A Harrowing Experience at the Puri Head Quarters Hospital

The Hon’ble Chief Minister, Odisha

Respected Sir,

A Harrowing Experience at the Puri Head Quarters Hospital: My residence is barely 100’ away from the Puri Head Quarters Hospital and a minute’s walk takes me to the hospital outdoors.

On 12.04.2015 at about 04.00AM, my grandson, an 18-day old baby, fell ill and tempted by the ISO certification of the hospital, I, along with my family members including my wife, son and daughter, carried the baby to the hospital outdoors. To our utter disappointment, we found no doctor there, but only one safaiwala who directed us towards a sleeping man, the attendant, who after a few minutes woke up and went to call on the doctor, sleeping in a medicine shop a few miters from the outdoors. The dosing doctor entered after about twenty minutes and attended to us at 05.00AM. He filled up an admission form in the name of B. Mahasuar, my daughter and sent the attendant at 05.20AM to New Born Child Care Unit of the hospital.

The situation at the NBCU was no better as the nurse was sleeping inside soundly and was made to get up after about ten-minute’s knocking. However, there was no doctor-on-duty. On being asked about the doctor, she said that the doctors will come at 08.30AM. Finally, the doctor came at 09.00AM.

As ill luck would have it, another powerful man in the NBCU came between the baby and the doctor as he had the absolute discretion of sending persons to doctor as per his sweet will, choice and preference. On being asked, he showed us a list where our patient’s name did not figure. After repeated requests, he allowed our baby and the mother inside. Then the doctor wanted us to wait for a few minutes outside. We waited until 10AM, but seeing the condition of the baby getting worse, we decided to take him to Bhubaneswar and took him to SPARS hospital in a private car where he is receiving treatment.

Thank the Grace of Lord Jagannath; the condition of the baby is improving. But, how can I forget the neglect of my grandson, the negligence of the hospital authorities and the behavior of the security person?

I am of the opinion that the ISO certification of the hospital is misleading patients and their family members who are led to speculate that this government hospital is better than many others of the kind which is a misconception as I was misled and misguided. The holistic intention of the government is marred by persons who matter in the hospital.

Kindly investigate into the matter and take corrective steps wherever necessary.

With Regards,

Madhab Mekap
Salabega Lane,
Hospital Square,
Back-side of Hotel Sri Ram

 Some corrective steps and good administration are the needs of the hour:

  1. Private practice of doctors should not come in the way of performance of duties.
  2. Token system should be introduced for patients to curtail mal-practices by supporting staff.
  3. First-come- First-serve should be the motto.
  4. Timely attendance is paramount.

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