What kind of content marketing you need for yours website?

It is always brilliant idea to build a website from scratch. It always comes nice with each new innovation and different ideas come with each passing novel innovations and development of website. First start a website or say a blog about Google’s blogger, and slowly write most comprehensive articles with at least one thousand words per articles. It comes with building up trust and considerable attention to writing good qualitative articles which long run will accumulate much needed SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for WordPress  for your entire set of articles.



Preparing your WordPress site for content marketing success:


It creates smile or different tricks and techniques for your blog and slowly you will find more and more people reaching for your blog. Do not go for any short cut techniques instead vouch more and more new and innovative information be it so small like cleaning entire perimeters of yours areas or raising some voice against injustice being meted out in your locality.


I read some blog writers go for a single theme of subject, but I do prefer to go for some variety of topics which would be the most comfortable for me and that would provide most satisfaction results of achieving and showcasing your talent to people in general in reaching out to them that you provide some valid constituents of writings to people who reach to your blog.




I have read somewhere that blogger needs to go for some controversial topic in order to generate interest among masses and it is always been said that even if you construct a temple you would be framed or even if you tooled in the middle of the road you would be popular.


For this every good blogger needs to choose from these two options and most times, it is wise to go for a simple path so that in the future when you would be at the highest echelon no one would be pointing a finger at you. Blogging is all about providing sufficient information and provide you, correct feedback to people and let them decide.


Do not leave for a shortcut to get relevant traffic. It would be harmful and it would be reversely catapulted at you in the future times. Most times, a stale blog is considered by Google are that when it tried hard to get paid for traffic or not organic traffic. It all started with the most satisfying aspect of writing out fair contents and shares it with all new social networking websites such as Google+, Stumble Upon, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linked in and so on.Do not attempt to go for other traffic generator software or other websites which starts the point system and gives back your desired traffic and most times all these are calculated not so right from Google.


Google wants organic traffic and for this it is important that you to use social networking websites as well as niche website in order to garner much needed traffic. Slowly, with due course of times, yours website would get adequate traffic as most of times it is always been seen that with due course of times many websites have shown increase reputations which slowly created much needed traffic in order to generate more and more traffic for their website.


Write good contents with lengthy articles of at least one thousand words and try to write on a central point on website so that at every moment when yours website goes on viral it would provide sufficient fill up for people who are returning to yours website time and again. In the mean time, while writing regular articles, do note that you should be circulating your website to different search engine optimization tools such as Google, Yandex, Baidu, Bing, Pinterest and other relevant webmaster tools.


These are famous search engines and most of the times, they would be crawling your website time and again and provide you sufficient time for returning original and innovative visitors to your website. All these take time but it is of wise decision in order to attend all these optimization techniques and most of times while performing these optimization techniques you would find that most of times, having a blog at Google’s BlogSpot would be a complete loss for you as most of them want link of sitemap which could not be completed without having own hosting.


Google’s blog spot or blogger does not provide exclusive right for blogger to enter into its hosting and there is no complain about this as Google is proudly providing users with exclusive blogging platform without charging a single pie! For these folks would definitely turn to WordPress at some point of time definitely as it would be a perfect choice for running a complete site. You would feel handicapped while feeling of web master tools with Google, when it would ask you for sitemap and you could not provide that with Blogger’s blog from Google.




The more you feel for it you would find for a site which would have a number of nice articles a nice sitemap link is a must. Here, the million dollar question is why there is need for sitemap? Sitemap consists of all the links of pages, posts, categories and tags of yours sites and all these linked are stored in a single link and automatically updates these links when there is updates on such posts in all these categories of pages, posts, categories and tags. Search engines are spiders and run with automated software which intended for crawling of billions and billions of websites regularly.


Search engines work on the principles of regulated computer mechanisms, which slowly crawl websites by seeing its sitemap where each and every links of a site are listed. It would be delightful for website to see sitemap linked all linked posts and then carefully scanning all these posts and adding them to relevant categories. Suppose, take a look at my site which has almost 1800 good quality articles and in this mohanmekap.com website it would be a hell of action for search engine spiders to choose applicable categorized articles and then connect these to relevant search terms. There are many such websites out there and it would be very difficult for spiders of search engines in categories all such articles and then show relevant results by ranks to people who are searching for relevant terms.


