, where the shining of dawn diminished for sometimes and the cooling effect is there but still the amount of sadness is suppressing element of sun out there to be full blown out of proportion.

Many a time, amidst all deeper senses of amusement and languishment the only positive is the dawn where every possible hope accumulated with significant levels of attachments, where the hallowing dark clouds remind me of something unexpected to happen. Hope all is well in the world and every person should be at their best. We humans, tend to be wiser for all and try hard to accumulate plenty of knowledge and create cement structures and other forms of large temples but within the shortest span of times everything gone to ashes. Two days back while writing this diary, I felt mild tremor as my seat moves for some time and I felt the slightest bit of headache occurring inside my thinking processes. Everything turns into forms of cipher within a minute, and nowhere to go as everyone is caught inside their own structures. There would be no time to escape as the mighty earthquake is serious and dangerous than the wildest possible and it crushed everything. It works beneath and breaks all such fundamentals to mitigate everything possible out rightly.

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Sometimes, I feel. Mother Nature should be personified so that I could request to her not to show her aggression in such manner as in this way. Lives of many poor and downtrodden are getting into the earth within no possible time. Think about how a man creates his family and his home and within the shortest possible of times, everything breaks into non-entity. Why she is angry at such state of affairs. With the advent of modern civilizations, everyone wants to build cement structures, with all sorts of effects of industrialization and commercialization enables to cut all trees which hold the crust of the earth united and possibly could provide greater force to stop the advent of an earthquake. Humans are so intelligent but they could not understand that by creating such humongous exploitation of earth one would possibly lead to such state of devastation which no one could ever imagine of. I am still searching for lands which would be there like deeper denser jungles and many more would like to stay in such a beautiful place where there are many green trees.

I was observing news snippets on various news channels where I would find that city of Kathmandu is full of tall cement structures and most of these places are devoid of trees, and there are some news about Chinese makingĀ  train route all across Himalayas to mount Everest. Just think of it, as Himalaya is the youngest mountain of all great mountain ranges of the world. It is still in the process of evolution and we tend to make or break with modern demonstrative architecture and in the end what would we gain from all these. All these trained us to observe that it is always nice to go for and create richness inside but it is also the same way important to observe the sense of promoting green environment so that such natural disasters could be avoided easily. We do not want a ghost town where every would be diminished within the shortest span of time. Is it necessary to waste such public money and is it not right to create one such brilliant architecture importance so that every time we would face such disastrous situations we would be well happily averted such disasters within the shortest span of time? Humans respect Lord and that is why from the eminent fears comes the ultimate desire of respect and that is why we reach for the Lord. Many a time, during the course of aspiration and high hopefulness we forget the root and never ever remember inside ours conscience of the Lord and that creates devil . This devil creates the sense of black thought processes and it goes on for creating different levels of permanent structures which could be utterly bad for nature and at one point of time in nature reacts to destroy all such negative nesses in the forms of natural calamities.

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Biting of dust should not have come and humans must ponder upon would they go for such level of destruction of natural resources and create huge buildings in order to show the might over others. The amount of destruction causing out from the earthquake is simply unimaginable and also reminds of the amount of exploitations we would have done to Mother Nature in order to create so called civilizations. There is no way, such amount of destruction and calamities could be avoided. It is beyond the capacity of humans but there are many ways we could moderate such calamities before their advent. At least, we could delay the process for a great many years. When we would respect the nature as it is and provide enough assistance to grow and further augment, various assistive processes in order to create and enhance green environment inside out so that there would be lesser effect of catastrophe and most of times, even during such state of green environments, there is always better chance for no earthquake.

Day by day, with ours mindless works and destructive construction of cement structures, we are destroying ecological balances of the earth to a considerable extent which not only creates newer earthquake zones but also provides enough fillip for extension of damages all across the crust of earth. For now, the priority should be save as many people as they could as life is precious and one needs to respect it to a considerable extent. With every natural calamity there are many new things to learn and remember for and many new ideas should be implemented in creating the new city, only then we would guarantee a safer place for future generations in times to comes otherwise the same state would be felt by future generations which we were observing to.


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