The satire of VIP road

Life never ever stops short of surprising. It never ever stops short of providing some rare difficult moments where human mind unable to find the real solutions and comes with some unexpected questionnaires. It was as usual one of the most difficult summer morning was even beginning of summer while the sun is still in the midst of advancing night. Due to the advent of large scale humidity, air flow becomes redundant at this coastal town. You would find short of taking breath due to slow movement of air as well as the advent of extreme summer taking away energy in the form of continuous precipitation.

Reaching at the top of the balcony and looked at the sky at four am in the morning found the entire sky is covered with large patches of untrained clouds which cover the entire atmosphere as if there are no stars at any point of the sky. It is difficult to manage and probably the single most difficult time where the heat of summer is kept bouncing out of sky and return back to the earth due to large scale presence of non-movable clouds out there.

It is jogging time and I prepared myself to set out to the open world to continue with shopping time. Still, sun is not out there which provides some sort of coolness which is absolutely necessary for a healthy life. What is surprising is most spaces of the so called VIP road are full with encroachments from people mostly from neighboring districts who have been staying here but most of these spaces are covered with their encroachments. It is almost difficult to walk through in these streets while watching for incoming and outgoing vehicles moving here and there.

One more surprising element most of these encroachments are not removed and who come within such small distance how come people walk through in these spaces and the most difficult part of walking in these streets is the advent of heavy vehicles moving within short spaces. People in these localities installed ATM and other business vendors making this street one of the most difficult street to cross over from here and there.

In these so called VIP roads, most times, there would be small accidents due to reckless driving by so called locals and then they would argue with you for no reason. Especially, Puri has many floating population who used to come here and stay for some time. Most times, these bystanders as well as motorcyclists used to move their vehicles at so much speed that most times they would hurt bystanders or people. If that person happens to be outsiders than they would in reverse argue with them and then so called unemployed youths would reach there at no times and then start to beat the visitors.

Most times, all such incidents have given bad names to this coastal town and most of pure locals like the author always weary about such happenings around in such historic importance town. It provides a bad name to Puri town as most of these bad manners originated from the people who are mostly from nearby districts who happen to stay here for some years. While walking and thinking about how good could home town be made I watched during walking in most areas are covered with herds of dogs who happen to distribute entire area among their kings.

Vast numbers of dogs are standing at the side of roads, and most of these roads are encroached by locals and make walking in these streets almost impossible while watching in front of incoming heavy vehicles at one hand and at the other at the similar circumstances while watching dogs who would be standing at the side.

It is the single most difficult task of walking in these roads as most of times, if you are unaware you would be over any dog and then within no time several of its kin would start barking at you and then there would also heavy possibilities of those dogs biting at you. Think of a situation you are in a narrow road cut sized by series of encroachments and in the front here comes the heavy vehicles and then when you go extreme left, you would be confronted with series of bystanders dogs who would not move a single inch and when you go further left, you would be nearer to encroached homes and most of them have thrown water in the front to make it clean. What a devastating situation it would be thought of it as well as most of the times it would be the single most difficult part of confronting psychology while walking on the road.

Then comes another problem where mostly in these localities who happens to migrate from villages some years back have time and again thought that these places are like mud houses and they tend to think pitch roads as muddy roads and continue washing it in the morning. Their beliefs are that if they wash dust in front of the house and then wash with water then Goddess Laxmi. The Goddess of Wealth creation would come in their house with flying colors. Puri is famous for well maintained distribution of water in and around this town with municipality distributing water through underground pipe system and the dawn there had been water coming and most of these are meant for drinking purposes.

What is the single most sad part of it, these people have been shredding drinking water to wash their front and in this way, municipality should raise the price of water as well as start attaching meter to water connection in order to reduce use of drinking water there. People are wasting sweet water by throwing these waters into the outside in order to clean front of their household. Puri town has very few areas or patches of areas where mostly presence of sweet water there. If citizens continue to destroy the presence of sweet water in such manner then there would be one day when entire Puri town would be devoid of any sweet water.

These are serious matters as most of the diseases comes from contaminated water and with water with a huge presence of salt would definitely go to present large scale of health problems to people. These thoughts are some food of thoughts which are mostly imminent and continuance of problems which mostly citizens of Puri town faces and it needs to be dealt with iron hand but millions dollar question is who would be confronting this, where is local administration and who would wake them up?

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