That is why coming to the concept of sitemap which prepares all links for sitemap to see and all these links are located and accumulated within specific sitemap link which is dynamic irrespective website software such as WordPress for Joomla. One would find website crawling becomes faster and easier with due course of time.
A blogger’s blog does not have that kind of convenience as there is no free hand on hosting part as hosting is controlled by Google and that creates the most problems and in this way there are many bloggers those would have huge number of articles but find it really difficult to crawl to search engines.


Though, blogger’s blog use some what a different type of content delivery of Google which crawls blog and loads blog in great speed as this couple help to crawl website better but still one would find extremely difficult in crawling website in some other relevant search engines such as Yandex, Bing and Baidu. Google is giant in search engines that revolutionaries entire website management and in this way most webmasters now rely heavily on Google in order to find out more and more relevant information that search provides. There are other relevant search engines such as Baidu from China which is also one of the major search engines and Yandex from Russia and Bing from Microsoft all provides relevant information and being used by many people.


As webmaster which his utmost care for search engine profiling of website need to always intend to touch every bit of search engine be it small or big in order to reach every bit of audience. Then there is normal question which would generate from the intuitive minds of people why come a Chinese people without knowledge of English as well as Russian people without knowledge of English could read an English version website. Then, it might sound complicated but in reality it would not in any of the widest form of imagination.


Every people loves relevant knowledge and if yours article is providing correct bit of information then you do not need to be saddened by it as there is enough option for website to easily translate their websites and this would not create any sort of misconception as well as difficulties for websites as easily Google Chrome and every popular web browser and modern web browser automatically translate relevant website without any sign of disturbances.
That is why trying to cover every bit of search engines as well as an image search engine such as Pinterest which also provide ample ammunition for website to authenticate and show link to your website with your Pinterest profile.


It is a nice way to get a proper link back from popular website such as Pinterest. It is noted that with meta tag even blogger’s blog would be authenticated with Pinterest profile but it is a nice idea to go for yours own hosting provider where you would be easily hosting authenticate files of Pinterest or other search engine authentication websites mentioned above in order to authenticate yours website. In this approach, when you share some pictures along with your article you would be automatically created one more share link to Pinterest.


Pinterest compiles list of images of websites, and when yours website is registered and authenticated with Pinterest at the rest you would be manually share image of specific article to Pinterest that article automatically sends to world of images of Pinterest where all such images are tagged with name of that article and that would provide added fillip as there is heavy chance of returning visitors reaching to yours site after seeing good screenshot of yours website. All these intended to capture authentic and organic visitors that would be reaching to your website so that at different point of time at every possible opportunity your website is being seen by many people.


Website is like living persons and with different tactics and techniques being employed you would be circulating to different points of zones so that may people would be reaching there would be seeing yours article and that would interest more and more people to read all these about without any such need for going anywhere. All these means even after all such different and innovative search engines optimization techniques one would possibly ant to capture these returning visitors so that they would be concentrate on reading good article and stay at yours website for more and more time without leaving tours website all at once. This would mean that a satisfactory qualitative article would definitely reduce bounce rate of your website.


All these fine tricks and tips only convert more and more visitors when visitors reach your website and stays there for some more time and enjoy qualitative visit from yours article perspective. Always remember, that visitors also using some form of data patterns in order to visit your website and it s your opinion to respect this as unknowingly or knowingly visitors are speeding different sums of money in order to see your webpage. The internet does not come free and for this it is entirely responsibility of users to create awesome content and provide users value for money in the long term create different bonding with visitors in order to make returning visitors.


These are process which users as well as webmasters need to carefully follow in order to find out different dynamic perspectives as every web visit does not come loose even if you are offering all contents for free. In this way, it is of utmost importance for webmasters to provide nice articles and create useful information where visitors always return for more in the near future.


All these could well be known to many webmasters as well as importance of Google Analytics that would provide sufficient fillip to webmasters to go for complete analytics of visitors that are reaching to yours website, as it would be providing entire list of profiling of visitors from locality, browsing and other aspects that would provide sufficient fillip of nature of search used by visitors to reach at yours website from different zones.


All these aspects of musings on webmaster tools aims to provide unique qualitative as well as quantitative analysis of the way website management and the way website goes on to provide a different format of understanding the way people see and look at your content marketing.

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